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  1. mind sharing your lumetri adjustments ?
  2. @BjornT Ah shit yeah I didn't update! Thanks for reminding me
  3. wait what, fuck me, I use FC too but mine doesn't look that good after ten minutes
  4. I disagree that it's a hybrid. Just because it has a form factor more similar to a photo camera doesn't mean it's a hybrid.
  5. Oh man I hope you never have to shoot with any cinema camera (which the Pocket is) because they all HAVE to be rigged to be used. Damn, that Alexa Mini must be so shit because it doesn't even have a battery slot. That's user error, not the camera's fault. Yeah but the difference is you get that crop in resolution and frame rate that the R can't even dream of achieving. In general I just feel like you went in with the "pocket sux and lemme prove that" approach and it influenced your experiences. R sounds like a much better choice for your workflow though and I can agree with that.
  6. My guess goes to Czech Republic, Czechs are crazy people
  7. Adam Kuźniar


    This is one of the best Vazen 40mm 2x sample I've seen yet
  8. Yep it's super useful. What I did is setup a scene, take a picture, put on the filter and then flip between image preview and shooting mode and try to match them more or less After that you just remember the values and it's fast to put them back on later
  9. TBH on the GH5 I just figured out what's the exact tint difference and then I put it in the camera and bam, problem gone.
  10. That's 100% coming from IBIS working on an ultra wide angle shot. Same happens on the GH5 with a 7mm lens. Once you go to like a 24mm FF equivalent it's fully gone.
  11. I guess any AF lens with an anamorphic adapter could count?
  12. Guys, I see you got lost, the Nursing Home is down the street to the left.
  13. Finally a lubricant that will satisfy my girlfriend!
  14. Oh surely it will shoot 6k. But in 15fps, with autofocus and manual exposure disabled. And the IBIS will only work with 3 supported lenses and only when shooting 480p upside down.
  15. ah shit sorry didnt read the post too thoroughly a7 iii + 28-75 2.8
  16. GH5, 18-35 or 24-105 on speedbooster Alternatively FS7 + 24-105 on speedbooster
  17. Another cool video using GHAlexa
  18. When is using salt and pepper in cooking considered cheating? I mean it completely changes the taste of the dish!
  19. Adam Kuźniar


    Tamron will announce the new 70-180mm f/2.8 FE zoom in October! Honestly Tamron makes Sony so much more appealing to me. Previously I was put off by the price of the Sony lenses
  20. dude you're so cool oh my gawd
  21. So I guess you're only shooting with Arri and Red cameras (because they're professional) using Zeiss Primes (because they're professional) and put it all on O'Connor sticks (because they're professional)? Anything else and you should expect 480p TOPS (because it's not professional) ? I hate these kinds of stupid comments. He should absolutely expect a perfectly usable product for 200 euro. Not everyone needs 3km range and perfect crystal clear full spectrum audio that will make sure bride's "yes I do" will be transmitted on hollywood level never seen before on a damn youtube wedding video. I've been using my Rode Filmmaker Kit with zero issues in tightly packed convention centers. My drone has more issues being on 2.4 Ghz than the Rode.
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