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  1. If you are considering an XPS, do give these links a quick perusing. I only included a couple forums about the same problem on a specific model, if you google further I'm sure you will find much much more! Dell XPS 9570 Audio Fun Fun Fun Forums! MORE FUNS I understand these stories all too well... Specs and "benchmarks" are great, as long as your computer works and continues to work past the refund policy date. ?
  2. Hahaha oh my... I don't think deezid's choice on shadow levels is equivalent to "misspelled words and poor grammar". That's a bit much.
  3. I think you achieved that look, some very beautiful stuff! Aside from stylistically not having a problem with the alleged "crushed" shadows, I didn't see any problems compositionally/graphically with that either. Bear in mind that I only watched the concept trailer once, but I didn't come across a moment where I felt like I needed more information in the shadows to tell me more. We decide what we want to show, and what we want to conceal. To all the people that think you needed to show more "information in the shadows", would it be preferred to shoot the entire film with a fisheye to give
  4. I use a 2012 15" macbook pro retina, 2.6ghz i7, 16gb ram and GeForce GT 650m. DaVinci Resolve absolutely HATES this. Adding a key and mask here and there with a layer of Noise Reduction (neatvideo ofx) on 4k r3d causes my computer to explode on export. Just pure static of excellent rainbow coloured varieties. Now after throwing an Akitio node with a GTX 1070 in there... It exports very smoothly. So in that regards, it is a complete necessity for me, giving my 2012 laptop a few more years of overachieving! Also, for those using a program like Catalyst Browse for GH5 10-bit workarounds, the
  5. How about a medium format to m4/3 0.4x? Seriously though, the GH5 has so many options depending on which glass you mainly own. If you mainly rent, just rent the different adapters along with. If you have FF glass, get the 0.64x XL. I did that and it works great. You can punch in to 1.4x TC mode too If you have Aps-c glass, get the 0.71x ultra. If you have PL s35 glass and you are going from PL-EF-m4/3, make sure the lens actually fits with the metabones optics, or smashy smashy. If you have s16/16mm glass, get the c-mount/PL/arri to m4/3 you need and punch in with that TC
  6. Since the full sensor is much bigger than say 4K... Couldn't they crop the sensor to get those last few FPS? Not saying they would be interested in that. Probably would need an ML type hack.
  7. A couple related things. I'm looking to go back to school next year without getting crushed by student loans. I don't get to use this magnificent camera for my work that often, so it's more of a luxury that I'm sure someone else could make much better use of. I've never seen better colours come out of a camera, and guys like Olan Collardy are really putting it to work. So yeah, if I had the extra money lying around to keep it I would too!
  8. Hi all, I am selling my lovely Digital Bolex kit. It took me awhile to put it together and get it ready for the big show, so I would like to send it to a good home. Optimally, I would be able to send both the camera kit and the lens kit together, but I am willing to separate the 2. The Cooke zoom can be separated from the Super Speed prime set, but that prime set cannot be broken apart. *Camera Kit* Digital Bolex D16 2TB Native C-Mount Native m4/3 mount PL to M4/3 Adapter Zeiss CP.2 shims to shim the PL adapter for accurate focus Customized Rubber Skin Assorted Side Panels (
  9. The WS13 is now sold, the 1609 + Cavision filter adapter is still available
  10. I would like to provide an update on this post that the 2 adapters are now available separately, please feel free to message me for further details.
  11. This exactly. Shooting RAW actually makes sense for doc approach. Throw in 3:1 compressed raw (for BM or later with slimraw) and you can manage your data pretty easily too. I've been having a bit of fun shooting a few BTS EPK projects lately and it's quite freeing not having to worry about white balance as I'm going from crazy warm lighting in the scene to the director brooding in a dim spot beside a window. I'd rather have those few crucial seconds to concentrate on getting the moment right and figuring out a way to prompt some words or action. Hitting that highlight recovery in resolve
  12. Heyo I posted up a couple Century Optics anamorphic adapters in the Gear For Sale section, I hope this semi-double-post isn't a problem:
  13. Heyall, spring cleaning time and I have a couple 1.33x anamorphic adapters for sale: Century DS-1609 This Century Optics 1.33x focus through anamorphic adapter needs no real introduction. But here’s a video from Tito Ferradans about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b54MV9pyVk It’s great for anyone getting into anamorphic lenses, and I’ve even used it professionally before: https://vimeo.com/172027852 It’s in as good as new condition as I purchased it as brand new old stock, added a step ring to the rear (to get it to 52mm but it can easily be changed to 58mm), and added a Cavisi
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