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  1. The Snap Chick, Tech360 and Three Men and an Elephant all had early first look videos where they use the fp-L and approach it more on its own merits. But Gerald and DPreview seem to get most of the attention.
  2. Toward the end of the review, Huff tests the firmware 1.0 AF in video and it looks pretty good, better than Panny and far better than the original fp.
  3. The Bluetooth version can start and stop wirelessly from the app.
  4. I'm just guessing but the length of time between the pre-orders and receiving the free lens is probably to make sure that people don't get the lens and return the camera.
  5. You can still register for it and then you enter more info when you receive the camera but they won't be shipping the lens until mid-November.
  6. Adorama is supposed to start shipping on the 30th but I'm ready for the AF issues
  7. I couldn't find it last night and was beginning to wonder if I had imagined it but I found it this morning. My memory was just a little off on his settings, speed is -3 and sensitivity +2. The AF part starts around 8:50. And at 13:25 there's a short docu thing that he shoots with all AF.
  8. What AF settings are you using? I watched one video where the guy got good results with sensitivity at +3 and speed at -2 or something like that.
  9. Back in February, they had the lightest 6 core laptop, fwiw. https://www.theverge.com/2020/2/6/21126718/vaio-sx12-laptop-six-cores-light-ultrabook
  10. If they surprise us and the video specs are a decent middle ground between the a7s3 and the a7iii, I'll get one because I really like that form factor but the video specs need to be improved upon in 2020.
  11. According to the leaked press text on L-rumors "The powerful Dual Image Stabilization with 5-axis enables 6.5-stop slower shutter speed." https://www.l-rumors.com/panasonic-s5-will-cost-1999-and-here-is-the-full-leaked-press-text/
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