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  1. auch dude You're giving them way too much credit man
  2. Isn't DIGIC made by Canon? So who are they licensing it from?
  3. Come on Mattias, are we reading different posts or what because reading this thread I didn't get the impression that the lack of 24p is the end of the world. I did get the impression that it's silly that it's not there, that there's zero technical reasons why it's not there, that it's just Canon being " WE wANt TO PrOtect the CinemA linE " I, just like you, shoot in 25/50 because that's the EU standard, I don't think I've ever shot in 24 on my GH5. However if it didn't have that option, I'd be the first one to write "wtf panasonic why can you do 25fps but not literally one frame less?" Not because I actually need it, but because I feel like it's such a standard feature that it should be implemented.
  4. you're mistaking hate with making fun of which is justified The lack of 24p is funny because it's literally one frame less than 25p which you can shoot. So what about 24p makes it impossible to write? Nothing. It's entirely doable. They've done it in the past. They can do it now. Why isn't it there then? Because they're stupid. And this is why we're making fun of Canon.
  5. TBH I'd just use in-camera mic - most of the time they're fine for ambient noise.
  6. I've seen stuff shot with the GH5 that made me wonder if they bought a counterfeit copy with Canon 550D sensor or something. I've also seen stuff shot with the GH5 that made ME wonder what's wrong with my camera that it doesn't shoot as pretty as their does. Point is - while this sample really does look videoish, the samples provided by BM on their website look a lot better.
  7. I think you should eliminate the speedbooster from this comparison first. Whether it impacts the sharpness (and the amount of so) or not, it's a variable that makes this comparison canon+speedbooster vs leica, not canon vs leica.
  8. Brazil has the best football team! No, Span has the best football team! You dumb idiots of course Germany has the world's best football team! It's like that. No such thing as "best color science". Color is subjective.
  9. A moderator should really sweep by this thread and remove all of the off-topic politics shit. I'm here to escape from the bullshit and talk cameras. Downloading it now, I'm eager to check these files!
  10. So I see the story continues with this client 😄
  11. The comment didn't say "it can't be done on pocket 6k" but that it can't be done on ef mount cameras all together. This is why I mentioned Ursa mini pro just as a fun fact, not a "there's speedbooster coming to the pocket 100% confirmed "
  12. You absolutely can, there's a speedbooster for the Ursa mini pro by the guy called lucadapters.
  13. You meant Pocket 6k EF!!! With Super35 sensor. WTF Blackmagic just done, this is brilliant.
  14. I love how authentic that guy is. You just know his a real technical passioante guy and not some fake-ass presenter.
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