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  1. It's almost looks like Canon does not need to compete. I hope to see that with 3d printing, open source software EOSHD can make the ideal camera, one that does not involve the Canon Cripple hammer. To me the S1H looks 95% perfect, the only aspect that sucks there is the CAF. As for the consumer market I think that most people think their phone is good enough. So what remains are old folk who's eyesight are deteriorating (<1080p), and a few young enthusiast (art students and many bloggers) and maybe a few romantics that want a stand alone camera. Why is it so hard to make a good camera for them with all the features they want, especially because the technology is already there! ps. personally I'm looking forward to the up coming E5-mark3, a little better then my G85, with useable video phase detect CAF - I hope. I like the small portable form factor for my mountain hiking, and I like to take it under water freediving.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not sure this is the right place to post it, but I keep it short: Auto ISO in manual mode! Today I discovered something new to me, which I've not seen on the internet yet. I want to record UHD movies, but with control over aperture and shutter speed AND in auto ISO, while monitoring what's going on while recording. Normal manual video mode does NOT allow this. It only allows manual ISO if you want to retain control over both aperture and shutter speed. However I'm thrilled to discover that in 4kphoto mode I can have full manual control AND AUTO ISO, and all these numbers actually show up on screen, and stay on screen change WHILE recording. sadly the exposure compensation does not work in combination. Are you guys aware of this? BTW I'm looking for an affordable underwater housing and dome port, but there is only an Ikelight housing costing me over €2000,-. Do you know of something cheaper, otherwise I'm motivated to save up for a 2nd hand GH5 and buy the much more affordable seafrogs /meikon housing for it. - Still a heavy investment for me Yes I'm looking forward to the G90, I hope they get rid of the crop in video, and add auto iso + exposure compensation in manual video mode. Oh and a linear manual focus with a number and focal range when using (presetting) manual focus. Also I like to 'design' my own display because there is either too much or not the right information on it. A waveform monitor instead of a histogram. Cheers.
  3. It would be naive not to expect people cheering on a reduction of rights, they always do to stay in the middle and maintain accepted by their peers. Fact is the EU is less democratic then the countries we live in. Historian Carroll Quigley, foresaw this trend of increasing individual freedom shifting over to a reduction of personal freedom. According to him history is directed by technological progress. I think now is the time that machines can do many peoples work, and are making people redundant, like horses in the beginning of the past century when the car was invented. Keeping the producers/horses in good shape and happy is becoming less of a priority.
  4. Loosing 'rights' every day, Under cultural attack every day, Being told I'm guilty of the worlds 'problems' every day, Forced to paying taxes to fund all this propaganda, Such is my life as a white male in our place of origin, Europe. We're at the most technological amazing time, why do we let this get messed up?
  5. Happy new year mr Neumann, and others! Yes 'm looking forward to the 8th, to see how close the rumours have been When we can expect to see the film you're making for Panasonic? Has the editing process changed / improved?
  6. In regard to the colours, I was talking about the orange skin. Panasonic has improved them a lot the past years, and I wonder if there has been any further improvements. For my personal needs I'm pretty happy now. Buyers of Andrew Reids pro colour would appreciate better standard out of camera colours, I think.
  7. I'm looking forward to your short Neumann, you tease us so well you must know how to keep us glued to your film as well. I hope you can show us some comparison shot and analysis upon release day because I'm sure you're exploring the new features in depth and by them know them inside and out. Does the new footage offer greater DR? and or is the DR more useable? Is it easier to shoot with? Have you taken a peak at the AF, is it on G9 level or even a bit better? Have the GH5 colours improved?
