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  1. Not with the NX1-Peaking. It use it's own Peaking! And you can adjust the sensitivity as well as the peaking color. I bought it now too. And it makes a really good impression ... especially for the little money! https://lilliputdirect.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=779 Thank you Drew.
  2. Show me a post from which you feel attacked.
  3. Andrew, why do you post a private Mail in the forum? I think it is a mistake to do so. If english is not your native language and you're young and inexperienced to write in english, then this can happen.
  4. This is a pity. Only one day ...
  5. Why me? And why today? And why can not you simple wait for a few days? A few days ... Does your wife have such a stress with you before Christmas too? You only have to wait till tomorrow in the late evening (23:59:59) and then you can: rightfully scold Arikhan or officially apologize here in the forum. Arikhan wrote March 15.: "Im have good news for you: I just shot RAW video with the NX1...RAW VIDEO in 25p - nice workflow with 25 DNGs per second. Just an unbelievable quality (in my eyes). Problem: I'm just writing my graduation exams...after that I'll download the footage (DNG images) and describe the methodology. It's quite special but it's great for my purposes. With the 60mm 2.8 at F6 an unbelievable detail and sharpness. It's quite exciting..." and then: "I mean, I can now shoot video in RAW format with the NX1. Uncompressed." "Internal. Next Monday a friend of mine will shoot exactly the same scene with a 8K RED, edit the footage on a 4K timeline and then...we will compare: NX1 4K RAW vs RED RAW... I am very curious..." "Yeah...I am very excited...Working on this for 7 months now... After exams I will have the time to do a usable workflow description and HowTo. I hope, it will be useful for the community. BTW: I think, @BTM_Pix will like it too, this guy is unbelievable in fiddling with electronics... " "I have economy exam on Wednesday." "But for now...I'm fighting with Keynesian & Marxian economics, globalization BS, European integration and so on for my exam tomorrow. Not funny at all..." "Last post now: I see, there are many questions and much to explain. My programming skills also seem to be better than my technical explanations. But one of the forum members offered me help and it would be better letting him to help me. It's not simple to explain technical stuff I'm involved with to other people. I wrote many assumptions/questions of forum members down, so I can answer them accurately after exams and after posting some examples, so people could see, what we talk about. "Abstract talk" only can get stodgy sometimes..." "Here is a screenshot from an early release. UHD | 25fps | 1/50 | Manual WB (blue hour like human eye sees it) | Zeiss O 28mm 1.4 at F7.1 | edit in post: slight WB correction | File edited with Premiere CC | Workflow recommended by @Mattias Burling --> here <--" "Andrew, just give me some time to work on this...I tried to explain a few things and got provoked and insulted - because people probably not understandung what I mean. I'd like to share the work first...Above this, there are some serious legal aspects to consider - and there is no answer yet from a lawyer society specialized in this issues... When this is done, I will share the RAW footage for evaluation. Please consider, I am a one man band when working on this - and got a live with many friends, family, sports, shootings, etc. After university-entrance diploma examinations, I will have some more time to spend on it. Be assured, I'll share my results here. BTW: Zero interest in financial compensation when working on this.
  6. And I thought you do not want to provoke today ...
  7. This is the "Samsung Galaxy NX" from June 2013 with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. http://www.samsung.com/global/microsite/galaxycamera/nx/
  8. Luca, i sincerely hope that you have to send a free NXL no later than April 1st!
  9. It was a witch hunt of people you will never find bevore (and after) in the Samsung subforum (and unfortunately some well-known ) and for no real reason. Maybe it would not have escalated directly in the Samsung forum Too bad that it has come so far.
  10. I am shocked by the sometimes malicious comments of some (also dedicated and long known) members of this forum. Actually, this forum is characterized by a tolerant and friendly manners. That is also a reason for me to have a look here for years and sometimes to write. Unfortunately, you do not notice here every post that the author should be older or more experienced than Arikhan. Especially as an NX1 owner, it should be possible to show patience and not to jump at any provocation (I mean initial hate posts) just because a young person was not experienced enough to wait a little while to publish his discovery. Give Arikahn the opportunity to prove himself. And please keep your good manners.
  11. HOW TO - INSTALLATION 0. The file containing this README.txt includes everything you need. 1. Make sure the nx-on-wake mod is installed. This mod depends on nx-on-wake. 2. The zip file includes a nx-patch.png file. Open and print it or familiarize yourself with it - it shows the meaning of the various bitrate and resolution slots. You will need to know them to use the mod. 3. Unzip the file where you found this README in the root of your SD card. 4. Insert the SD card into your camera and power it up. NB. I mean power up the camera, not the SD card :-) 5. Pay attention to the messages showing on the screen. 6. You will be informed when the mod is available (installation is finished).
  12. I think I'll be back to school ... at this school
  13. Yes, this (you seem a professional) is understandable and explains the 10 times as expensive equipment (Canon C300). Canon C300! 13.999 € !! In words: thirteen thousand nine hundred ninety-nine Euro !! What a sum!
  14. Why did you send the camera in repair? Did a hack destroy it? I use the Vasile hack since it has been published ... and had only once little problems. I deinstalled it and installed it new ... no problems until today.
  15. The "value of the money" is on top ;-) And there is no more recording limit.
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