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  1. I used only two times eBay as seller and hope to use it never again in future. The fee (double if you use PayPal) are so high that make no sense to sell on eBay.Far better any used website and in person delivery…
  2. If Andrew is right with his test (and seems to me so) Canon could solve the problem with a big public Syazai and firing the marketing responsible of the choice, giving back to us a Monster camera. I think that C series will still sell good, is a different series with professional codec, different ergonomic and different target. I forget, a little bit more thermal pad on the CPU could be a good idea !
  3. Very interesting camera for the price. Hope for a low rolling shutter. Choice of PQ for HDR is particular versus Sony with HLG. For sure video codec are not pro level but in may point of view enough compared to the price and the destination of the camera. I suppose that video codecs are one of the main strategy in Canon to differentiate between C and R series.
  4. I hope that power issue is a firmware bug, if not I can't believe that Leica haven't tested the power consumption of the camera with standard battery in 4K mode with other brand of lenses...
  5. What a beautiful lens, some picture seems paintings. About the Fp I’m waiting the firmware update with HDR/Log for video and hopefully a lighter raw mode !
  6. The 4K standard is 50/60p not 30. UHD 25/30p is not a standard format. 24p is enough for cinema style. I don’t need internet professor to understand it ?. 4K 50p 60p is around in many cameras not only on mobile phone.On the new Xperia 1 you find 4K 60p HLG. Probably they need better processor for camera department. ARM processor have had an incredible and fast upgrade in the last years. Maybe is the little format factor of the camera joined with old kind of processor and related termic issue to not allow it ? (Anyway iPhone and Android phones works in 60p in a smaller format).
  7. Is very strange that 10bit and 4K 60p is not added in this release. An iPhone can do 4K 60p and in my opinion there are no reason to add it on the cameras. The sensor they are using is capable of it looking at the still specs. I just waited to this new specs in the last to models but they are forcing me to still use the phone for normal use. I want to not mention about other stuff like anamorphic that with Moment lens I can do (with pretty good result) on the same phone... Andrew you are right they have a lack of fantasy, but I think is the Japanese way of thinking nowadays, time of Walkman, Game Boy, PlayStation, new hybrid cars are go and they really need to think at the future.
  8. You are right, I think all seasons was edited in HDR and converted in SDR for broadcasting. Probably the blueray with HDR will be distributed later. I remember that for first seasons probably Alexa at 2.6K was used so not in 4K or more.
  9. My wife follow the series, after she told me about the dark battle (she closed all the windows to watch it) I tried to watch the 3rd episode. Yes is very dark, I think the problem was in the HDR to SDR conversion. Probably watch at it in HDR reference monitor like the Sony 300 (I think the one used in mastering) was very good but in SDR the result is very poor. I don’t know if the SDR conversion is on charge of the broadcasters, in this case is not completely a DOP fault. Aniway he must think about it, pushing to much the contrast and abuse of Latitude in the mastering is dangerous if you have not control on all the line of distribution...Is an old problem like the one about Dolby deliver of contents, Dolby always suggest to try to listen at it on a mono low quality loudspeakers before deliver it
  10. I considered to buy this camera and you are right, but one thing stopped me to buy it, the lack of log or HLG. HLG is enough for casual 4K shooting, but in my opinion 4K without HDR is not so different from HD SDR. I’m talking of no pro works, just home video and/or casual video and the lack of HLG in my opinion is important. I hope in a firmware upgrade of it, talking with Olympus guy at their showroom seems to me that could be a problem of CPU, but at the end HLG is only a different gamma curve and probably not so demanding in more CPU power.
  11. Is it confirmed the sensor used ? Is it really the Sony IMX 294 ? Nothing wrong on it but Sony sell it as Surveillance sensor. I think that Blackmagic has to manage the price of the camera, and price is very good. That sensor has some issue on HDRmode ( quad bayer encoding) with moving subject, some little blending. I'm very curious to take a look at the quality of the picture and I hope that Andrew will have one to test very soon. Another question, nobody knows in Still mode which size of pict is saved ?
  12. Great review Andrew (as usual) and great camera. But only a doubt, you say in the review that HLG video files looks washed out on normal display. HLG was created to be compatible with SDR displays, so you must have no better dynamic range and colour space on normal SDR displays, and standard gamma curve on it. Is it a problem of metadata info ? Do you already tried to play the files on normal SDR screen ? I'm very interested at this feature to avoid all the grading of log files when HLG is enough and to maintain compatibility with older screen. I don't understand why Sony that push so hard on HDR and HLG on other products (FS5, HDC4300, Bravia screen) do not implement it on their mirrorless cameras...
  13. LUT on camera, very interesting ! But what about add a real HDR display, maybe only the viewfinder ? I know it will be expensive but offer it like an option... HDR is coming
  14. Head Andrew, what's happening you ? You are very hungry now, I suppose because the GH5 fight... Please don't give up,your article are usually very interesting and also technically correct, continue on that way. I found always your test very useful, not supported of charts test and other things... But still very good test.
  15. Yes I know, is more than tricky,but I recorded either in 4K and 1080p and after played the clips and put it on still in the middle of a fast pan and the vertical line on 4K was unfortunately diagonal... So seems no news on rolling, but I think for the price it will be a good camera...
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