  8. "The BEST Vlog EVER." says it it all, especially when you add a dash V-log. Maybe an updated JPEG engine, G9 focus, and a few minor body changes. But I don't expect a new sensor etc. I think just a tad more then a GH4r, so in this case GH5r (r meaning revision). It's cool to see everyone dream of STARVIS sensors, organic sensors etc. I think the ergonomics could be improved a lot with a few software changes. For instance display a focus distance, show the hyperfocal distance when using the Manual focus on a focus by wire lens. Also for video Panasonic could change the MF so when rotating the ring changes the focus to displayed distance, and the actually focus speed ramps up, coasts at a set speed and then ramps down to meet the manually set focus, So when using MF we set a distance (using the focus ring) and the camera smoothly gets to it. And the CAF the camera should go to the estimated focus distance and skip the focus checking at the end of the focus pull. Talking about this makes me want to make my own camera someday.
  9. It's a tool, the people who control the bots are the ones to worry about. Anyway another lovely backlit shot. In what ways is this processed, or is it strait out of camera? ISO?
  10. From the image I think it's H265, because of occasional horizontal small lines. H265 appears to use a vertical and horizontal hash compression method that can be seen when doing some extreme grading. The difficulty I have with the sensor being (much) larger is that the IBIS would need to be changed too. And the bigger the sensor the less compensation it provides. Perhaps a Multi aspect sensor, like the GH2? I suck at doing fov calculations, but can someone please calculate the fov on a M43 and what this picture actually has?
  11. Is there a price for guessing it first? When o when will we hear the winner - tune in later and find out!
  12. Could it be an improvement of the video encoding? Zooming in down to the pixels I see very little digital compression artefacts. This would also fall in line with G9's improved JPEG engine. Better compression allows for more grading room, and more smoothness. The highlights look pretty clean too, but as said above that may have been done by a grade or lut desaturating above a certain light level. I'm glad I asked about the tif, at least we got a page of interesting conversation out of it Thank you mr. Neumann for being a good sport and a brilliant teaser
  13. I do # me.too What's up with the 1.tif?
  14. How about using a mirrorlens? The Bokah may annoy you, but for the moon it does not matter. It's light and compact. With a fixed focal length and Ibis I believe it may work.
  15. This would be just enough for a vlogger, but not for a wedding, I think. The G9 appears to be more precise and more responsive then the GH5. Can you tune the focus on the G9? if so set it to start changing focus faster (responsiveness) and focus a bit slower (low focusing speed to make it appear a bit more smooth). I don't understand the Panasonic focussing software, but why cant the camera have a focus procedure like this: 1) Take base image measurement, 2) slightly change the plane focus and measure AMOUNT of change in blur. 3) based on the measured blur smoothly start moving the plane of focus to estimated distance the subject is. 4) while moving the plane of focus take additional measurements of the blur and adjust the estimated focus distance, 5) smoothly slow down the focusing speed to halt at the estimated focus distance. 6) have short polling intervals measuring the blur, if there is a change adjust focus to new estimated new distance. Am I thinking too simple? Let's try a practical example. There is a lamp 10m away, the current focus is set to 25cm, the light is blurry. The camera records the outline of the blur. The camera starts to change focus, it focusses closer because that is the default direction. After a 0,05 sec small focus pull the camera takes a second measurement, tracing the blur, recognises the blur size has increased. The focussing software understands the direction of the focus pull is wrong (because the blur got WORSE) and inverts the focussing pull. Also the software knows from the amount of change in blur in relation to the F-stop and focal length how far the lamp is from the camera, this produces the first object distance estimate. The camera is set to 1 second focus pull, this determines how long the focus pull should take. Now the camera ramps up the focus motor, for a smooth start. At 0,5 sec, while refocussing the camera takes another measurement, and compares it to the previous measurement to measure how much the lamp's blur has been reduced, from this the camera produces a second object distance estimation. At 0,7sec the refocussing speed ramps down to lands smoothly on the estimate object distance, then another sample is taken and a new object distance estimate is made. If the blur is too small the camera skips pulling focus. If the Panasonic camera's can have 240FPS focussing, the above should be possible and appear smooth I think. Am I thinking to simple?
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