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  1. what a motley crew of the mirrorless counterculture ... okay, I'm in ... yet that highlight/glare on your forehead ... geez! Come on, man! Got your hands full anyway! Good luck on the podcast: it's certainly needed and overdue. Congratulations
  2. that's a gem: thank you Thank you very much
  3. Thanks for being honest. Mostly I read here and try to learn (when the discussion doesn't go way over my head). I'll make no major purchases until retirement. That said, I noticed blown out highlights in both videos and was getting disappointed by it. Like, geez, I get that same result shooting with an older bridge camera with a one inch sensor. So, okay, thanks for clarifying part of the blown out highlights issue. There are probably other factors involved with that ... so that's why I'm here to learn.
  4. The Eye-Detect AF looks good in the video, but what is with the highlights in the background? It looks blown out to me. What's with that.
  5. no 4K video, no IBIS, no telephoto lens on the RXmk2 unless I'm missing something
  6. that's what I'm talking about FF, include 4k video + IBIS, fast zoom lens: bridge
  7. So, what is the cost & profit margin for Samsung with this full frame sensor? Sure Samsung could supply other manufacturers ... however, a full frame bridge camera with a fast telescopic lens is undeserved in the marketplace. For the right price it would be a great travel camera and certainly better than a smartphone. I'd buy it quickly.
  8. Perhaps a silly idea, but why couldn't Samsung put it in a bridge camera with a great, fast telescopic lens and blow up the market? That keeps expenses on the Samsung side way down.
  9. Gordon Zernich

    Sony a6300 4k

    Most camera manufacturers will need to provide more value in their product ... the next iPhone is said to have an excellent camera; it will put pressure on the Sonys and Panasonics to deliver more value.
  10. Probably get more out of YouTube reviews/tutorials than this streaming: this has less to do with consumers than it does with corporate customers; that said, thanks for the streaming. 5 minutes given to A7S
  11. It does not offer H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)? I do not claim to know much, but I do not live at 12 Under Rock Drive.
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