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  1. I'm not super familiar with the conflict; what exactly did RED patent about raw compression that's so unassailable by other IP lawyers?
  2. I got a GH4 when it came out and was pretty enamored with it; thought when it came time to upgrade I'd go with the EVA1. Never got around to it, and it seems like not many others did either. Did it just not compete well with the FS5s of the time? So many cameras are out right now, it's been years since I've had to think about buying one. In-between C200s and FS52s and FX6s... does Panasonic have something in that price range that's new?
  3. I can't search without just getting endless calculators asking me for personal info, so I guess I wanted to poll the sort of rates people got.
  4. I don't know what sort of metrics one can use to tell similarly spec'd batteries apart, but I hate that on-brand camera batteries are the only ones worth their weight. Why is that? Shouldn't a mAh be the same regardless if they are quoted as such? Are some just lying? Is there some sort of communication between battery and camera that makes the proprietary ones better?
  5. I have a PIX-E5 (My tears when they discontinued the line...) but it comes with SDI. Checking the B&H Site, it looks like its only video outputs are SDI tho. Could do 4K Prores I suppose. New pricing brings it competitive with the EVA1...not sure I could justify the weight and gear-bloat, I like to keep things light...
  6. This is better than using V-Log-L?
  7. So the downsampling on the GH5 from that sensor must be pretty alright then?
  8. So, what was the consensus here re: GH5S? Worth it over the GH5? Owned Gh4 since launch, the focus button at this point has had all its ink rubbed off, and the micro-HDMI port has taken a few tugs... but it's still going strong! I could probably get rid of it for ~4-500, used GH5 on ebay is around 1100. GH5S are 1700ish. Often record Prores to external PIX-E5. Mostly do web content, but wondering if jumping up to EVA1 or that bracket is worthwhile as well...
  9. They note the sensor as being a 14-bit sensor; was the GH5 sensor not?
  10. Huh! Fascinating. So I'd need to get another camera. I assumed that the optics between the front element and the iris would've thrown off this measurement. I think I read somewhere here or otherwise that the distance between the rear element of the anamorphic adapter and the entrance pupil is inversely correlated with the quality of the pairing.
  11. I recall somewhere reading that the distance from the adapter to the entrance pupil affects the quality of the combo. How does one measure the entrance pupil? Is this only visible in a lens' cross-section breakdown?
  12. What would you consider reasonable for the Isco? The same user has two more red Isco's for about 420 each, is that odd?
  13. Is this overpriced? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Isco-Anamorphic-Ultra-Star-Red-Plus-2-1-2x-Cinemascope-TESTD-MFT-Full-Frame-5200-/111980460386?hash=item1a128e3962:g:nGQAAOSwCQNWdwmP Is this suspiciously cheap? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Isco-Optics-Anamorphic-Lens-for-DSLR-GH4-Canon-Black-Magic-Red-TACK-SHARP-f-1-4-/282032228268?hash=item41aa6e47ac:g:F08AAOSwKfVXKVBr
  14. Skin tones under orange lighting. Too much red!
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