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    GH5 and SmallHD Focus monitor issue?

    I mean from your pictures (which are very helpful!) I can tell that the top placement doesn't cover anything vital. You can still see your picture profile, resolution/framerate and the battery status.
  2. Adam Kuźniar

    Canon EOS RP specs leaked, features 26MP sensor and 4K video

    Come on Mattias, of course not, but taking away stuff like 1080p 24FPS? That's just ridiculous!
  3. Adam Kuźniar

    Speedbooster and ND throttle in one

    edit: Misread the post, pls delete
  4. Adam Kuźniar

    Quick AUDIO fix question (post production)

    How about you post the issue and your fix for someone else to find in the future if they encounter it again?
  5. Adam Kuźniar

    Sennheiser XSW-D (Wireless lav set)

    I don't know, I never used it
  6. Adam Kuźniar

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    Well I've never said I'm satisfied with RS on my G80 but there's a spectrum and a6400 seems to be at the far end of it.
  7. Adam Kuźniar

    Sennheiser XSW-D (Wireless lav set)

    I see you guys aren't dead broke like me xD This is dead-ass cheap - https://www.saramonicusa.com/products/saramonic-sr-wm4c-wireless-microphone Of course Rode Filmmaker and Sennehsier XSW-D are on another level quality wise
  8. Adam Kuźniar

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    That jello is absolutely disgusting
  9. Adam Kuźniar

    Sennheiser XSW-D (Wireless lav set)

    I love how small and minimal it is but I think it's too expensive. If it was more on the line of Rode Filmmaker, I'd be interested
  10. Adam Kuźniar

    Olympus E-M1X - is it worth $3000?

    Such a flop. I was really anticipating that live ND, thinking it'll work like in the FS5 but in such a smaller body. I was hoping that maybe they figured it out and now Lumix or Sony will start adopting it. What a disappointment
  11. Adam Kuźniar

    Some camera geek talk why i still like the 6dmkii in 2019

    Ehh. For me the issue with Canon cameras isn't what they are, it's what they could've been. I mean how is it that 6D2 has the exact same image quality as an entry-level SL2 which has the same image quality as the top-of-the-line 5D4? I'm not even talking IBIS, 4K, 1080p slowmo, all that jazz. I'm talking sharpness and IQ worse than a smartphone camera.. I still recommend the SL2 or 6D2 for people who couldn't care less about that because in terms of ease of use and reliability, Canon cameras are way up there but I'll never support releasing 5 year old products for price of a current one.
  12. Adam Kuźniar

    GH5 autofocus issue

    The sample you posted is about as good as it gets with the GH5.
  13. Adam Kuźniar

    User LUT monitor SWIT CM-55C

    a bit off topic but how is the monitor in general? Anything you specifically like or dislike about it? I'm looking into a affordable monitor for my G80 and the main reason why I want to pick this one up is for LUT monitoring
  14. Adam Kuźniar

    Panasonic's new AG-CX350 (4k 60p in 10bit up to 400Mbps HEVC)

    I wish all these cameras started at 16mm on the wide end. I always lack the wide angle for shooting in tight rooms and I almost never go all the way to 500mm or whatever the long end is
  15. Adam Kuźniar

    G80/85 - camera noise renders recorded sound useless

    I shoot 100% of the time with IBIS and never ever was it too noisy for audio.
  16. Adam Kuźniar

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    No it's not. You wanna know why? I have plenty of out of focus footage from when my gf was helping me on a shoot
  17. Adam Kuźniar

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    "Vlogger" group constitutes of people who shoot videos of their kids too.
  18. Adam Kuźniar

    I might get the C200

    JVC LS300 was in my opinion so ahead of it's time that people didn't understand it fully which is why almost no one knows about it or how it works. It's such a brilliant idea.
  19. Adam Kuźniar

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Thank you man! I'm not totally satisfied with it but I'm glad people like it That was shot on the G85 + EF-M2 + C 16-35 2.8; graded in FilmConvert
  20. Adam Kuźniar

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    You're correct - cheap Yongnuo LEDs. Also you're right about the CineD Sat - it was at 0. Thanks for the feedback, I'm planning to shoot some stuff around christmas so we'll see if I can do better! That's actually a "kind of" music video - they're a musical duo, she sings and he plays the piano. I should've lit it better to start with but in the final edit (where I didn't use GHa) I did separate the shot and give different WB/Exposure corrections for both of them Here's the video if you want to see it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ikLey6OMDo
  21. Adam Kuźniar

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I've tried it and it looks worse than GH5 samples that were posted here but that's probably be also due to me applying it to some old footage that wasn't shot properly. I've yet to find time to shoot some proper examples and if I do I'll post them here Here's are a couple of screenshots from Premiere Pro - CineD to Vlog applied + GHa Daylight. No additional CC done besides that Here are ones with GHa Tungsten (where I think I messed something up while shooting)
  22. Adam Kuźniar

    Any alternatives to a G80/85?

    You're getting all of that in the G80/85. I happily shoot up to 3200 for Youtube, IBIS is a game changer and the screen is tack sharp for focusing. Honestly if I could get 4k 60 and better AF I'd not switch to anything else for video/vlogging.
  23. Adam Kuźniar

    Noise Reduction without neat video?! (gh5/mft)

    Not GH5 but G85 here and I have my NR at 0. I did a test with -5 NR and 0 NR and found that for youtube, the difference in detail/sharpness is nothing compared to time saved in post with not having to denoise every.single.clip. Still, if I were shooting serious client work, I'd go to -5 NR and denoise in post for the ability to fine tune the level of denoising but in general, 0NR works great for me.
  24. Adam Kuźniar

    Replicating 'big camera' feel with small camera

    This is not an ENG lens, more of a sports/studio type, always mounted on a heavy duty tripod.
  25. Hah, lol, had that happen to me but clearing media cache/peak files fixed it without having to rename 😄