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  1. man I didn't say it was a Jesus camera, I said it distributes its DR more closely to the Alexa than a number of other cameras that favor the shadows. If you somehow take that as "it's as good as an Alexa" then that's on you.
  2. Yes, stand for most mirrorless cameras. These are not things that are becoming standard for cinema cameras, in part because they can be objectively detrimental. Like I said, if someone wants those things, get a mirrorless camera with them. People seem to think that because of the price point of the Blackmagics that they're supposed to have these things, instead of them being affordable options to five-figure cinema cameras. No one is out here asking why the latest RED or Arri doesn't have amazing PDAF with eye detection or IBIS. These cameras are absolutely no different.
  3. Depends on how you expose. ISO 800 or 1000 will give you more highlight latitude and DR distribution closer to what Arri is at its native ISO. But, no, at base ISO it is not as capable as Arri. To be fair, I don't think any sensor is.
  4. It's truly a phenomenal lens, though for very specific needs. But if you have those needs, there's nothing else remotely comparable. I just got a DJI OM4 gimbal, it's AWESOME. That + the Moment anamorphic adapter and iPhone 11 make for a very cool combo. I recently got a DJI Mavic 2 Pro and it's a stunning piece of equipment for photos and video. Hasselblad colors are the best out there.
  5. The Pocket 6K does very well with overexposure (similar to Arri) vs. the C70 (and other Canons, like the C300 Mark III, C500 Mark II, and the RED Komodo) which handle underexposure better. I prefer the P6K/Arri approach but that's all it is, preference.
  6. Why is everything about vlogging? Who is buying a $2500 cinema camera for vlogging? There's literally dozens of other cameras that are better suited to that and cost significantly less. Who needs a full frame sensor for vlogging? A Panasonic G9 or Olympus E-M1 series, or E-M5 series, or Fuii X-T4/S-10, etc etc etc... are all right there and much better options. Flip out screens can interfere with cables and ports, unless you do what Panasonic did with the S1H, which is nice, but significantly increases the thickness. The a7sIII has issues with using the flip out screen while having HDMI o
  7. Easily my Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Cine lens. Macro, built in LED lights, and the end is waterproof. So many amazing things you can do with it. (not my footage, but shows some of the awesome stuff you can do with it)
  8. It'll have all that except the eND (it will have IBIS instead)
  9. Just bumping this. Seems like I was right about all of it. Which is sad and unfortunate.
  10. ?? That just directs back to this forum
  11. I agree it is speculation but I am very confident in the specs I listed. I know the XLR thing is true, for example. I know it will only be 4K120p, no 6K or anything. I know it will use CFexpress Type A (and I assume also UHS-II SD). The rest are speculations but I'm quite confident. Maybe I'll eat these words later.
  12. You're misinterpreting my point. Of course people use it for both stills and video - they'll be able to the same with the FX3. My point was.... well, did YOU buy it FOR photography? If the FX3 was out then with the same features plus more at the same price point, would you have gotten the a7sIII?
  13. I did say {except better than the Fp} after that. But yes, the Fp is not a good stills camera because it lacks many things, primarily a mech shutter and EVF. My point was, it's still designed as a hybrid, but like the a7sIII most people do not/did not buy it for its photographic qualities. It's not a pure cinema camera in the way a BMPCC6K is, for example, even though that actually takes 18MP stills. The same is true to a lesser degree with the a7sIII - people these days simply aren't buying that camera for photography. It's not a low light champ for photos anymore and it has no other qua
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