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  1. new sensors announced by Sony: https://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/201910/19-098E/index.html
  2. I wish Edelkrone would offer a version twice the length. The other slider I'm considering is the iFootage:
  3. The could be very interesting IF I'm understanding correctly:
  4. next iPad Pros are rumored to have same 3-lens and A13x processor.....would make it even more interesting IF portrait mode / selectable bokeh is possible.
  5. https://www.sounddevices.com/mixpre/
  6. @androidlad as you did in Nikon Z8 thread, would you post graphics of likely resolution and frame rates for Sony A7s3 sensor, please?
  7. wishful thinking: where the A7r4 has a PC socket for flash sync, perhaps A9ii will have an ethernet port instead? while A7siii will have ______ ?
  8. Thank you 🙏 The new 4433 MF BSI sensors are a surprise....are they PDAF capable? Is Hasselblad using in their just-announced X1Dii? Will Fujifilm use?
  9. would global shutter also get rid of horizontal banding from LED, etc. lighting?
  10. @androidlad what benefits from global shutter? • eliminate jello? • record at any fps? • what's lowest ISO / does it eliminate need for ND filters? • for stills, sync flash at any shutter speed.....central leaf shutter lenses no longer needed?
  11. @androidlad before I get excited further 😂, what is dynamic range of Exmor GS, please?
  12. 🙏 Thank you @androidlad When do you estimate Sony will ship an APS-C and full-frame mirrorless camera with Exmor GS sensor?
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