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  1. Not sure if you've had the chance or desire to mess with it, but any comments on the 1080 video quality would be much appreciated! I'm still not necessarily fond of the idea of shooting 4K for a lot of things workflow wise
  2. ^funny you should post that. I just purchased an olympus XA last week. Totally love it and thought it resembled the RX1 in concept.
  3. I'm not sure what the used rate is, but the Canon 85mm 1.8 is a fantastic lens for not much more than that new. You could probably get one from 200-300 used. 
  4. I honestly dont even know what technology they are reffering to. An ef mount? Lol
  5. Unbelievable. Don't even know what to say to this    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz83mQTgkcI&feature=youtu.be  
  6. Fairly simple question here, just seeking opinions and solutions.   I want to have 2 cameras, a 5d Mark 3 and a T2i, mounted side by side on the same tripod. I'll be filming some interviews and need a wide and tight shot.    Anyone used any type of bracket to achieve this with success? I have a fairly cheap flash bracket that will fit both cameras, but its a bit flimsy and I'm not sure it would support the weight of the t2i off to the side. 
  7. How about a firmware update for my $3,000+ camera, canon? Please :)
  8. This seems to be the opinion of many, including me! I feel like Olympus is sitting on a gold mine here.    I hope the final product looks a little closer to the original e-m5. This is a bit ugly :/
  9. Zach

    BMCC 4K Gets 50/60i?

    Seems like a good time to ask. What is the point of interlaced footage?
  10. Really? A request for a panning shot, a dolly/slider shot, and simple lit shot is a "huge" production?    Heck interesting composition and a tripod with something actually happening in the frame would be a great place to start. 
  11. I'm certainly not asking for helicopters, jibs, cranes, etc. A simple interview, maybe a studio lit and more natural lit one, would be wonderful. A few dolly shots, maybe a simple tripod pan. I don't feel like I'm asking for TOO much! :) I'm sure someone will get there hands on it and something like this will surface at some point. I just wouldn't want to be an early adopter without seeing it in action
  12. This might be the most boring video on the internet. I really wish they would give the camera to someone who would put it through its paces
  13. I am wondering this as well. I need a new static camera for weddings - the RX100 kept overheating on me and wasn't cutting it. Anyone?
  14. Sadly no!    You'll probably want to look at either the Nikon d5200 or the Panasonic GH3. Tons of reviews of those on this site. 
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