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  1. Is this a hint that Nikon is finally releasing their raw video firmware ? https://nikonrumors.com/2019/08/16/new-nikon-india-video-teaser-nikon-has-something-exciting-for-videographers-and-filmmakers-a-revolution-is-coming.aspx/#more-137437
  2. DJI Osmo pro with a 1" sensor.
  3. Of course! The 6400 is not the camera for someone like you. But it doesn't make it a "turkey". It's like a car person saying VW Golf is a turkey because it's not a Porsche. VW sells a lot of Golfs even if they're just front-wheel drive that understeer and are not as much fun for people who love rear-wheel drive cars. That said, I don't love Sony cameras and that's probably what you're referring to. They're good gadget but never feel like a tool you want to use. I have the 6000 and the A7Riii. I'm glad the 6400 kept the old battery and stay true to its size. I think sony understands this market segment well. They are delivering everything a newcomer would want and more. Most importantly you want the camera to work. What that means is, that it takes good videos or photos. Most people people would not care about bit depth, etc. What they want is photos or videos that are in focus. Secondly they want it to work where a phone would not work, like in dark situations etc. This is what this camera is optimize to do. A small little wonder that you can use to take selfies, low light photos and videos and the AF is so good that you're 95% guaranteed to take a photo or video that looks decent. Sony will acquire more new users and some of them might ultimately invest more into the ecosystem of Sony. It's a market win for them.
  4. Exactly right! @Andrew Reid assessment is wrong here. He is not looking at this camera in the big picture of Sony's product line and product strategy roadmap. Sony if offering a great camera, small with amazing AF capabilities (Sony A9 level). APS-C 4k video. It flips for doing selfies (which is I think their biggest market focus and not as much the vloggers market). It's clear that Sony is going to ratchet up product announcement from least exciting to the most exciting as the year progresses. They have said the new updated firmware for A7III/A7RIII is coming in April which might indicate the release timing of the A7Siii. The 6400 is going to be an amazing entry-level camera for any new users that wants to step up from mobile phone or P&S or debating an interchangeable lens camera vs P&S. Not long ago, a camera with this kind of AF speed and FPS would have cost $4-8K. It's now an entry-level camera. This will make the 6400 the gateway drug into Sony's ecosystem. Both Canon and Nikon are now forced to react and up their games to acquire new users. So yes, the 6400 is not a "turkey" but a good product-market strategy and Sony has given this a lot more thought than you give them credit. Both Canon's and Nikon's APS-C future mirrorless offering at the sub $1000 market will be compared against the 6400.
  5. I have also traveled with this. It's a great light. In addition I also traveled with the LS -mini. The tight spotting works really well to give you more light for size than anything else. I also take the Luxlis as well.
  6. ever since the Godfather starting shot every filmmaker wants to have this subtle zoom movement. But I've been wondering if you're shooting 4k (possibly with Atomos RAW they're talking about maybe higher than 4k) wouldn't make the production work easier if you just have a fixed tripod shot and then do this movement it in software? Maybe you go from 4K resolution to 3.8 or 3.5K and upscale to 4k. Would many people notice the change in image resolution? The tradeoff is maybe quicker and simpler setup and much cheaper production.
  7. I own the LowPro 450. But only used it on one trip and have not used it again. Pros: it's well built. It has everything you require I like how you can detach the shoulder harness and make it take smaller footprint for international travel (that's the reason I got it). Cons: It opens from outside not inside. When you hang it from center column of your tripod (which is what I often do). It's off balance and tills in the angle that makes everything inside of the bag easily fall out. It's bulky (but for your needs bulky might be the only option) It has not internal framing to help support the weight for long treks. Otherwise it's a great setup and lowepro sticks with their product. One of my lens bags the zipper broke and they just replaced it. Other options: https://fstopgear.com/products/packs/ajna https://www.shimodadesigns.com/en/explore-40/ https://atlaspacks.com/collections/atlas-packs/products/atlas-athlete-camera-pack If you're in the Bay Area you're welcome to play around with my 450 or buy mine used, if you like.
  8. salim

    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    We don't know if Nikon is applying any vignette correction which might be adding more gain to the image in the internal pipeline.
  9. I've seen many good comments about the LS3000 in the past. With built-in ND, etc. At $2K it doesn't seem that bad, but in the world of Fuji XT-3 and surely soon XH-2 I wonder if it makes sense anymore. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1096581-REG/jvc_gy_ls300_4kcam_handheld_s35mm.html
  10. salim

    DJI Phantom 5

    Yep, it's sure looking like that.
  11. salim

    DJI Phantom 5

    There are some rumors of the Osmo being released. The camera of the Inspire is rather nice, and it's possible that DJI is thinking about diversifying their business a bit more and ensure they have a market outside of the drone business should regulations destroy their business future.
  12. salim

    DJI Phantom 5

    Looks like DJI has a Nov 28 media event with all signs pointing to a Phantom 5, https://dronedj.com/2018/11/12/dji-event-because-life-is-big-phantom-5/ I wonder if ProRes RAW will be included or not.
  13. Andrew. How are you white balancing your shot, btw?
  14. For me the Z7 seems to have the best auto WB. I wish Max would use some gray cards set the the best custom WB for these cameras. As is, I think Z7 has the best color.
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