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  1. Good news. Pleased you've got it sorted.
  2. That will probably be the HDMI cable. I had the same issue. Buy something that's rated for 8K, I use this one without problem: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0B76YBHPP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  3. BMCC6K arrived a couple of days ago. My first day test.
  4. A collection of some clips captured in and around some local parks in the past few weeks. Shot in Blackmagic RAW (BRAW) using: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera - BMPCC 6K G2. Blackmagic Video Assist 12G 5 inch connected to the Panasonic S1 & S5. Lenses: Panasonic 24-105, Sigma 150-600mm (L Mount), Tamron Adaptall 2 90mm Macro (72B). Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy.
  5. I went for the same deal. I've been curious about the Blackmagic cams for some time so finally decided the time was right. These below were my first test shots using my trusty Tamron Adaptall lenses. Have since bought the Sigma 100-400 EF and I'm waiting for a break in the crappy weather to put it through some tests.
  6. These were put together from a few clips shot during a couple of days of leisure time! Panasonic S1, Sigma 150-600mm, Blackmagic Video Assist 12g 5inch, 5.9K BRAW 12:1. I use BRAW now for shooting stock shots, doubt I could go back to other formats.
  7. Hopefully Panasonic will look at this and add support for BRAW to the S5II, just in case Atomos disappear and leave said camera without RAW support over HDMI. Never understood why no mention has ever been made of BRAW for S5II (and GH6), perhaps it's something they were considering adding later, until then I'll stick to the original S5/S1.
  8. Been living in France for 20 years, this is my first trip to Southend-On-Sea (UK) in some time. It was a freakishly hot day in March 2022 and the rising heat was playing havoc but yet brought a certain charm to the shots. The Panasonic S1 and the Sigma 150-600mm is a heavy combination but it's great for long candid shots. Shot in V-Log. https://youtu.be/RklH4m1JjYY
  9. You seek collaboration but some may hesitate in case they also become thought of as "fucking unbearable". It's apparent that you are not fond of criticism, but in the sense of true collaboration (especially within the arts) you will need to become accustomed to it or your project is doomed from the outset.
  10. If you are working with V-Log this is worth a read: https://na.panasonic.com/ns/253602_V-Log_Excerpt.pdf
  11. I recently signed up to a cheap online service which allows me to generate unlimited voices from text and use them in videos for a one off fee. The package that I purchased has 30 voices available and all but about 4 voices are fairly naff. There is one female voice in particular that is actually quite decent, but it still has many limitations. With progress in this technology I can see that narration for film, videos and books, will possibly negate the need for human presenters. There is already technologies where you can train software using your own, or some other voice. With some improvements in inflections I'm sure that the use of these artificial voices may become more widespread. What do you think? Is this good or bad? Do you know of a service that currently has this nailed? I produced a short video (a review of a polarising filter from Amazon Basics) to test the water, this uses a couple of the voices that I have available to me. The female voice is much nicer than the male voice, see what you think. I won't be using this in all of my videos but I think the female voice will feature occasionally. https://youtu.be/q9NceQBXa1s
  12. I have a channel (allthestuffwedo) which has a low subscriber count of 330-ish. I'm an Englishman currently living in France but I am considering moving to Canada to help popularise my channel😉. I can't earn anything for views and I have only ever been approached by one company (after I reviewed a lens hood that I had bought) asking for a review in exchange for them sending me free items. I considered this and decided to decline the offer not just for the sake of integrity but also for the fact that the items were relatively low value and they were trying to buy me on the cheap! If I was approached by Sony to review the A1 and I get to keep it that's probably where the conflict begins for most people. I have heard the phrase that "x company has agreed that my review is not influenced by this sponsorship" (because that is what it is - sponsorship). I can't imagine there are many people that will give a bad review on the basis that they want to remain ingratiated with the company concerned especially with the thought of free products or huge discounts in the future. I have only reviewed a few items comparatively but I pride myself on only giving positive reviews to items that I actually like enough to keep and use, generally if a product isn't worthy of keeping then the review might not be so favourable. But herein lies the double jeopardy, a negative review means that you will never be offered products early for review and certainly not for free, also negative reviews attract a lot more negative comments and "Dislikes" because of maybe fan-boyism or the fact that they want a positive reinforcement for an item that they have already purchased. I reviewed the Zoom F2 32 bit float recorder and the item was a disaster, and that's what I felt obliged to put a cross in my review, some thanked me and others disliked the video. Crawling around the web I found even more comments about what a crap review it was because I believe that it did not reinforce their purchase decision, but you can't argue with the facts I put across because they were genuinely apparent on video. There are other reviews I have done that are not favourable to the product but the negativity in general is not appreciated by some. I put out a video meant to be a joke about comparisons between phones and cameras (these comparisons drive me mad) but even that has received it's fair share of negativity. So, Andrew I understand your frustrations put across in your last few YouTube videos, I was in full agreement with the chat about the disaster that was/is the Canon R5 and find it hard to believe the defence it received from the fans, a crap product is a crap product no matter the name on it, worse still a product that is purposely not allowed to fulfil it's potential through lack of heatsinks and software crippling is unforgivable especially at these prices. All of my reviews of lenses or camera gear are backed up with plenty of samples which although might not be to everyone's taste they do provide insight not possible within a talking head video along with a bit of B-roll of the item. I have resigned myself to the fact that any negative review will have consequences be they small or great, I stand by the fact that a reviewer has an obligation to be honest about issues and anomalies, if not then call it what it is, an advert.
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