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  1. Interesting, thanks for the heads up. You probably know this. but on the edit page you can copy a clip on the timeline CTRL C and then paste attributes ALT V - which amongst other selectable attributes can include colour correction.
  2. If I understand correctly what you're describing it's always been possible (certainly in V16) to copy a complete colour grade and nodes from one clip to another: On the "Color" page make sure clips are showing. Click and highlight the clip (or multiple clips) that you want to copy the grade to, right click on the clip that has the grade you want to copy and then select "Apply Grade". If I've misunderstood then apologies.
  3. Just out of interest.... Did anyone watch the last few minutes of the video, from about 9:15 onwards? There has been no comment about the F2 locking up and the loss of the file. Just curious is it a non-issue with you? Do you think it was an isolated incident?
  4. At least they acknowledged there is an issue, and promised to replace all that are faulty. That's a pretty good response in my books. I guess so, but call me old fashioned, a simple courtesy is cheap but can have a lasting impression. These companies like to see themselves as a well oiled machine but these faceless mechanical responses piss me off a little and are all too common.
  5. Someone (Jim Kopriva) left this comment under my review video: After seeing several reports if this issue, I inquired with Zoom: "Hello - We have received reports about the issue you mentioned and we will replace any affected products with a new tested unit. This issue should affect only a small number of units already on the market. At the same time, we are implementing changes that will ensure this issue is not present for all future units." Sincerely, CUSTOMER SUPPORT Zoom North America What? No apology? If I buy again I am going to wait for the unit that has gone thro
  6. This is my experience with the Zoom F2. Please understand that I tried so hard to love it. This video was meant to be a full review of the F2 but frustratingly I gave up and published my babble up to the point where I conceded. I call it the unfinished review. I don't think Zoom will be sending me products for free any time soon. But, if they solve the issues then I'm happy to revisit the review. https://youtu.be/86K8xH3MfCM
  7. Sorry, I thought that a forum was a suitable place for this discussion, I am not arguing with you and if this is the wrong place for this discussion then please feel free to remove it. The same way that this very forum discussed in detail the pitfalls and limitations of a Canon R5 camera. That discussion was never going to change the outcome with Canon to any great degree, and was also in a minority, so was that purely futile? I hadn't seen the video or that article from Andrew before so this post has proved fruitful for me and may be informative to others, so for that I thank you.
  8. Yes, some TV's have settings such as this but most people are unaware of the existence of such settings and they don't understand the benefit of using them, you know because it's something that interests you. Wouldn't it be good if all TV's were delivered this way?
  9. I had a recording studio for a good few years. It was back in the day when we crammed 24 tracks on to a roll of two inch tape. We spent thousands on monitoring equipment so our mixes would be as good as possible. It was the time when music was mostly listened to on am radios or if you were posh Stereo FM. The Sony Walkman Cassette Player was popular and CD's were only an option for those that could afford them and the players. CD-Recordable was a new emerging practically unheard of technology that was also very expensive. We pressed to Vinyl in those days and had to watch and limit dynamic ran
  10. This post is not particularly about my friends and family. My main point was that people are generally ignorant about frame rates, dynamic range, calibration etc. I feel that the TV manufacturers should spend more time calibrating the TV's they sell to a similar standard to what the creative industry sees as a standard. TV's out of the box can be set to ridiculously bright/saturated levels, I assume they do this so that when they are on sale in retailers they want them to stand out as bright and beautiful against all of the other sets that are up for sale. TV's these days are technically
  11. I feel like I am wasting my time in the pursuit of nice looking, quality, well graded footage. The majority of people that are in my social circle have no idea what a calibrated TV looks like. Most have the colour and contrast set to "Irradiate" and sit within 6 feet of their 60-85 inch TV's whilst they tan. The sharpness is set to "stun" exhibiting awful halos and because they sit so close you can practically define each pixel. And... because frame rates used by filmmakers are not smooth enough for TV manufacturers the TV's now interpolate a few extra frames between the original frames m
  12. 2 available. Might interest someone??!! I took a Kecay Tamron-NX (for Tamron Adaptall 2 to Samsung NX) mount and customised it by fitting a lens collar with tripod mount. Some of the Adaptall 2 lenses are heavy and I made this to take the pressure away from the camera. I have used this successfully on my NX1, NX300, and NX3000 without a problem. There is Youtube video below that shows me assembling them. https://www.ebay.fr/itm/233112857952 https://www.ebay.fr/itm/233112862831
  13. Selling some Samsung NX lenses, bodies and a Flash: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/pauloffrance/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= All in very good condition and at reasonable prices, will send within European Union. Cheers.
  14. Hi Fletch, "Flashing", "Reinstalling" same thing. Before or after firmware flashing did you reset the camera? You will find "Reset" in the fourth Menu (The Cog). I would suggest that the best practice for any firmware upgrade is to reset the device before and after flashing, can't hurt to try. If this does not improve things then it is probably a hardware fault and from what you say it is most likely that the Mode switch at fault (as reported by others around the inter-web). Some say squirting switch cleaner under the dial has helped but I have serious doubts that the fluid will reac
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