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  1. The image quality of that lens was nice, but the focus ring has such a small rotation amount, that it makes manual focusing pretty hard. It was like 30 degrees IIRC, really short.
  2. I've personally had good luck with Wasabi branded batteries. I had them for my GoPro hero 2, 3 and 6. Also had them on my D5300 and now in my GH5 with no problem yet. I use them with the OEM panasonic chargers however, as I don't trust the dual chargers with two charging pins. The Panasonic charger has three pins for a temp readout and slows the charging if the batteries go over temp.
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    I don't have experience with LUT creation in Resolve unfortunately.
  4. Volumetrik


    DisplayCal is a great software, free and open source, plus it's more powerful than the stock softwares from Spyder and Xrite. I calibrated my display with it and did the calibration with the Spyder's stock software to compare. The software DisplayCal applies a driver level correction while the software from Spyder did like an overlay which glitched in certain applications and was visually much less accurate.
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