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  1. As far as books, a couple of my favs are John Badham's and Making Movies by Sidney Lumet. Neither are recent but both have lots of good info.
  2. This. Except the part about giving them line readings of how you want it delivered is generally considered a don't, but you may find that it works with some. I don't try to give line readings because if I could do the lines how I wanted them delivered then I would be an actor. Work with your actors and learn how to get what you need from each of them. What works great with one actor might piss off another. Sometimes you just need to lighten things up. On All the Pretty Horses, after several takes that he wasn't happy with Billy Bob told Matt Damon to do the next one as though "you're inside of Ernest Borgnine's ass." And that was the final take. Generally with theatre types, I remind them that they don't have to project to the audience member on the back row but only to right here. I also find myself asking them to pick up the pace, both line deliveries and movements.
  3. There is a local one here called The Rocket City Film Festival that has a very low submission fee ($15, i think) and is only one night with mostly local-ish films. They have a very cool small venue but i don't know if they turn any submissions down. They accepted a couple of mine. The thing they are missing from what you mentioned is discussion. I was pretty disappointed that every one split as soon it was over and the groups there with a film clustered together, not much networking. They didn't even introduce the filmmakers in attendance. What you're talking about would be great. Go for it.
  4. Yes, Ex-Machina was much better, but Annihilation has some gorgeous effects and an intriguing story. I really liked it right up until the SLIGHT SPOILER... ...ambiguous non-ending.
  5. The video AF is surprising because it is excellent on the X-E3.
  6. I don't know. What usually annoys me is jitter with movement across a static screen. It could be some Fuji magic dust sprinkled in the new 200mbit codec or her spinning across the screen is disguising it. Either way, the image is lovely.
  7. That's some nice looking motion cadence.
  8. Thomas Hill


    I'm about to sell this Oly because I've already sold the GX85 that I used it on. It autofocused about the same with the Viltrox cheap smart adapter as it did with the Oly mmf-3, which is to say slow but accurate in AF-S.
  9. I second this. When shooting a narrative short with the X-T2, I kept the exposure meter at zero and AWB on and all shots matched (except the one where I accidently turned the comp wheel, the placement of which was the only thing that really annoyed me about the X-T2). That being said, I'm now thinking that the third A7 might beat out the X-H1 as my next camera.
  10. I've always been a bit envious of all of you who do such gorgeous videos while out wandering but I always think stills except when I'm either writing or shooting a script. I love trying to catch the right moment with a single click. Here are three of my favorites (out of the ones I have on flickr). First two are from a 2016 trip to Boston with the NX500 and the last one is from a while back with the Panasonic FZ28 at Venice Beach.
  11. Damn I want this camera. But I don't need it for the project I'm working on. It doesn't need to look that good and the X-H1 with a couple lenses would be about half my budget. But, damn, I want it. Wait til the next project...just wait...deep breaths... (I do wish, however, that they had taken the little toggle switch from the X-E3 to change drive modes instead of that knob under the other knob like the X-T2).
  12. According to someone spreading rumors to Fujirumors, that will not be an issue: https://www.fujirumors.com/hidden-fujifilm-x-h1-specs-fujifilm-not-mention-specs-sheets-sd-relay-recording/
  13. Seems like the pans with the most jitter were also the fastest ones, so you could try slowing down the movements or, like @Mckinise said, bump up the fps.
  14. It's back and better. $129: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1331924-REG/tascam_dr_10lw_dr_10l_mini_portabl_recorder.html
  15. Thomas Hill


    You could try here: http://osgfilms.com/hack-the-panasonic-gh2/
  16. Hmm, I'm thinking @Liam was being sarcastic. I could be mistaken, though. Looks great to me SOOC.
  17. From experience with them, anything rated E or higher would pass for good as new on ebay. E- might have a little scratch or something. I probably wouldn't go below their V rating which is very good.
  18. Here's a good one from 2016. I haven't done any reading on the making of it to find out exactly why they chose b&w but I think it suits the story very well:
  19. Thomas Hill


    Thanks for the info. I'll give that a try when my g85 arrives. But I can't take credit for showing that one, it was @anonim a few pages back.
  20. Or just go for it. Make the film that you want to make so that you are happy with it, send it out into the world, see what happens then move on to the next project.
  21. Thomas Hill


    I love the look of this old GH2 nostalgic mode. Do the modern Panasonic's have an equivalent?
  22. If you want to see what the a6500 is capable of (with some work), check out any of @kidzrevil's videos in this thread: And @markr041 has some great looking footage in there pretty much SOOC. If you shoot a lot of manual focus, I especially agree with Kidz on the g85. Panasonic's monochrome live view in combination with peaking is a dream for manual focusing. Does anyone else have this?
  23. I had a short script then took that concept and wrote a feature. But I was never quite happy with the feature script, so I did a big re-write and ended up with a script that I and others like a lot. But after all that, you could read the short and the final feature script and not see much evidence that they have anything to do with each other. I haven't really had an issue with ending at a middle length. My shorts range from 3-12 pages. When I'm working on a feature, it never enters my mind that I'm finished short of 80 pages. I usually have plenty of story either in my head or in actual outline form that I know it's feature length before I start writing. I have a mostly two-character road trip feature percolating now. If you'd like to bat around ideas more specifically, feel free to drop me a dm.
  24. Don't forget the newer Fuji X-E3. It's small with a good EVF and, with one of their f1.4 primes, you're good to go in low light, too. It's doesn't have a flippy LCD, though.
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