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  1. Once upon a time, I had a K10d. Excellent ccd IQ plus IBIS, but no video at all. I would definitely give Pentax a shot if they would pull a Fuji and suddenly take video seriously. Or maybe get a cheap one for use with manual lenses, hmmm.
  2. Speaking of https://www.adorama.com/als.mvc/nspc/dailydeal but Nikon only.
  3. Ha! Naw, just pointing out their one claim to fame. But @Mattias Burling's videos make them look pretty good. The same way nearly every camera he makes a video about looks good (for photography).
  4. The FP could really use the OS that Sigma put in the Canon, Nikon and, even, the SA versions of the 24-70.
  5. The one thing I can contribute is that if you find yourself needing to go with AAs, use rechargeables. That thing eats standard batteries like candy. I thought I had accidentally put used ones back in. For some reason, the rechargeables have pretty decent life.
  6. Then why replace it? -- The pot asked the kettle.
  7. Speaking as a former a7iii user, I can echo what others have said. You don't gain anything from recording externally with the a7iii. Really, the only thing that the a7iii has over other cameras is video AF. It's a great camera but you're not going to gain much from rigging it up.
  8. I double-checked mine and it has no lag when clicking through images. It moves from pic to pic instantaneously. The only slight, much less than a full second lag is when the next file is a video.
  9. B&H's mega deal zone is back like last year. All the daily deals since Black Friday are available again. I'm getting a Manfrotto monopod but not the C100 or LS300.
  10. With my glasses on, it's clear from about -1.25 all the way to -2. Without my glasses, it never gets clear.
  11. I've never used Magic Lantern. How does their digital spotmeter differ from how most cameras implement spot metering? Is it more like a handled meter that gives readings without adjusting the settings?
  12. The inconsistent metering is very annoying. It seems to work best in low light. The issue that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere is having to restart internal recording a few times before it will work. Last night, the first time I hit record, it stopped after about 2 seconds. Then it worked fine. Another time, I hit record 5 times with it doing the 2 second recordings and then it worked on the 6th try and recorded until I stopped it. Those times it was All-I 4k 24p but it also happened on a raw 12bit 1080p recording. Took 2 tries that time. I love the build of the camera and it is capable of producing beautiful IQ but the metering and lack of modern conveniences (decent video AF, moveable screen, etc) has me leaning toward a return. Thanks to the holidays, though, I have until Feb 1 to make up my mind.
  13. Refurbed S1R for almost half price https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1524633-REG/panasonic_dc_s1rbody_refurbished_lumix_dc_s1r_mirrorless_digital.html
  14. Sorry, everyone, if I had known that Nikon and Atomos were waiting for me to sell my Z6, I would have sold it sooner.
  15. C100 with dual pixel 1299 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1040919-REG/canon_7428b002_eos_c100_cinema_eos.html
  16. X-pro line has always been photo first. Any video features have been add-ons. 4k came via update.
  17. You might want to experiment with your AF settings.
  18. Video AF depends on the lens. The newer ones are great but the older f1.4 lenses aren't so good and make a little noise. The 23/f2.0 is fantastic and the 18-55 kit zoom is really good, too. I just got the Zeiss 32mm and it seems to work really well but I haven't used it enough to say for sure yet. The 35/f1.4 is good for photo but a little slow and noisy for video. These are all the ones that I have tried so far.
  19. This is why I sold my A7iii. I would go back to Sony if they would add a 10bit 422 option at the A7iii price point but I'm not holding my breath.
  20. That’s a good question... according to their q2 report, camera sales were down and they still sold over a million units in one quarter... how many of those were cinema cameras... I don’t know but probably more than you think. I'm sure their cinema line has the highest profit margin by a lot but, with the contracting camera market, it's mind-boggling that they seem to be going out of their way to alienate a segment of the market that they played such a primary role in creating.
  21. If you're going to make any comparisons, it should be A6600 vs X-T3, APS-C flagship vs APS-C flagship.
  22. 32bit float? So it's the Sound Devices version of the Zoom F6 that has been delayed into October?
  23. I was certain the new Sony would at least match the x-t3. Oh well. How does the Z6 image compare to the x-t3's all i and the x-t30's 200mbit? The small print in that first 90d promotional video says that 4k is from video processing. It might not be as bad but it doesn't sound like it's full 4k.
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