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  1. I'm totally shocked at the laziness (or arrogance, or maybe stupidity) of it. How hard would it have been to write the counter values to non volatile memory? Did they seriously think no one would think to try pulling the button cell? How stupid do they think their customers are?
  2. The 2016 E-M1 ii just became the ultimate Youtube/vlogging camera (full stop) and literally no one (except this thread) is talking about it. Even if the E-M5 iii coming in August gets PDAF it probably won't have the flippy screen...
  3. The optimist says Canon is milking every last bit of coin out of their old sensors to finance development of a new and modern sensor architecture to compete directly with Sony and Nikon. The pessimist says Canon is milking every last coin out of their old sensors before they are finally forced to give up and move to Sony sensors just like everyone else.
  4. Sounds like you could be describing a cut down BMPCC 4k with functional AF or an XT3 with a cheap ass front facing monitor. BM could probably take this market by storm if they really wanted to, by pairing a cut down (and SMALLER) BMPCC 4k with a seriously dumbed down version of Resolve.
  5. With an Alexa you can CHOOSE which five stops you WANT. With a smartphone you're STUCK with whatever five stops you GET. Lol
  6. I'm really curious about the IBIS and performance with F mount lenses (since it looks like that's what you'll be stuck with for the next year or two). Sounds like the IQ and ergonomics are a win.
  7. Please stop. Finding the best GH5S price in Sweden by Googling around is a particularly silly and pointless argument even for EOSHD. How about the G90 though? GH5S sensor with IBIS at consumer prices, the only question is how they'll cripple it. I'll probably buy it...unless somebody can find me a GH5S in Sweden for less than $1200...
  8. Is it weird that I'm seriously considering trading my NX1 for one of these? Having played with one in the store the ergonomics are somewhat similar. Of course the advanced photo features I will probably never ever use but the combo of good Olympus color SOOC, amazing stabilization, over sampled 4k with a decent codec, and a non-dead lens system is really tempting. The only thing giving me pause is that the EM-5 III will likely have all of that as well in a smaller, cheaper package. And since I already traded my NX500 for a GX85 it seems like the logical next step. P.S. If anybody has pull with Olympus please ask them to axe the 29 minute video recording limit for non-EU markets. Many people don't care but for those of us that film long static events (e.g. lectures) it is a major annoyance.
  9. The kid is not holding anybody else's money, he will either deliver on his own time when he's good and ready, or he won't and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled activities. Brow beating and bear baiting is not going to change anything. I agree it was probably a strategic mistake to start posting about this before it was completely done, but that's understandable given his age and probable level of excitement.
  10. $5 says no DIS while recording 4k. And probably with a hefty crop. Also the best they could do was 24p? If it's not even fast enough to do a full 30p (or 1080 120 fps), that doesn't bode well for the video quality. But maybe they'll put whatever magic they put in the 1DC and it will actually be good.
  11. Current EOS M5 has digital image stabilization, not IBIS. Not sure how well it works. Come to think of it, I don't think any Canon bodies have IBIS... I think the people who actually buy entry level Canikon products don't really cross-shop anything else.
  12. It's really, really good. The added speed makes it a much more viable low light camera, since the image quality falls off a cliff after ISO 1600. It's also a lot of fun to use. Using it with Contax zooms I don't feel bad for not having an S lens.
  13. You're in luck mate, looks like the gen2 is just finished and available from the creator (luca) here: https://m.facebook.com/NXL-284084538620105/
  14. I think so, message the FB page to find out. https://m.facebook.com/NXL-284084538620105/?tsid=0.05491329896299768&source=result
  15. Glad someone (anyone) else appreciates the wonder of the NX1's DIS. It's really quite brilliant. Why has no other manufacturer done that? Can you imagine how good it would be in S35 mode on a full frame sensor? And all with no need for physical hardware to sling the sensor around. My setup has organically gravitated towards a Contax 28-85 with dumb adapter and the 16mm pancake in a pocket in case I need to go wide (or have AF). I don't have any S lenses. Once Luca finishes the next batch of NX-L I might ditch the 16mm entirely. He is a one man band and doing this more for love than money as far as I can tell so I see no point in rushing him.
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