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  1. Good point. Why is 8.33ms the magic number and not 16.66? Unless I'm doing my math wrong. Edit: and wouldn't you know I did my math wrong. 8.33ms it is 😁
  2. user Otto K on another forum posted the following: so it would seem you were pretty much on the money with your estimate. That is the only info I have been able to find on nx500 rolling shutter, though interesting that the 2.5k is so low, and also that the 1080p is significantly worse than the nx1 (7.9ms according to this thread: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?303559-Measuring-rolling-shutter-put-a-number-on-this-issue! )
  3. I remember reading that the 4K of the NX500 had superior rolling shutter to the NX1, and I believe to other cameras as well. I cannot find a thread or the source of this information though. Can anyone cite a scientific source (controlled test on a camera site) that reveals this? I know the 1080p and 2.5k footage is marginally worse than the NX1 1080p.
  4. the guide really focuses on GammaDR settings, including a lut to convert out of camera footage to something more gradeable. The NX500 does not shoot GammaDR. Still some valuable info, but it is catered to the NX1. Andrew can correct me if I'm wrong. OP, I want to say I have seen the green tint issue posted before, but I may be thinking of solid green frames in footage. I have definitely heard of the NX1 doing weird things occasionally. I've had about 4 NX1s and 4 NX500s in the past 5 years and have never come across it.
  5. Interested in price of NXL plus..... Great work regardless. Have AI generated porn ready to send.
  6. sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but where are people selling their resolve keys? I don't see any for sale on ebay and I would like to buy one from someone who bought a BMCC4k but already had resolve/didn't want it.
  7. the free version on windows always had h.265 issues which were resolved (ha) in the paid studio version long ago. Not sure if the new davinci resolve version has it working in both versions.
  8. you are the first person I heard mentioning setting tint/blue-yellow for color temp to avoid white balance shift. Very valuable post for those who have stated white balance shift occurs when set to a K value. Will surely be doing this.
  9. I don't know for sure, but I would think you could get a remote shutter compatible with the nx500 and then use 3 of these, and plugging into the 4 cameras.
  10. what is an OCC profile? ICC? 🤔 edit: you said OOC. I definitely don't know what that means...
  11. mnewxcv

    Penis camera

    I'll wait for the 4k version. This is 2019 for God's sake.
  12. mnewxcv

    Car camera rigs?

    using a samsung nx1 with the 16-50s lens. As for shooting in public, I would be very cautious and mainly shoot on roads without much traffic. Mostly looking for cinematic shots of vehicle passing other vehicles, coming around sweeping turns, etc. Back road stuff. I know if plenty of roads that are safe for this. The main reason I want to go gimbal is to be able to add a little motion to the shot with pan and tilt. I've also considered shooting 15fps and converting to 24 to make things appear faster.
  13. mnewxcv

    Car camera rigs?

    I do like the camtree g51. I will keep an eye out on ebay for one. Not much action indeed. At least for me, I am looking to do something to track 'high speed' action, at least road speed. I am unsure as of now how my gimbal will keep up with the vibrations and shocks, but here is a basic design I came up with. It involves a simple bike carrier which holds the gimbal in place, and some off the shelf hardware to mount it to the front as well.
  14. mnewxcv

    Car camera rigs?

    Has anyone ever made a rig for a car to film either in front of/behind the vehicle, or the occupants/interior? I am planning to build some sort of rig that attaches to my vehicle to work with a gimbal to film vehicles in motion. If anyone has ever done anything like this, please post of some photos!
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