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  1. Kingswell

    Can anyone explain this mystery??!?

    This could be a case for Mulder and Scully.
  2. Has anyone tried using a BMCC speed booster on it?
  3. Kingswell

    F3 in 2016

    I saw an fs700 with 4k firmware go for £1800 on ebay the other day.. If you had another £1k for an external recorder you could have a solid 4k HFR camera under £3k. I'd buy an F3 as a B or C camera, but not as a main camera these days. Wouldn't go higher than a £1k for it.
  4. Kingswell

    The very underestimated problem of RADIOACTIVE lenses

    100% wrong Ed. Radiologists are medical doctors specialising in detecting and curing disease via medical imaging techniques. Maybe you're thinking of radiographers who are trained (degree level) to perform X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans, so it's nothing to be snobbish about.
  5. Kingswell

    Is the majority online really idiots? (Ghostbusters Trailer)

    You're jumping to conclusions again. How do you know it's 'kids' hitting the dislike button? How do you know 'youngsters' have never seen Ghostbusters? I showed it to my 10 year cousin last year and she absolutely loves it.
  6. Kingswell

    Is the majority online really idiots? (Ghostbusters Trailer)

    The bastardisation of the Ghostbusters theme is more than enough reason for the hate. We don't even need to discuss the complete failure of the comedy.
  7. Kingswell

    Full frame kaleidoscopic video with the Sony RX1

    Andrew what trick filter did you use on the opening shot? It's absolutely glorious!
  8. Kingswell

    The EOSHD 5D Mark III Raw Shooter's Guide - available now!

    You seem to be getting a bit of flak on various sites which doesn't surprise me, but does concern me. What's wrong with making money? This whole video/film industry is riddled with the concept of a "free lunch" and "starving artist syndrome". How are people supposed to survive if you're expected to give everything you do away for free? He already does the website for free, and with no advertisements! I think Suzanne Moore said it best in her article for the Guardian here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jun/05/digital-economy-work-for-free#start-of-comments
  9. Kingswell

    Blackmagic cameras and EOSHD coverage

    Have you asked Blackmagic? I.e Muhammad and the mountain  
  10. Kingswell

    The full Panasonic GH3 review

    Thanks for the extensive review. Bit of a bummer on the low light side. Is there anything out there that does 108060p and is great in low light in the DSLR market?
  11. Kingswell

    Why Blackmagic will ship in July

    I think they exclusively manufacture their products in Australia, and if i remember correctly they produce the majority of the components themselves-i have absolutely no idea how they make any profit with the prices they charge! Anyway excuse my sceptical nature, i hope they pull if off and deliver masses in July.
  12. Kingswell

    Why Blackmagic will ship in July

    ah ok i thought they were taking the existing sensor and cropping. I still am incredibly sceptical about this July date based on past experience. They will now have 4 lines to manufacture, and although they are slightly more experienced with camera building it's still a small frame of time to get everything going. From what i've read (and again correct me if i'm wrong) they're still working on the 4K version so a final product isn't even ready to manufacture as of now.  
  13. Kingswell

    Why Blackmagic will ship in July

    That's fine for the 4K version, but as far as i understand the pocket camera uses the same sensor as the V1 EF and MFT. There is still alot of people waiting for the camera they ordered back in 2012. The MFT was meant to be released in Decmeber. It's now April and they are still in beta testing mode! 
  14. Kingswell

    Why Blackmagic will ship in July

    Dan May let out little wry smile when he was asked about the release date in a video i saw yesterday. I'm surprised they're doing the exact same thing as last year, it's always better to announce with no fixed date or announce on the very day it's available.   I hope they make it but the odds are really stacked against them. Not only do they need to continue fulfilling existing overdue EF preorders, they need to start shipping the MFT mount and then these two new cameras. 
  15. Kingswell

    Blackmagic Cinema Camera shipping delayed

    Yeah, unfortunately it seems BMD favours the U.S market, specifically B&H, who are already fulfilling pre-orders from late April/Early May! If i'd known this i would have ordered from B&H even though i'm in London. It would've cost me an extra £300 in import taxes but i'd have my camera by now.   B&H probably have the biggest pre-order list of all resellers, maybe the first reseller to put an order but considering the delays and the low number of units being produced i somehow feel BMD should be doing more to make distribution more fair. Making more cameras would help.