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  1. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    Yes we had capable HDR cameras for many years. The important step is to be able to store more than 10 stops in either log or RAW. The only thing that was missing was the capability of monitors to display such a large contrast. Once we got that NLEs supported a HDR pipeline. Having HLG in camera is meant for delivery purposes. If you are a heavy grader then Log or RAW still is the way to go. Creating a LOG to HLG LUT should be fairly straightforward. You just have to be careful of banding if you are working with limited bits.
  2. Yeah thats true especially if you are using windows in which you cannot use apple's algorithm. I would minimize transcoding steps as much as possible and if you are using windows change to different intermediate codec:
  3. Am I An Idiot??? (Going From D750 to a6500...)

    Yeah he had this video about gear:
  4. Am I An Idiot??? (Going From D750 to a6500...)

    It is not as far off as you might think. Max Yuryev did some head tracking comparisons between C200, A6500 and GH5 and I would say the A6500 did pretty well. The AF from A9 & A7rIII is supposed to be even better than A6500.
  5. Offline Lightroom Alternative

    Yeah I was very annoyed by the push from all photography oriented sites. I just briefly tested the trial version. It clearly has been influenced by the FCPX interface... It offers much more extensive use of Masking/layers compared to Lightroom. Also I really like the LUT support. I think every software should have this feature. I cannot see any DAM so it is not a Lightroom replacement if you need any type of photo management.
  6. Offline Lightroom Alternative

    Luminal just got released today if someone wants to try: https://macphun.com/luminar?clickid
  7. You do loose some information on the second transcode but not much after that: If you have a problem with xml files and you cannot do what @EthanAlexander suggested, then reduce transcoding by at least one step by working with proxy files in premiere and exporting from the original H264. That will give you one less transcoding step.
  8. Offline Lightroom Alternative

    I have the same experience as @Trek of Joy. They have (finally) addressed some of the issues. Here is a nice quantification of the improvements: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Lightroom-Classic-CC-is-it-faster-than-CC-2015-1065/
  9. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR

    FF looks to be as good as the S35 in low light at least up to 12800: It also has a very usable 1080p 120fps:
  10. Am I An Idiot??? (Going From D750 to a6500...)

    You know that your A7rII has even faster rolling shutter in FF 1080p than D750 right? Also it offers much better resolution as well...
  11. Am I An Idiot??? (Going From D750 to a6500...)

    You don't need slog for most things. The Cine profiles are great with more than enough dynamic range. The Cine/Pro/sgamut3.cine colors work great and if you boost saturation a bit you can have a great straight out of the camera look.
  12. Am I An Idiot??? (Going From D750 to a6500...)

    That's a bit harsh and no d-lighting cannot be used in 4K mode. But the flat profile should give you enough dynamic range. If you know what you are doing 8bit slog can give you great results. 10bit would be better of course.
  13. LG V30 HDR Camera

    Noise + excessive noise reduction my guess. That was the low light shot from here: https://www.gsmarena.com/vidcmp.php3?idType=5&idPhone1=8573&idPhone2=8712&idPhone3=8733 But the good light image does not look much better, V30 is full of compression artifacts, so even if it is recording 10bit it is worse than many 8bit phones.
  14. LG V30 HDR Camera

  15. New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

    Yeah I agree Panasonic should have moved to PDAF especially with their "pro photography oriented" G9 camera. S-AF might be good enough but tracking will always be affected by the lens/DoF/image contrast more than a PD solution. They currently have the best CDAF implementation, so once they add PD they can have a hell of an AF.