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  1. Who do you go to for funding? It's not venture capitalists right? Does Sweden have a studio system like in the US with Paramount and Disney and Universal or is it much more independent producers (which is more how it is in India, for example)? I've always been fascinated with this part of the process cause I've never understood how this worked.
  2. @DaveAltizer The one where you review the M50 with speedbooster what appears to be outside in DC
  3. @DaveAltizer so you filmed the review with the 1DC? What lenses did you use for the review? It looked very nice. Also did you have a bounceboard or something in front of you?
  4. vaga

    JVC LS300 in 2018

    Thought I'd play around with that shot. The overexposure on the guy's collar really bugged me at first but it doesn't seem to be hugely obvious now.
  5. Wtf dude you can't even wait a day? There is no opportunity cost or otherwise to you!
  6. I mean he's probably using octave then instead of proper Matlab. But it just seems like it'd be a pretty heavy install since I'm pretty sure it runs in Java
  7. yea I agree. I'm not quite sure what he's doing with matlab tho... that wouldn't run on the camera itself
  8. vaga

    Dolly wheels?

    That's awesome
  9. can we collude so we don't try to outbid each other pls
  10. This is more expensive than it was when it wasn't discontinued... The one thing that I've seen that has become uniformly more expensive (cameras, lenses, etc) after getting discontinued... I remember when an NX500 was available new for $300! Now used is 800
  11. vaga

    NX2 rumors

    @Arikhan sounds like you've done something way less hacky!
  12. vaga

    NX2 rumors

    Line-skipping or subsampling are options as well... Potentially he could scraping the live view feed just like ML does
  13. If @Arikhan is completely serious, I want in on the hacking as well. I'm an EE student as well and have been writing embedded firmware for stuff like SSD's, so this linux-based camera is so freaking cool to me. I've been on this forum on and off for like 2 years now. Recently I started looking again for an NX1 with S Lens on Craigslist and Ebay and I can't find any good deals. Been deciding between GH5, Ursa Mini, and NX1 for semi-pro use, but would love to get an NX1 so that I could try writing some hacks. Been slowly trawling through @Otto K's github repo and a good amount makes sense but the some of the setup instructions don't (I think they will once I have a camera and start digging through the menus). Anyone see any good deals?
  14. vaga

    NX1 Film

    I also very much want to know your settings for rolling shutter repair. It bugs me to no end with this cam, especially with things like cars. Production and design look absolutely amazing!
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