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  1. @Sage Hi, I love your ghalex v3 luts on my g7, and since i have recently upgraded to pocket 4k, I intend to purchase the lut again, but I have a question. When I put on the tungsten lut instead of the daylight lut in the same lighting conditions and white balance, the only difference that I found was a redder skintone, so is it ok if I just use the daylight luts across everything? Or will the color accuracy be sacrificed?
  2. Just look at this little test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22u0DUQ_pxM&t=477s
  3. Andrew, I think if you don’t limit this to digital, tons of people are just gonna buy a 16mm camera and spend 500 dollars on film. And that kinda defies the indie spirit of this forum. And plus it’s too easy to get good footage out of 16mm film, It will not actually test the filmmakers’s ability to shoot and color grade.
  4. Well if you are comparing to the gh5s, it looks worse, better then sony, but would be lovely if the colors and highlight roll off are up to the gh5s level, and if panasonic can give us 400mbps all i and turn off the in camera noise reduction, it will be pretty great. and yes, WE WOULD LOVE AN FOLLOW UP POST WITH MORE FOOTAGE, most people shot in cinelike d with horrible colors, so it would be great to see some more footage shot in standard color profile or natural color profile.
  5. The problem I see with the s1, is that the color and the highlight roll off seems to be pretty bad, it just doesn't have the mojo that the gh5s has, it's better then the sony, but i wish it could be as good as the gh5s.
  6. NOO!!! c'mon can you please tell panasonic into releasing 400mbpbs all I codec for the v log updtae? that codec is so good for editing and color grading, it will be a shame if they don't include that codec. The 150mbps codec is going to be so compressed.
  7. Dude you should've really asked them about if they are going to inculde 400mbps all I 10bit 4:2:2 for the paid upgrade
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