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  1. lol, I’m not apologizing for anything. I would never buy this camera or the r6 in it’s current state. I’m pointing out holes in yours and others logic or lack thereof. Yes, they work for a company but they have shown to be hard on companies about issues. You can choose to ignore what I said and what they said in the July 9th video all you want. Andrew sells his own presets here, does that mean you don’t trust him to review someone else’s?
  2. Enjoy your echo chamber! I stated that I *just* watched the first impressions video, which is not titled a review. Are you just going to ignore the screenshot that I posted? The actual review states in the title and within the video that overheating is a huge problem.
  3. That is the first hands on review, is it not? Even if it was not their first hands on with it, they most definitely highlight how much of an issue overheating is. My overall point is that certain people are designated as “bad” here and subsequently made to be completely dishonest villains who are out to screw us all over. *so I just watched the July 9 video, they clearly state they do not have a full production R5 at the start of the video. This is exactly why I’m saying that people either ignore or choose to lie about things to further their own agenda. They very likely *did not* encounter overheating at that point as they were doing a first impressions video.
  4. The blind zealotry of this place reminds me reduser. The first review Chris and Jordan posted has overheating in the title and is heavily highlighted in the video. *You* are the one spitting lies here. This is forum is the *only* place I consistently see hate directed towards Chris and Jordan, who by most accounts are actually good guys. I’m all for making fun of the Northrups and all the types like that, but give me a break.
  5. Logan

    Sony A7S III

    If you want raw, it’s the ninja and only pro res raw. The BM recorders will do 10bit 422
  6. Logan

    Sony A7S III

    Ya, not possible with the Ninja V. Probably in the next recorder they launch?
  7. Logan

    Sony A7S III

    Did you watch the video? It’s pretty night and day when in motion.
  8. Logan

    Sony A7S III

    No, it’s raw. You apply noise reduction after the fact.
  9. Logan

    Sony A7S III

    I was talking about in context of all the PB hate. I read your post as it was intended, so you did no wrong 🙂
  10. Logan

    Sony A7S III

    Because jealousy. I’m certainly going to take the word of an accomplished cameraman like Bloom over a bunch of trolls. He’s been shooting longer then a lot of posters have probably been alive 😂 You can dislike his grading or whatever but to say he isn’t talented or that he is biased is a joke.
  11. lol, this clown is going through my post history and downvoting everything. What a cesspool.
  12. My statement on working professionals was more hyperbole than anything. My point isn’t that Canon made a perfect camera at all, but that it’s laughable how much people are finding *wrong* with it as opposed to all the huge positives. I would kill for a S1H level camera from Canon, but I doubt we will get it. Look at previous cameras in relation to the R5/R6 and I’d say they are very functional pieces of *equipment* when you use them in the proper workflows. My biggest takeaway from all of this is that there are *always* trade offs. The S1H would be my perfect camera if it had real AF functionality. The XT4 would be my perfect camera if it had unlimited record times and internal 422 10bit. The Canons would be perfect if they had unlimited recording and no overheating. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Thank you being the voice of reason and probably one of the only people posting who shoots as a full time job. Canon pulls out all the stops and give people what they want with some reasonable caveats and it’s not good enough. You just can’t win in this game.
  14. Hey, one positive about posts like this: Alt right assholes and Nazi sympathizers have no problem exposing themselves. Don’t let the door (or maybe some riot police?) hit you on the way out guys 🙂
  15. Logan

    Fuji X-T4

    No mention of bit depth etc, wishful thinking that they’ve added 10bit 4:2:2?
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