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  1. That looks really good! And now I'm hungry. How about some more details on the glass and camera settings?
  2. It's a yep for the piece that I was talking about when I mentioned Deity being able to transmit and record. I didn't know that they had a second transmitter with recording capability. But it said that firmware 2.0 is coming for it in Q3 so it COULD soon be exactly what @fuzzynormal is looking for since it is a transmitter and single channel receiver. Personally, the HD-TX sounds great to me... Recording at the mic plus a wireless signal and only use XLR cables when the situation calls for them. I can let you know in a week or so.
  3. That whole patent thing appears to have been solved back in April: Firmware V2.0: 1. New micro SD card menu which includes formatting and card checks card capacity. 2. New USB menu which allows the user to connect it to a PC/Mac/iOS/Android and transfer files from the micro SD card. 3. New USB Sound Card option. Merely plug the HD-TX into your PC/Mac/iOS/Android device and it will appear in your sound preferences as a USB audio input device. The headphone port on the HD-TX still only monitors audio directly off the pre-amp of the HD-TX. 4. You can now transmit and record at the same time in the USA when you have selected both the XLR input and enabled +48V phantom power. http://www.deitymic.com/firmware-USA/
  4. I read something a couple weeks ago about the Zaxcom patent but it was all about transmitters that record. If I remember correctly, Tascam tried to get around it by having two units that connected together, Deity does it but not in the US and running afoul of Zaxcom's patent put JuicedLink out of business. The only one I'm aware of that records at the receiver end is the Zaxcom that @IronFilm mentioned. And it's a weeee bit pricey.
  5. I second the DR10L. I've used them as regular lavs and as plant mics. You could crank the gain to hi+ for the interviewee and have the -10db safety track for the interviewer. Or better, yet, use two of them. As far as ethical worries: Impractical Jokers, What Would You Do? and Candid Camera. Nothing new there.
  6. Steve Huff has some low light musician shots in his photo-focused review. https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2019/11/11/sigma-fp-camera-review-tried-one-then-bought-it-heres-why/
  7. I had the nx500 and it is an awesome travel camera for stills. I took it, the kit lens and the 30mm to Boston a few years ago and got some great shots out of that tiny set. I also rented the 50-150mm for the Red Sox games that I went to. I've also owned a few Panasonics and I've never enjoyed them as much or gotten as good SOOC image IQ as the NX500. But @Mattias Burling has made me ponder an lx100 purchase a few times
  8. Not a shotgun but the Rode NT3 is great boomed overhead and it's battery powered so no need for phantom power. It can be found used for $200 or less or new for $269.
  9. Congrats! And the doc looks great.
  10. Thomas Hill

    Fuji X-T4

    Except for the static wide shot at the beginning, this was shot handheld with the 18-55 kit lens on the x-t2 (pretend that it's a Marvel movie and watch through the credits).
  11. Nice! I like that little Spotless Mind twist.
  12. Steve Huff raves about M lenses on it too. https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2019/11/11/sigma-fp-camera-review-tried-one-then-bought-it-heres-why/
  13. Sony to the rescue! But with the one BIG ASS caveat that it's rumored to cost about $1200 US. "Sony Xperia Pro is a 5G-enabled smartphone encased in a rugged case that features HDMI direct camera connectivity and a massive 6.5-inch CinemaWide display with 4K resolution. A triple lens camera is included too (12MP+12MP+12MP), an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, 8GB RAM and 512GB expandable storage (up to 1TB)."
  14. Then I suggest that you avoid Andrew's GFX article and related threads like the plague or at least like the covid 19.
  15. The movie is Captain Marvel and it's not the Pocket but
  16. Sigma FP is great with M lenses except for the whole exposure bug thing.
  17. I wondered about that, lol. Great work on that super 8 look!
  18. Lol, nah, it's brain slippage, didn't think to expand the pic.
  19. Thanks, I thought that I had seen OM log in the EM5iii's specs somewhere but I was mistaken. The 5 does have a "high speed movie" 120 in 1920, though. Is that different from the regular 120 of the 1? Yeah, it's mainly the smaller footprint. But the price is also a bit irritating, 1799 is more than the X-T3/4 and in the range of a few full frame options. Of course, the small footprint is out the window with those. I recently sent back the Sigma FP. Using the little 45mm and a couple M lenses, I loved the photo IQ and the footprint but it lacked in just about every other area.
  20. Thomas Hill

    Fuji X-T4

    Same here. If it's important enough to monitor, I'm using an external recorder and monitoring that.
  21. Thomas Hill

    Fuji X-T4

    Same with the em1 mark iii. It has some nice features but it doesn't have anything that justifies $100 more than the rumored price of the x-t4.
  22. Are there any real differences between the video capabilities of the 1miii and the 5miii? Looking at the spec sheets at B&H and the Olympus site, they look pretty much the same, including 422 8bit external. I know there has been talk in the thread about the 1miii possibly outputting 10bit but I couldn't find it on a spec sheet. Has this been confirmed?
  23. Love those street shots! Gorgeous colors. Those can't be SOOC, can they?
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