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  1. There are at least tens of reasons why they placed the mic where it is. Don't criticize before you know all the circumstances.
  2. To be honest with you I only use HLG because it's the highest DR profile besides V-Log which I don't have 😄 I think I'd use V-Log if I had it. HLG has some problems with a weird green cast that.. crap, now that I'm thinking about it I think I did have -1 on hue on that particular shoot because of that, but I went back to 0 because FilmConvert seems to correct it very well.
  3. Thanks man! If you're asking about these ones - - then it was HLG with all options on 0 and a quick grade with FilmConvert.
  4. I know you're asking Sage but personally I use HLG simply because it's free ? I think I'd prefer V-Log if I had it because I had some issues with a weird green color cast when editing HLG.
  5. Don't get me wrong but it definitely looks like it was shot in 2014 It just shows that if you have a good story you can make it happen on anything.
  6. If you just want the stream, rent a Teradek Vidiu or something like that and you're done. If you want to add overlays and stuff, get the elgato camlink and hook it up to your laptop. Use external battery or something for power.
  7. All I really do on this project is mess around with the RAW settings, slap the FilmConvert on and call it a day and I don't really want to buy another version just for Resolve. Plus I'm so much faster editing multicam shoots in Premiere than I am in Resolve and if I can keep the entire project to one program I will
  8. FYI the new BRAW plugin for Premiere 1.6.1 work a lot better, no more render issues and the panel doesnt seem to stop working as often as it did on 1.6
  9. You're completely right and I've decided I need to borrow one from a friend, shoot some stuff and see if it works for me. Not gonna switch because of a feeling ?
  10. Bros, I need a pill.. I'm getting the full-frame good autofocus sickness and I'm browsing used a7 3s
  11. They could be milking positive reviews on Amazon that they can then use to scam potential buyers.
  12. IMO it's more ridiculous to carry around your laptop, with zero mounting options, just to check your camera's image. Get a cheap monitor or use the wifi app
  13. Then there are no BRAW settings since I'm targeting the timeline clip, not the master one. I've found it fixes itself after restarting Premiere and reimporting the clip but then for some reason breaks again after a couple of minutes.
  14. Yeah he should've done that but relied too much on the RAW thing and that was the result.. On the other hand why is BRAW settings not working on this clip? Can't select anything
  15. Last weekend I shot a concert with my friend, myself on the GH5 and him on the Pocket 4k. After the first rehersal when we were setting up the shot, he came up to me and said "you know what the lights are all over the place so I'm just gonna set the exposure for the darkest moments and shoot BRAW so when the lights hit you'll be able to just bring down the exposure with ISO setting". I didn't know too much about shooting on the Pocket so I agreed and off we went. Well, it turns out when you shoot above 1250, you can't go lower than that since it's when the second ISO gain engages. It's something I had no idea about (since I shoot on the GH5) and he neither (since he never shot above that before). Now I'm stuck with overexposed shots and an understandably mad client. So learn on my lesson and don't do that.. Or you know, read the friking manual like you should.
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