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  1. Great article Andrew. I was especially curious about the sensor technology in this new camera -- especially how they were getting closer to a non-rolling shutting without an actual shutter. Is it possible that this technology will become more popular than rolling shutter, which includes light loss because of electronics -- ala Blackmagic 4k global?
  2. Consider a GH3. It's a really good little camera. Get a Speedbooster if you want the APS-C look. Alternatively, if you are experienced, a BMPCC is a solid option. Good color science and dynamic range in a tiny package. Either way, you need to work out your costs for lenses, batteries and rigging. If you are really on a tight budget, get a Canon T3i (APS-C!) and a 35mm lens -- a powerful, but cheap, little movie-making combo.
  3. >> Seriously though, did/do the Canon geeks really expect the 7D Mk2 to come with 4K? When the 7D first came out, it was glorious to hold in the hands. Beautiful APS-C images in 1080p. If you couldn't afford a 5D2, the 7D was damn close. So 5 years later, what did the stork bring us? Well, with the rumored specs on the 7D2, it is headed to the party with a cheap bottle of wine. I didn't expect 4k on the 7D2, but I thought something cool like 120fps/1080p -- or digital ND -- or an XLR breakout -- or in-camera LUTs -- or even stellar 2k video images like the BMCC. If companies like Canon can't wrap a thought around the exhaustively fast nature of technology now, they will quickly become the Microsoft and IBM of camera systems.
  4. >> There goes Canon's biggest launch of the year... Agreed. The 7D2 could have really been Canon's defining moment in this new era of 4k. 5 years to develop the spiritual successor and all they did was pull out the playbook for the t2i/t3i/t4i/t5i game. Was Canon designing an upgraded still's camera? Seems like it. And with Sony's new FS7 -- even Canon's Cinema line of cameras is starting to look a little rusty. It's been a good run Canon -- but it seems like you just stopped caring. Have fun stills shooters -- us video guys are headed to greener pasture.
  5. The rumor mill is in full roar ahead of PhotoKina. Here is the unofficial spec list: Rugged magnesium alloy body Dust proof 20.2 MP CMOS sensor Dual-pixel CMOS AF New 65-point AF, all points cross-type ITR EOS AF Continuous shooting: 10 frames per second Dual DIGIC6 Max ISO: 16,000. RGB+IR new 150,000-pixel metering sensor Video full HD 60 p Built-in GPS Interval timer Bulb timer (From PhotoRumors.com: http://photorumors.com/2014/09/11/canon-7d-mark-ii-leaked-picture-and-specs/#ixzz3D34JM018)
  6. I'm a full-time software engineer -- and this is what you guys are missing: That one line of magic code that turns the F5 into a 4k beast -- probably took thousands of man-hours of engineering to get it working properly. Sony has the right to make a ROI on the costs of hundreds of engineers hours.
  7. All signs point to the A7s killing the GH4 in terms of dynamic range. If it can truly nail 15 stops in video mode, it'll rail the GH4 which looks closer to 11.5 stops. Low light is insane on the A7s. Full-frame opens up lots of creative possibilities. Why didn't Sony include 4k on the A7s body? Who knows? But 4k is there is if you want to jack into the HDMI. If you are shooting for style, like a music video or indy film, all signs point to the A7s as the current king bee. If you are shooting for function, like corporate film, nothing is rockin' the house quite like the GH4. As soon as we get more footage of the A7s, we'll know exactly what we are looking at.
  8. The BMCC still has one of the most beautiful images available short of an Alexa. The 13-stops of DR is gorgeous, the oversampling results in a crisp image, you have RAW when you want loads of flexibility. If I'm on a budget: indy films or music vidz, I would want a BMCC. If I am doing corporate video on a budget, I'd want the GH4.
  9. Just to add to the on-going theory: If the adapter had OIS, why was Andrew using stabilized lenses? I do like the idea of OIS on speedbooster! Holy god primes!
  10. The BMPCC does 13-stops with RAW. The GH4 is doing 12-stops. At the end of the day, unless you are shooting outside and can't control the light, 1 stop of light isn't going to make-or-break a camera system.
  11. >> I prefermirrorless and looking to spend up to max ~800 euro for camera and lens. Not sure why the RX100 III isn't in the running here. It includes the lens and the images it produces is fantastic. Small and portable, great for travel.
  12. What do you want to shoot? And what is your budget? Music videos? Get a BMPCC, it's magic. Corporate videos? The C100 is a small beast that won't let you down. Travelogue? The RX100 III is insanely awesome for it's size. Want to shoot a movie on a budget? Then you want the BMCC and it's killer image. Really want to save a bunch of cash? Get a Rebel, like a T2i or T3i. You get a magically beautiful APS-C sensor (near 35mm) for under $500, including lens. Want the best camera money can buy today? Get a GH4. A $2k camera that will run all day on one battery and pump 4k to an SD card.
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