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  1. Hey guys, So I was just wondering if a could use a filter on top of an other one, the filters are circular so I already have a variable ND filter (77mm) and I am going to buy a Tiffen Black Pro-Mist filter on top of it (or under it), can I use an adapter or something, what are my solutions? Thanks.
  2. Hi, So I'll be filming a short film in a few days. I am replacing a friend so I don't have a lot of time before de shooting begins to do all the tests that I need, as I've never shot with a GH4. So I am trying to know the best settings for filming with the GH4, considering that I will be doing a light grade afterwards (using LUTs) and that the skin tones are my priority. I'll also be shooting in 1080p. Il be confronted to alls sorts of conditions : Day/Night Int/Ext. So basically I just want a nice looking image overall, that I'll be able to grade a bit afterwards. Thanks.
  3. I just want to look at some footage! So I can have a better opinion on the new sensor.
  4. Hi everyone, So lately I've been trying to adjust my focal reducer to be able to focus to infinity (the focal reducer was off) so I am getting closer but the question now is how do I know if I am exactly focusing to infinity? I am going to try focusing at night on stars and see if the circle can become a point, I guess it should work, right? And what should be the best f/stop to check infinity? Thanks
  5. Chivo is far from being retarded... And it seems they used the red dragon as well, it's what they say on IMDB.
  6. Finally we can get a glimpse of some footage shot on the Alexa 65 and it looks amazing, Lubezki and a 65mm digital cinema camera is like the perfect combo for a new oscar! Can't wait to watch this movie! The cinematography looks amazing, you can really see it's lubezki behind the camera (wide angle and a lot of steady cam reminded me of Children of men and Tree of Life)!
  7. Great short, the grading and the lighting feels a lot like the one from minority report, good stuff, even if I personally find that the grading is too extreme on some of the shots.
  8. Great news, I just wish it would have been released sooner.
  9. Hi, Could you guys recommend me a manual wide angle lens for under 300 euros? I think I am going to buy the Contax Carl Zeiss 28mm f/2.8 (to match my other Zeiss lenses) but I don't think it's wide enough (40-42mm equivalent, on super35), I'll be using it on a speedbooster so I would gain one stop of light making it a f/2.0, so I am considering other options, maybe a 20 or 21mm? Thanks.
  10. ​In this clip you can see the difference between the A7s and the F35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY59GQ1Hu70
  11. ​Oh really? Is it the one on their website, or is a new one?
  12. Oliver Daniel => I agree with you, same for me motion cadence is so important, when I see video footage from two great cameras many times motion cadence will be what makes me go more towards one rather than the other. I also wish CCD would make a come back but I don't really think it will be the case, CMOS sensors are getting better by the year, and they have so many advantages that I think that's what is going to stay. Global Shutter is making CMOS sensor look very filmic, I can't wait to see new footage from the new Blackmagic 4,6k Sensor. About the motion interpolation, I know that some DP's are fighting it like Reed Morano, even though some people might like it, I think the majority don't like it. Same case with the 48 FPS of the hobbit, everyone I know hated it.
  13. I just realized that this was already posted on an other topic. Sorry for that. Here is the link for that post : http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/8510-canon-xc10-lens-slides-out-when-used-on-drone/?page=3
  14. This video gives us a good idea on what this camera is capable of. What do you guys think?
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