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  1. To be honest this is the first time I'm reading about this brand and their cameras. They look insanely good for the price, specially the Super35 at $3000. Can anyone please share some insight about the reliability of this cameras?
  2. Yeah. I'll need to check that. Also, anyone has used any Blackmagic monitor? Are they reliable? Any thoughts about the OS and how fluid it works with LUTS?
  3. Looks perfect in almost every way. HDMI + SDI and recording to SD Cards and external ssd drives its amazing.
  4. If a client asks and demands for 6K or you REALLY NEED 6K you probably have the budget to rent a better camera. If you don't have the budget you're doing something wrong.
  5. Coiii

    New Monitor 32" 4K

    This is an excellent choice at 27` https://www.amazon.com/ViewSonic-VP2771-Professional-Calibration-Photography/dp/B01LW8JU15/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=2HZ7ZLX424NOM&keywords=viewsonic+vp2771&qid=1562467043&s=gateway&sprefix=viewsonic+vp27%2Caps%2C281&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 I have the previous one and I love it.
  6. No, original batteries will always be better in every aspect. You're buying a USD$2000+ camera, investing a 10% of that budget in batteries it's a wise choice (like the Sony A7III at usd$2000 plus 3 batteries for around usd$200 for a total of 4 batteries = 1 day of full work). It's like SD cards, you need reliable hardware for a good work.
  7. I've been following the announcement of this camera and after all the fancy specs that sounds really good on paper, I've realized that, at least for me, this "resolution race, give me more K's stuff" have come to an end. Why? Because if some client ask me specifically for a 6K job I have a lot of better tools than this camera. If you truly need 6K/4K you probably have the budget to rent a RED Dragon/VV/Alexa with far more image quality, lenses, codecs. This camera sits in a really weird spot, because $2000/$2500 cameras are really good. But if I'm going to spend $4000 (add 3000-4000 for cages, batteries, monitors and some lens), maybe save some more money and I will instantly start looking on a more capable tool with a real jump on image quality and ergonomics like a C200 or a used C300MKII, or maybe a used RED. All of them with a good "name" for commercial and indie work. Or if I'm going to shoot an indie movie I can rent an Epic Dragon pack for $1500 a week and got far better quality and workflow.
  8. Thank you so much. So, for obtain any full frame equivalent I need to multiply the lens focal by 0.64 and then by 1.88? For example for a 24mm 24*0.64=15.36 15.36*1.88=28.8 Si it's safe to say that the 24mm will act similar to a 30mm lens? Thats awesome! This will be my first time using the Metabones Speedboster ?
  9. Hey guys! I'm looking to buy the camera this week, so I'm really excited BUT I need to buy at least one lens. I'm looking for the Sigma ART series (Also Rokinons, but I'll probably go for the Sigmas). At this time I have the EF Metabones XL, so no APS-C lenses for me, only full frame. I'm looking for buy the 24mm or the 50mm as my starting lens, then add the 85 and 50/24. Also the 24-35 looks like a real nice combo for start with the camera. So, by how much should I multiply the lens focal length to obtain the full frame equivalent with the Metabones XL? I'm looking for the 24-35 and the 24 prime. Any online calculator? haha
  10. Feelworld and Andycine are the same product but rebranded for different markets? Like Samyang/Rokinon?
  11. Sorry for the bump, but anyone knows if the Lilliput A5 it's compatible with the Blackmagic Pocket 4K at 4K 60fps? I cant find any info and I need a small monitor for my Ronin S
  12. Coiii


    Hey everyone! I'm tempted to buy a SLR Magic Anamorphot adapter, but I don't really understand the differences between the 40/50/65 adapter. Is there something like a list of compatible lenses for the different models? I'll probably gonna buy the cheaper one (40) but I'm not sure about the lens compatibility or what kind of lens should I use.
  13. First time reading about these lenses aaaand... Where can I buy one of the "ultra low contrast" ones? (FF58 Quasi 1.5) Super interested in one of those.
  14. Coiii

    Sony A6400

    Preorder cancelled haha.
  15. Coiii

    Sony A6400

    As an a A7III, A7RIII and Ronin-S owner, this is the perfect camera for my gimbal. AF looks amazing and color matching will not be a problem. I'll buy as soon as I can.
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