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  1. wow guys, THANK YOU so much for all your answers and your grades!!! I will take in consideration all your advice!!! I noticed that i tend to overexpose because I'm always afraid to underexpose and then I'm in trouble but I will set the zebras a little lower for 70% for scenes like this! DaveAltizer, you even made a video!!! wow, thank you so v much!!!!!!!
  2. Hello. I've been following this blog since last year and it was such a big help to decide which serious video camera to choose! so, thanks guys. I have a GH4 and today I got my first video freelance interview and that is something that my film school just isn't preparing me for. The job is to cover outdoors events, focusing on people. So I went out and grabbed some footage outdoors in direct sunlight. Now, how would you, experienced people, grade this? I've been reading a lot of books and experimenting but just seeing your colours would really help mainly because of the skin to
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