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  1. Keep 1DX II or get A7III for Video/Photos?

    IMHO the new generation of Sony cameras A7III/A7rIII/A9 are significantly better than their predecessors in every way possible. So I would suggest people keep their mind open and avoid propagating false information unless they have direct experience. That being said, the experience at least when shooting pictures is very different between a DSLR and a mirrorless. I still find the OVF a pleasure to use but only when there is enough light. When things become a bit darker the EVF is far ahead. Tracking should be faster in the 1DXii, but if you shoot prortraits/people then the Eye/Face detect is very useful. The other advantage of any mirrorless is shooting with the LCD which is still clunky with most DSLRs. On the video side, sure the AF of the 1Dxmkii will be better but the newer Sonys are actually very close. The IBIS is the major factor that drove me to mirrorless really. Having the ability to stabilize any lens makes shooting so much more enjoyable as well. I also find the colors of the new Sony cameras very good. To my eye after you play around a bit with the settings they can definitely be better than Olympus/Nikon/Panasonic. If you have the money, I would suggest to rent on for few days. You might like it or hate it and it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.
  2. Sony a7III Rumored to be Announced on February 26th

    Other than the imminent release of A7sIII ? Joking aside, it seems the only real downside is the excessive noise reduction at higher ISOs with gammas different than slog as illustrated in the video that @Simon Young posted. Other than that I believe you will be very satisfied.
  3. Canon XC-M ???

    As much as I would like to see an XC10 with a removable lens, given the 1" sensor size I think they took the right decision. Where they messed up was the slow variable aperture. They should have traded range for speed. For any potential interchangeable lens version of the XC series to work, they need to use at least a S35 sensor.
  4. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    There is one dial at the front. Since I didn't spot anything in the menus, I am guessing for the time being it is just for the aperture.
  5. Sony a7III Rumored to be Announced on February 26th

    In my experience you can get better results with the cine gammas + the pro/cinema/sgammut3.cine gammuts than the HLG+rec2020. As scotchtape & Robert already mentioned, try playing around a bit and you can make the colors look as you want. After moving from A7rii to A7riii, there is a significant improvement in color even with the same video profile settings. Even the default jpeg profiles look better than they used to. Sony finally started paying attention to color, and they even released the FS5II with better color being the only real improvement. Adobe has also improved their color with Lightroom. I like this direction!
  6. Sony a7III Rumored to be Announced on February 26th

    @Simon Young That was a nice illustration of the NR + ghosting. Wish companies would allow turning off any kind of in-camera processing other than basic color calibration and pixel remapping + allowing for LUTs. At least Slog2 looks good so everyone should use slog2 in low light... @Trek of Joy Is that correct for the LCD display brightness of A7iii? It doesn't look like it is dimming as the older models, and if did then it would be a dealbreaker for many.
  7. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Having total control is a very different experience indeed and a very pleasurable as well, but there are times that I appreciate technology (like AF or smooth AE with ISO) which actually allows me to enjoy the moment instead of focusing all my effort into getting the shot. I am pretty sure many would have an issue with the old hand crank, even though at times it would be fun to use . But I agree with you there are going to be plenty of pocket returns because of its "incoveniences". The remaining bunch are going to be pretty happy though. @hijodeibn Chill. I am wondering about the relationship between color and IR filter and whether their claim is correct. I can imaging wavelengths close to IR can help with warming up the shadows and improving the skin tonalities. In your experience did you have a problem when not using an ND filter? Here is a comparison of the URSA: http://www.thehurlblog.com/what-is-ir-pollution-and-how-do-you-combat-it-tiffen/
  8. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    In my opinion with cameras that have baked-in sharpening & contrast, the sharpest, cleanest, most flare-resistant lenses, usually give the worst results.
  9. Highlight Roll-Off: GH5, GH5s, A7III and X-H1 and ???

    My best guess is that he was smoking something while making assertions like this: "IMO, The Gh5 (even before the "s" model, SMOKES the C500."
  10. Highlight Roll-Off: GH5, GH5s, A7III and X-H1 and ???

    Daniel Peters compares the dynamic range and comments on the rolloff of GH5/GH5s/A7III/UMP:
  11. Best used setup for filming ff dslr on a really tight budget

    A used 5Dmkii/iii is a very good choice, since you can enjoy photography as well and with ML they can give some really excellent results. But as a FF user I can tell you that sensor size is not important for video. That super shallow DoF is nice, but in my opinion overused and pain to actually work with if want things in focus . Moreover there are plenty of fast lenses for smaller format cameras that can give a shallow enough DoF. DSLR APS-C models from canon can give you similar results at an even smaller price point. If RAW is your thing then the pocket v1, or preferably the v2 with 4K if you can wait, are a great choice as well. If I were you, I would get something dirt cheap to play around until the pocket v2 is available ...
  12. so the iMac Pro is not really professional after all?

    Which is something that I and plenty of other people find obscene. No company should have a say with what I do on something that I have bought. Or how I want to upgrade my computer that is. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/government/eu-prepares-right-to-repair-legislation-to-fight-short-product-lifespans/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/government/us-states-considering-legislation-to-introduce-right-to-repair-for-electronics/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/government/ftc-warranty-void-if-removed-stickers-are-illegal/ "Limiting repair options illegal under 1975 US law The FTC says that such practices are illegal under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a law that governs consumer product warranties, and which states that no company can put restrictions on the way users choose to repair their products. The law says that companies can't force users to use only certain types of (astronomically-priced) replacement parts, take produces for repair jobs only at certain repair shops, or can't plaster anti-tampering stickers on products to prevent users from repairing their own products."
  13. so the iMac Pro is not really professional after all?

    As far as potential damage goes, it wouldn't matter whether it occurred while taking the computer apart or having it drop on the floor by accident. Same thing with a laptop. Many things other a broken screen can get damaged, and thats why there are tests that all these companies perform to identify damaged parts. So denying parts because of this makes no sense engineering wise.