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  1. Magic Screw In my younger days, I would have had a complete different perception of what a "Magic Screw" could be. Sigh! Damn you Canon.
  2. At this rate Canon will happily trade @Andrew Reid Canon R5 for an EOS C500 II at no extra cost.
  3. Does the camera have an internal gyro and include the internal gyro data that can be used for post stabilization of the footage like FX9 and Catalyst Browse?
  4. I'm going to make a friendly recommendation, Andrew. You're beginning to sound bitter and essentially come across as a hater for anyone who may not be familiar with you. I think the energy you're spending on writing this blog post, if spent on some S1H image post- processing tutorial will bring a stronger community to EOSHD and it'll bring you more high quality visitors. I also think you'll get more recognition by marketing heads of these camera companies as an honest but fair reviewer of their product and maybe then you get the recognition you believe you deserve. BTW, I left Canon's bandwagon when the D800 was first released. I got fed up with Canon back then with their horrible DR. My point is, I'm not some canon fanboy. I'm just a person who is here to learn and contribute when I can. I also have a bit of experience in media matters and was strategic advisor. I have a bit of a gage for public reaction. I'm only giving you this feedback with good intentions.
  5. I also think the Sony A7 IV is probably coming in October/November. It'll probably use the new Sony Bionz XR so I'm guessing it'll offer 6K raw with a very reliable AF at about $2200. Without the fan. So slightly smaller with more lens options. Anyways, something to keep in mind.
  6. Thanks! It looks very clean and the noise is rather fine. I downsized it to UHD 4k and it cleans up even better. I bet with a bit of color noise reduction it will be silky smooth. Assuming you want that look. Rather amazing for ISO 12800.
  7. @Lux Shots and @Matt Hollman - Thank you both for your quality post. EOSHD lately has been feeling like a ranting place for Andrew to vent out being disregarded by marketing departments of many camera companies. Love to see some screen grab examples of ISO 12800. Matt, really curious about your color grading process. Thanks!
  8. I disagree with your conclusion in your main post. That's not how rapid world journalist and photojournalism (or video journalism) works. You want to capture something and very quickly with little editing publish it around the world. This is not film making. These guys have to deliver a very specific images or types of images and then push it quickly to their editors who then decide which ones make the cut and gets pushed out. No one is going to sit there color match for hours. By then the story is over.
  9. It has some short comings with effects and focusing but it can record 8K MKBHD talks about here more:
  10. This is interesting. Not sure if S3 is any longer a valid or useful option. I guess if you, owned an S2 you'd be upset if Leica didn't upgrade the system. The interesting tidbits for readers here is the video specs. 4k 4:2:2.
  11. I watch potatoJet stuff all the time. 1 - He works very had. The amount of stuff he is uploading and reviewing is insane. 2 - He is very good at time management. He is very effective at using any extra time he has to shoot his YT material. 5 minutes here 5 minutes there. 3 - He has external professional gigs and seems very professional. 4 - He has charisma for YT and knows how to play the YT game well. His followers are skyrocketing in the last few mounts. He works very hard, he has talent that translates well to YT followers and he just seems like a very nice likable guy. Good for him! I wish I could be as good and as productive as he is.
  12. salim

    Skydio 2

    I was in the first batch and have not received my drone yet. But after watching some of the early reviewers I messaged them yesterday and asked to cancel my order. 1 - the AI follow mode looks interesting, but was not impressive. I think the technology needs another 2-3 years to mature. 2 - Mavic 2 pro (was discounted to near the same price) is probably a better choice for me who wants a better camera for photography 3 - video the HDR mode of skydio looks promising for daylight, but for lowlight the mavic 2 seem to be doing better. 4 - the drone tracking you is not very cinematic. To get the cinematic angle and movement you want, you have to manually fly the drone yourself. 5 - manual flight with the supplied joystick didn't seem that good 6 - DJI might be releasing Mavic 3 in a month and might have a good-enough AI built-in with much better image quality which is better for my needs. If I was mountingbiking in open fields or other activities, the skydio AI might have been better a choice. For photography and video work with occasional activities that I want a drone to follow me, DJI and its next iteration will probably meet my needs better.
  13. salim

    Skydio 2

    I'm on the list for the first batch. However, I'm not sure if I should get it or not. It's a cool gadget, but I rather get something with a better camera. However, their HDR videos has a decent DR for a small sensor.
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