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  1. Wonder if Apple will sell the new BMPCC like they did/do the Raven...
  2. TwoScoops


    Newton seemed to use just about every camera under the sun. From what I remember reading, one of the consistent factors as far as the tech stuff was he mostly used Tri X/5063 and the way he processed it, going for a "thick" negative (ETTR in today's terms) then printing down. He was just getting into digital when he died. It would've been interesting to see.
  3. TwoScoops


    Thought of doing it with RZ67 lenses but the adaptor is pretty awkward and expensive since it has to emulate the bellows type focusing. They are a really cheap way to get some absolutely classic glass though. Sold my 180mm for under 100. ?
  4. Yeah, wasn't a very good flick. 'Knock Knock' shot on the 1DC was even worse (not the cameras fault).
  5. A lot of it was shot on Alexa: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2369135/technical?ref_=tt_dt_spec ?
  6. This matches my experience, too. I still don't think most software is written that well to take advantage of the video card. Pure CPU horsepower seems to help the most.
  7. Do you know if BM ever considered a camera with that DB sensor at all? That would've been something...
  8. How about bringing into LR, exporting as a DNG, then opening the LR DNG in Resolve?
  9. TwoScoops


    Escorts have been paid to have dinner with old, rich creeps for decades if not centuries. It's nothing new.
  10. Interesting you word it like this. I've often thought it's almost like they don't really care about the viewpoint as much as... just having a viewpoint to espouse. ?
  11. TwoScoops


    Does nothing for me either. A cynic might say it's just another way for cute but not quite model worthy girls to get attention online from nerds. ? Some of the videos are interesting from the perspective that society is at such a low now that they're basically packaging and 'selling' regular human interactions. (Too lazy to find the link but an example of one I saw was a suit fitter.)
  12. It's not as technically precise as the others but I really loved the Voigt 42.5. Nice Leica-like bokeh and really flattering to faces.
  13. The Gemini monitors are around that too now right? I think I've seen for cheaper even. Just quite rare.
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