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  1. No, it's more of a "until we can control these who spy on our citizens, then it's fine" type of thing. Which is understandable but I agree with you.
  2. AOSP is soo much different than a company using Android with a commercial license that also licenses all of the Google apps for them. You can compile Android yourself for your personal use on any device you can make it work on, but AFAIK you can't sell it without the commercial license. As to your second point the whole thing isn't Google saying "Huawei is spying so we're closing business with them", it's Google saying "We need to comply with US law so we're closing business with them". Whether this ban is right or wrong is another question.
  3. I saw that video from Caleb and maybe my way of shooting is different, but if I had to put down my camera and adjust 5 parts every time I want to shoot low or high, I'd kill myself. His setup works brilliantly for shooting eye level, but the moment you want to vary things up it's going to get in the way and god forbid you want to change the lens or quickly go to the tripod. Also these remote FF while looking and sounding great, they are another thing that need to be turned on and calibrate. All in all I feel like you should build your rig for specific projects - some will require more movement and flexibility and some just requires you to stand still and get static shots. I'd say start small and build it out with time with only parts that you absolutely need.
  4. I'd think that a smaller sensor means less data means easier EIS.
  5. Hopefully this one is stable! Is there anything new besides whats in the changelog?
  6. It's pretty much confirmed that it's an action cam. There were even pictures leaked Honestly all I want is a 1inch stabilized sensor. Please!
  7. Didn't watch the video but what's the tradeoff of shooting 4k? Bigger files? Come on, hard drives are cheaper than ever before. Longer upload times? Maybe in the rural US because here average upload speed is 25Mbps, so it's quick to upload anything. Tougher to edit? Just proxy it. I shoot vlogs, I shoot event recaps, I shoot music videos and not once did I think "oh man, I'll purposefully degrade the quality of my shots because no one will even notice in the end". When I do have to go lower (for slowmo for example) I always hate how it looks like compared to 4K.
  8. I have had the exact same issue and it's the cable. Got the 8sinn extrathinn hdmi cable and it's gone. And it's a better cable IMO
  9. This is exactly why I haven't installed it, it's not on their website, it's some file some guy uploaded and he didn't even answer my question about where he got it from. Shady I did and it's definitely there but I almost never notice it when actually shooting. Last sunday I shot a small concert and then it was noticeable, because I could hear the drums hit before I could see them, but again, it didn't bother me that much. You can check out my review if you want to see what the delay is
  10. We should just drop the "cinema" word from this conversation because it's meaning is different for each and every one of us.
  11. You guys know that "cinema camera" doesn't mean it can only shoot for cinema? You can also make weddings, ads, youtube videos and more with it. And for these scenarios IBIS is super useful.
  12. how a camera works: light sensor electricity 01010101
  13. I think the RX0 has that "small sensor" look while the Osmo Pro looks much closer to a "real camera".
  14. Thank you so much! Where did you get it from?
  15. Well, now you can put that drive in a cage, secure both ends of the connection with knobs so that it's literally impossible to disconnect on accident. This is not the same as not having locking jack connections on a wireless lav pack
  16. It's out! Key Specifications: 20MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor 9 fps shooting with AF-S, 6 fps with AF-C UHD 4K at 30 and 24p (25p for the G90) Unlimited video capture (up to capacity of card) Headphone and Mic sockets V-LogL gamma profile (8-bit only) L. Monochrome D (high-contrast mono mode) 4K Photo mode with auto marking and sequence composition Live View Composite mode for multi-shot long exposure images https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dc-g95-g90-review-in-progress
  17. The workaround I use is to have a manual aperture lens mounted, and then go to shutter priority mode. This way you control the aperture on the lens, shutter on the camera and set the ISO to auto. Unfortunately this doesn't work with any of native lenses
  18. That was the main reason I bought it - just having a 5 inch screen up in the face makes focusing a breeze. I shoot a lot with the Sigma 18-35 at f/1.4 and the percentage of missed focus came down a lot after I started using this monitor. It also has peaking and all the assists + you can zoom in the picture during recording which comes in clutch if you're shooting an interview for example and just want to double triple check the focus after you already started recording.
  19. This is true. Fat32 and use some kind of LUT Calculator or converted to get your luts to 3x17
  20. Eh it's average. If it's overcast then it's easily viewable, but in bright daylight sun blasting situation you need the sunhood and even with it, it's quite hard to see. I mean it's just 450 nits, a little more than my phone. For daylight I'd say you need at least 800 nits.
  21. Yep, mine isn't either.
  22. I have it. It's pretty good, works great for me. I had some issues in the beginning (the HDMI cable in the box was shit, and I got a dead pixel straight away) but now I use it on almost every shoot I do and I didn't see any issues. The 3DLUT support alone is worth the extra money over other monitors, and the way the OS is set up combined with using a joystick makes for a really great experience overall Let me know if you have any questions about it.
  23. Panasonic 12-35mm is artificially parfocal because the camera corrects the focus when zooming.
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