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  1. You're not "fighting the power" when you're on the side of every Fortune 500 company and media outlet you fucking nerd. You're such a normie but think you're transgressive. You and McDonalds are taking on the man together to stop "racism"! LOLOLOL You're exactly the kind of virtue signaling, lecturing chode we need less of. You're an obnoxious bully, not a freedom fighter.
  2. The last time I’ll visit EOSHD. You’re such a whiny little bitch at this point.
  3. Great article, Andrew. You nail what I've subconsciously been feeling. Sony has lost it's (productive) hubris and intensity these last few years. It was so dynamic in the early part of the decade and now it seems to be slowing down and playing it safe. The A7x and RX100x series were revolutionary, but the last few upgrades have been pretty uninspired, with barely any body upgrades or new ideas. The RX100 series is especially boring. They convinced me to upgrade between the II and the IV, and now it's been three generations since, and I see no reasons to upgrade. The price has gone up and each
  4. Terrible.. When I was in the UK a few times over the last decade, it always felt like 1984. I'm am always shooting street photography everywhere I go, and it's the only place I've ever been stopped and questioned by the cops, and not once, but many times. Sad to see Europe following suit. Liberal governments are always trying to regulate the shit out of everything. Just leave us alone!
  5. Vimeo sucks a big one, always has. For the base upgrade of $84 a year, you get a whopping 5GB a week. Someone has to break it to them that YouTube has been offering unlimited uploads since...forever, and was like 2-3 years ahead of Vimeo in offering basic things like 4K, again, always free. Vimeo video search is beyond terrible, with very limited filter options. And they do all the most annoying tricks where, rather than add value to premium options, they strip away very basic functionality from the free product, like having to wait in an arbitrarily long queue to get to see your uploaded vide
  6. One of the realities of being a EOSHD reader is the occasional Andrew Reid temper tantrums and flame wars. As something of a self-righteously indignant flame war enthusiast myself, I recognize his reaction. Still, it seems like ultimately Brawley is right, BM is sharing this cameras with working pros, not enthusiasts. I don't know where Andrew makes his money to buy all these cameras, but pretty sure it's not shooting ads or features. No offense, I enjoy his videos and his color work and his idiosyncratic taste, but he's not exactly the industry perspective, which is apparently what BM is seek
  7. Does it work with flat profiles like S-Log 3? I want the dynamic range and control in post, but I'd love for it to grade into that nice color quicker.
  8. The left have become a bunch of whiny, pearl-clutching Victorians. They've gone completely off the deep end with the offense culture and all the divisive race-baiting and reverse sexism/racism. Hillary was the last time I vote with them. Glad we still have a few brave people like Kanye and von Trier who truly don't give a fuck, but they are few and far between.
  9. I don't know. Sony's implementation of features does vary camera to camera, and I've only seen it explicitly written so far that the A6500 supports E mount/A mount.
  10. Does anyone know if the IBIS on the a6500 works with non native sony lenses like it does on the A7s II, where you can manually dial in your focal length? That will be the decisive issue for me in buying it because I have a lot of old manual lenses. Really wish Sony would put an ND 6 or 9 in that RX100 V. With Log mode starting at 1600 ISO, ND 3 still means you're shooting at F13 in daylight and still clipping highlights. I've rarely found myself in a situation with my Mark IV where the ND3 was useful.
  11. At my main rental house in NYC (Adorama), the C300 II is renting for the same price as the FS7, which tells me they have over-invested like you say and are pricing it to move. So for me it's a no brainer, why not rent a $13k camera over an $8k camera when the cost is the same?
  12. This footage looks terrible. Sooo video-y.
  13. Vimeo sucks. I can't believed they've extracted hundreds of dollars from me over the years for a comparable experience and quality to YouTube (increasingly inferior). Like the whole pressured upgrade thing is a major dick move. You have to wait 45 minutes in the queue for your video to start encoding. This does nothing to help their speeds or anything, it's just an arbitrary punishment for not paying.
  14. And lose any weight advantage :/ Hilarious that almost a year after they announced at NAB pre production units are starting to filter into the world. After the first few releases I was hoping BM would pull it together with its release schedule, but it's been more of the same. Delays, delays, delays. Weird strategy: get everyone all hyped and then make them wait just long enough that they've forgotten about it completely and are hyped about something else. Then release it.
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