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  1. HI, K. RE #1) I'm just guessing but I assume Samsung repair had to replace the selector knob and perhaps more of the "innards" that was producing the random luminance bouncing. (It would never happen predictably.) BTW I am extremely careful with the NX1. No dropping or damage on my end at all. Q. I'd like to ask Andrew, Cycling Ben, Kisaha and Mars if any of you bought through the Adorama retailer. I bought my first NX1 (which turned green) and the second NX1 through them at their pre-Christmas 2015 blowout price of $1,999.00 with 16-50mm lens. I've always wondered if Adorama got a ba
  2. Hi, Andrew. Huge thank you for you taking the time to comment on this. While I have you, I'd like to ask a few extra things. So here goes. (I bought your excellent NX1 Manual, btw.) 1) The time it occurred with the second camera it was out of warranty. I had to pay. This was fine with me because the NX1 was doing the weirdest "luminance bouncing" and I wanted them to fix that for sure, as well as the green thing if they had time. They fixed the luminance bouncing, but in April 2019 I was filming another dancer on the dark stage and it turned green again. 2)
  3. I bought two NX1s. The first turned green while filming a dance rehearsal. I turned it on and off and it was fine. But I returned it to be safe. I got a second NX1. Seemed fine but a year later it turned green. The conditions that were identical were that I was filming in nearly all-black background, i.e. the stage of the dancers and the second time I was filming outside at night when the picture turned suddenly green. Anyone else have this problem occur? (BTW my second NX1 is in for repair at Samsung. Hope they can work some magic and find the cause of this anomaly.)
  4. Hi Happy Daze, I guess I neglected to tell you that I had done the reinstall the 1.41 firmware two days before the first test video I posted and receiving your recommendation to resetting and re-flashing the firmware. Is there an additional step after re-installing called "re-flashing"? I suppose I could reinstall 1.41 again. BTW, I contacted Samsung's Support Line last week and they said the "service center" would be calling me in 48 hours to set up sending it in to be serviced. It's been three days and I haven't heard from the service center. Nor would the Support Line give me the
  5. Here is the second test of the NX1. Welcome to a detective story. This second test is solely on the quirk my NX1 does. The quirk is that when I am in "M" mode, and I change from STILL to VIDEO, the NX1 goes into its own "auto exposure" mode and locks me out of changing the f stop. I bring this up because I want to hear from other NX1 users to see if that's happening to you. Let me know. BREAKTHROUGH: As I ran the tests the NX1 only exhibited the quirk 50% of the time in "M" mode. I've marked these incidents with a red bar so you can find them easily. (There's a blue bar on the video for th
  6. Kisaha, thanks for the comment. As you can see if you watch the video, once I go into video mode, the NX1 locks me out of adjusting the f/stop. I can move the dial all I want but the actual f/stop is not changing. So, please send me a short clip of you videoing something and change your f/stop while doing so. I need proof that my NX1 has a flaw so that Samsung will provide me a replacement camera, if possible. Thank you.
  7. Here's a video of three anomalies I've noticed with the NX1. Let me know if you can help sort these out. I love the NX1 and would like to have other NX1 users share their workarounds.
  8. Kisaha, thanks for the comment. I'll prepare a video showing what my NX1 is doing and the odd workaround I've devised. I should have it up in a day or so. I would like nothing better than to debug this area. I love the camera and would buy two more if I could get this stabilized. Samsung's got a stellar camera here and it blows me away every time I use it, especially in low light. The resolution is awesome. I tell people having my NX1 might be like being married to Marilyn Monroe. Unbelievable, heavenly bliss except once a year there's just a few seconds of ncosudfasdXXC**00-09
  9. Thanks for the comments, guys. I did an update to v1.41 and so far no greenies. It only has happened when I'm shooting a black stage or the blackness of night. I held my breath during a night shoot but it worked great. The funny thing I've found is that in video mode the NX1 ignores the f/stop setting and determines what it thinks is best. So I shot a woman against a white wall and couldn't get the camera to hold the f/stop I set for the face. Instead it darkened the shot to keep the wall from blowing out. The only way I could find around it was to do an EV adjustment and that seemed to
  10. Thanks. I guess I didn't get the real terrifying thing that happened. Did you see the video where it goes from full color to black and green in an instant? Here's the link again. That's the anomaly I was really hoping for someone to say, "Yeah. That happened to me too." and maybe have a fix or a reason why it happened to me twice with two different NX1s. In this rehearsal video it happened twice....went from wonderful color to black and green in the middle of the shot. Check it out. I hope Andrew can address this, too.
  11. Hi, KnightsFan I was filming just AWB settings. Both times it happened were at extremely dark shoots, i.e. the dance performance and a night shoot of a street scene. I bought my first NX1, which is the one that did the dance video rehearsal green change. So I sent it back. I bought a second one and it didn't do it's first "green shift" until I'd had it for a year. Anyway, thanks for responding. I want to gather more NX1 users to fill in for the missing customer service from Samsung.
  12. Andrew, I hope you'll respond to this as well as let us set up an ongoing NX1 users forum (not just one reflecting on the past nor the hopes for the future and an NX2, and I would buy one tomorrow. Since there's no tech support line to call, I hope to answer some questions about odd things that have happened. I've been using my NX1 for four years and love it. Here are my top three questions. Question 1 is: "Why would the luminance "bounce" on this shot?" Question 2: "Has anyone had their NX1 go green on a night shoot?" https://vimeo.com/152670688 . Question 3: "Do you find that the N
  13. Just excellent work. Really, well done. I loved your texture shots of the school. Remember the rule of thirds but I can see that your portrait shots are dead center for maximum impact. I love the NX1 and I'd be interested in the lenses you used. Also, what color timing did you do?
  14. Beautiful work. I also have the NX1 and stunning results. I want to buy the 85mm Samsung but I rented one that continually fidgeted in trying to focus during filming. I mean like two - three times a second. Have you used this lens? Or does anyone reading this lens have this result? I'd like to buy one to finish my homeless documentary, which has a great deal of nighttime available light of the unfortunates in the rainy streets of LA. This is shot with Samsung's 16-50mm f 2.8.
  15. Hi, Kisaha, I remember you let me know that in a recent note. I sure would like to stay in touch with him. Is GitHub the only place he checks? I don't want to pester him but I did his hack that allows me to record past 29:59 min and was blown away by his expertise. I was hoping he might have a suggestion how to "settle down" the AF on the 85mm. It's a great lens and I wonder if it is because I had the AF set to FAST that caused the jittery searching for focus. Neither of the other Samsung lenses I have exhibit this jittery focus search. see this dance video where the AF was buttery
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