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  1. Oh come on Canon seriously? Why not just put this thing in the trash and forget about it forever?
  2. You will miss the C100, trust me. The BMPCC4K/6K are goods cameras on paper but they are a totally different story in real life situations. First, to have a "usable" system you need: Cage + extra grip: Mandatory. Add a handle at least. External monitor: Mandatory. Add batteries for that. Cast or external drives: If you're going serious and also you're planning to use a gimbal, you should go for at least a couple of Cfast. Battery/Power solution: Of your choice between at least 8 to 10 batteries or 2 to 3 VMount for a full day. If you use a VMount you need extra rig and plates to mount them on camera. But if you use a Ronin-S you can't use VMount batteries (ok, you "can" but why would you do that to yourself...) Maybe a mix of VMount with some LPE6 will work. Energy will be a pain with this camera. Lens Adapters: Add a Metabones if you go for the 4K and a good set of NDs or a variable ND for your lenses. Follow Focus: If you will use a gimbal you will need a follow focus like the Tilta. Now you have a ideal set for shooting, just like me a few months ago until I decided to sell everything because of how ridiculous everything went from an initial $1200 USD "inexpensive" camera. Money is not the bigger problem of this camera, it's the clunky rigging, the stupid battery system (worst problem of the camera imo) and the overall feeling of "this camera will collapse in any minute from now" when you finished the rig and start shooting (because it's true, a fully rigged BMPCC4K breaths unreliability). I think that you will be better with a Canon C200 (with RAW, "good" codecs and AF) it maybe wait for the new cinema RF line.
  3. R300 looks great! The C300III sensor is really amazing. RF mount also opens the possibility to use a speedbooster to get full frame on a ~$6000 small body with internal ND, pro codecs and probably external RAW, way better than the C300III for some people who doesn't needs all the features from the C line.
  4. I'm on the same boat. I was waiting months for the R5 and Canon fucked up. Then the A7SIII happened and the ONLY thing I was expecting didn't happened (cinetone). I'm done and tired of this game. I just sold my BMPCC4K kit a few days ago and thinking to do the same with my Sony A7III kit and stuff. Just keeping my Canon L glass and save a little more for the Komodo.
  5. 2K is mostly for high speed recording. Also, why would you use this camera to shoot 24p HD? This is a 6K Raw cinema camera...
  6. I don't know if it's better, haven't tested myself, but to be completely honest, I will never understand the appealing of the "low light monster" or "see in the dark". I mean, it's ok, you have a high sensitive ISO camera that can see in the dark, but images still looks like trash with funny colors. But they are what they are. Cheaper alternatives with high quality output for the price, good enough for small commercials and low budget narrative and music videos.
  7. I think that Gerald Undone has made a great work with his review, far away from click baits and over dramatic headlines trying to hate Canon. After the review is clear that the R5 and R6 are not good cameras if you shoot video thanks to overheating, heavy codecs, not so good dynamic range and some other little problems. That's it. If you want a video camera in a small body, go for the A7SIII or whatever brand you prefer.
  8. Nevermind, just noticed that the new 35mm will be m43 with adapter for Sony E and Canon EOS OMG!! 35mm sounds way better than the 50mm! Also, just noticed that we can't edit post here?
  9. The 50mm will not work with the A7SIII since it doesn't have a crop mode? I was waiting for the 35mm but it will be m43 only haha 😞
  10. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    No one has released some high quality 10 bit slog 3 footage?
  11. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    Cinetone confirmed?
  12. Updating with lower bitrates should make the overheating less dramatic right? Maybe that's a good way to make better recording times and bring more manageable footage?
  13. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    No S-Cinetone mentioned on the leaked press updates. Well... It's a no for me. IT WAS SOOO CLOOOOSE!!
  14. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    Definitely not happening. Sony will wait for the A7IV for that.
  15. Coiii

