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  1. That’s what Max said on his video (start at 0.50s)
  2. Warping is only when you use electronic stabilization. I don’t know what to think about this X-T4. Fuji gave us everything they should include in the X-T3, but no true Game changer, Still some quirks (crop on 4k60, no internal 4.2.2, recording limit, exposure step). Hope the XH-2 will me more than that.
  3. It’s supposed to be announced next week, still no reliable leaks. I don’t really know what to expect. From the current EOS R, I’d like Nocrop 4k up to 60p, 10bit 422internal, 1080p120, IBIS, and dual slot. Of course, Dual pixel in every mode. Less that 2500€ and released in april. It’s not that much, and it will hurt Sony who gave us nothing interesting for two years, Come on Canon, you can do it 😁
  4. Why no one has quoted your post ? I find it interesting, and make me believe that Canon will, finally, play the true mirrorless game. So now we have to wait a few weeks to see what Sony and Canon have in their vault.
  5. Will that be necessary for the EOR5 ? 😂
  6. Exactly my thoughts. I don’t believe in these specs so soon, since nobody really asked or need for them. But on the other side, I’m sure canon will mark 2020 with their new mirrorless, in order to give faith back to the disappointed that left them to go Sony/Fuji/Panasonic. And then, they’ll start again to cripple their cameras for five or six years.
  7. So 6K is comming earlier than expected. Glad I didn't buy the Ninja V last month.
  8. The X-T3 is already a damn good camera. The best Aps-c mirrorless according to me ? Except IBIS and an articulated screen, I can’t see what they could improve. I’m not talking about evolutions that we expect at each new release, as better AF, better burst mode, or ISO performance. Maybe a new battery. Of course, 4k120 and 6k60 would be a nice bonus ?
  9. Thanks for your answer. It seems logical when you understand it. Oh Boy, I didn't see it. And Gerald is ma favorite youtuber ? Not really, actually. I've searched online, as usual, but with the bad words ; transmission instead of Tstop English is not ma native language, so sometimes, it's just about what you think to understant and the words you use.
  10. Hi Filmmaker friends, I was planning to buy some Sigma Art lenses in order to usethen on some video works. But, I've read that despite to be F1.4, most of them have a 1.8 or 1.9 transmission (T-stop). What does that mean ? Less light ? Less Bokeh ? Less whatever ? I tried to find information about that online, but so far no success. Thanks for your help ?
  11. I use the A7iii everyday for lot of different kind of videos, and as much I love the image it produces, here’s what annoys me the most with this camera : 1) When you use a simple monitor, you lose the face detection. You have to use a recorder/monitor, and record externally to get it back. 2) When you use a monitor and push record, the camera LCD becomes black. So you can not anymore use the touch screen to select a point to focus. 3) When you use the usb-c remote (if you want to control the camera from a gimbal for instance), it disable the internal steadyshot, and the HDMI output. 4) when you use the official app to control from your smartphone, you lose the AF detection, and you can not control the focus. 5) Ok Ok, AF is not what we use in cine camera, but forget about manual focus with Sony native lens. They’re all by wire, and unlike the Fuji Xt3, there is no setting to change their behavior to linear. I hope all of this will be fixed in the A7IV.
  12. Nothing really interesting according to the leaks. I guess we'll have to wait until end of february for the A7IV, and until Nab in April for the EOS R2 and the A7s3.
  13. I know what you mean. I also love how everything is on a fullframe camera, and it’s not only about the bokeh. So the camera we’d love is : - Fullframe - AF from A7R4 or 1DXII - 4k50 with no crop - 422 10bit (at least with HDMI out) - Raw recording (external of course) Actually, it could be the A7s3 ?
  14. Oh boy ? Have you tried a speedboster with EF lenses to get the fullframe bokeh ? Some video I saw on youtube were really impressive.
  15. That’s a very interesting observation, thank you. And what you say is probably true. There is no perfect camera. Even if every new one seems very close to be. That’s why we spend so much time talking and reading on this forum, instead of shooting with the gear we already have ? It’s true that I’m very satisfied with the A7iii and the GH5. They’re perfect for what I need from them. But beside that, I’m planning to do more short films this year, and I am seduced by the idea of a true Cinema camera, and to begin to work in manual focus. Of course I could already do that with a mc11+ cine lenses on the A7iii, and see how it goes. Seems safer.
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