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  1. Adorama also has instant rebates on a few of the Sirui anamorphics. I ordered the 50mm for Fuji at $500 off
  2. Thomas Hill

    Fuji X-H2S

    Here ya go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gtrqd-z05z-NujN5Nr6iKH0GHPmtEswI/view?usp=sharing I nudged it a hair to the left when I changed the settings but no crop.
  3. Rigging, yes. Violating a size limit, no. FP plus the small HG-11 handgrip with the Lanparte T5C SSD holder screwed into the side of the handgrip is still tiny with a slightly fatter grip. With the this set-up, it's about the same size as the Fuji X-S10 (depending on your lens) but shorter because of the Fuji's hump on top. This is what I found the most annoying because Sigma has good stabilization in their EF 24-70mm (and others) but left it out of their L mount version. As for the AF, I've shot a bit with the S5, also. They're both fine with acquiring initial focus as @MrSMW suggests but I wouldn't leave either of them in continuous for a single-cam talking head interview of any length.
  4. I wouldn't change anything about your process, looks great to me. And so does the one titled My N's (haven't watched any others yet).
  5. Yeah, when I first heard about the Xperia's HDMI, I first thought that it would be great to have a phone that doubles as an external monitor. Then I saw that price tag.
  6. What about their regular (non-360) one-inch sensor cam? How's the IQ from it?
  7. Thomas Hill

    Fuji X-H2S

    Even with the usual caveats about pre-pro firmware, video AF looks good in this one that @Django posted back on page 3 https://youtu.be/NpBN7-qGgWE
  8. Here's a chunk from a lengthy blog post by Kirk Tuck. If you don't follow him, he's a long-time photographer who does some video and this post is photo-focused: https://visualsciencelab.blogspot.com/2022/05/the-real-reason-to-use-one-camera-over.html
  9. So does the R10 with its internal 422 10bit. No Sony A6xxx even does 422/10 externally. AND the R10 is less than $1k (US).
  10. This dude shot a feature on an iPhone with Nikon lenses in 2014. There's also an article about it on fstoppers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byvaxMFUuww&t=17s
  11. Watched Mirror for the first time this past weekend. Such an amazing piece of cinematic poetry. And even further off topic: Homegrown Tomatoes
  12. THIS is the kinda audio program I need: "The UI is dirt-simple: Drag-and-drop any WAV or AIFF file onto The Leveler's application window, and a few moments later you'll find a new version which just sounds better."
  13. I've only shot 24p with mine so the crop hasn't been an issue. Besides frame rates, you can also choose a crop to get better readout speeds to improve rolling shutter but that wasn't a concern with the short that I did. All the video that I've shot has been in raw and All-I and I love the IQ. The only thing I miss from my previous Sony is the AF. On the photography side, I also love it for wandering around shooting landscapes, etc. But it wouldn't be a good choice for a portrait or wedding shooter. https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzvp1E
  14. Good to know. The 1440p was already giving me pause
  15. I've been considering one of these. There's a "renewed" one for less than 300. ProArt
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