    Sony A7S III

    S-Cinetone and real 12-13 stops of DR it's a deal for me. I can keep my A7III for stills and trade in my Canon L glass for Sony Gmasters. Please be true.
  16. Ok, whatever you want. Keep evaluating camera bodies by how they place the buttons and thinking that all magnesium alloy bodies are the same 🤷. Anyways. BM needs a proper high quality metal body like RED and ARRI. That's one of several steps to get into the major leagues.
  17. Dude, I'm sorry, but if you take a RED in one hand and a URSA in the other hand you will notice immediately which camera is a toy and which one is not. That's a fact. If you don't want to see it it's your problem. The 7D it's also magnesium alloy. That's not an argument if we are gonna talk about reliability in different environments and extreme usage. That's where Blackmagic fails.
  18. It's not about how they "look", come on are you serious? A plastic body against a metal/magnesium body it's night and day in terms of reliability. It's night and day if you work on set with the camera powered on all day and it's a huge difference if you work on harsh conditions like extreme cold and heat. It's not about "button accessibility". Please be serious.
  19. ... And that's why I said that Blackmagic needs to work more years to get the approval. For me Blackmagic already has the technology. They have the sensors, the software, and the ecosystem. Now they need to work on reliability. Add $5000usd and transform the plastic body of the Ursa 12K into a magnesium/metal body and work harder to solve the sensor issues, color cast, etc. They also need better customer service. Don't get me wrong. I really like Blackmagic and I want them to succeed because they have pushed the market like no one else since RED and the RED One. I own a Pocket 4K and loved the image for $1.200, but I'm selling it just because the battery issues. At least for me, Blackmagic needs a few more years and they will become a huge competitor to RED, Canon and Sony in the +$10000 market.
  20. Ask a experienced DP if they want to shoot a movie on a RED or a Blackmagic. RED and Blackmagic are different markets. The market for the RED Helium is high budget TV shows, commercials, movies, music videos and documentaries where producers and DP are going for much more than just resolution or specs. It's about brand recognition (overall RED has good reputation, reliability (REDs fail, but they have an amazing customer service), image quality for capture and post production (approved by high budget movies and production houses), etc etc etc. It's not just a thing about price vs specs (ask yourself why the Alexa Mini is the most popular camera and it's not even 4K...) I'm not saying that Blackmagic will not be a great brand in the future, they probably ill (?), but at the same time they have a lot to prove on the market, and that's not an easy task, it's a work of years and years, not just high specs and tech disruption.
  21. One thing it's what you prefer and other thing it's what's clients and market prefers. And that's where Canon and Sony are kings. That's why I asked for the market of this camera. DP/Owner: Sony and Canon are better for rental and are more demanded. Film/Media: FX9 and C300 are Netflix approved. Digital/Ads: Alexa/Sony/Canon colors are always preferred. Slow Motion: Rent a RED/Phantom. The $10-$15K market it's really hard to just try to entry with a resolution race where most professionals are comfortable shooting 2K/4K, prioritizing image quality against any resolution.
  22. Being really honest... What is the market for this camera? I mean, if I have $10K to spend I would definitely put a little more and go for a Sony FX9 with that beautiful full frame/cinetone/AF or maybe for a C300MKIII for Canon colors plus that dual sensor image capture. Or an used Alexa Classic if you're making movies with a crew. At that price range I think that image quality is the best feature, and blackmagic is behind Canon and Sony at that price range. And that's not even mentioning the 12K...
  23. To be honest, I don't care about AF, full frame, 6K or interchangeable lens mount. I just want a efficient in-camers battery system. Is it too much to ask for 2 hours on one battery? Or at least 1:30? I love my Pocket 4K, I love the images and the portability, but I'm selling it right now just because the battery system is really frustrating. I use it with the Metabones and Cfast cards, but the batteries are always a thing. I have multiple originals LPE6 batteries, they give around 45 minutes each but it's really annoying to have so many and change them always. And it gets worse when the camera it's on the Ronin. And I will always refuse to use a solution outside the camera, that's not the point of a pocket system. So please, announce whatever you want, but PLEASE put a decent battery system. I'll buy in a heartbeat.
  24. Coiii

    RED Komodo

    Nope. But you can check this video. It has a nice color grading process.
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