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  1. Didn't know that, but that's not the real thing because digital backs only go up to 645. I really want 6x7.
  2. My camera of 2025 is a digital Mamiya 7. Not going to happen...
  3. Mamiya Sekor N 35mm 3,5
  4. Found some shots taken with this lens on a old CCD sensor. 48x36 crop
  5. Always wanted this lens, but in Corona times who can spend 300$ on a gimmick...
  6. Nikkor

    COVID19 Kibosh

    They have declared the state of alert which enables them to restrict movement, but they haven't yet.
  7. In order to use real mendium format lenses. I really want andrew to stop spending his money on shit. I've seen him for years buying crap. All that time and money could have been spent on good things. When does it end it? It ends with medium format, its good enough. I demand andrew TO SELL all his crap, all lenses all cameras,and only keep the fuji 100, the speedbooster and a planar 80 2.8
  8. You really have to buy the hasselblad speedbooster.
  9. Don't forget to buy the metabones hasselblad v to fuji speedbooster and make a decent review. I hacen't seen a single one.
  10. The f35 is ccd the f3 is cmos, I don't think they should look the same.
  11. Nikkor

    A7s mki in 2020

    I don't want to spend any time trying things out, I just want a balanced image without color correcting the way I have it on my stills camera. I thought there might be a color space problem that got fixed after some time. I guess the A7s is a no go then.
  12. Nikkor

    A7s mki in 2020

    Is there a way to fix the alien colors?
  13. Relax people, you're not losing your identity because of someone taking your picture.
  14. Hmm I haven't been looking for iq280s but the iq260 which is more common goes for 4500-6000€ https://www.ebay.de/itm/Phase-One-IQ-260-Digital-Back-Anschluss-PhaseOne-Mamiya/163956548486?hash=item262c926386:g:0IYAAOSwYZJd1~QK#vi__app-cvip-panel
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