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  1. Additional edit: The information itself has to be cognizable, the information needs some order, this is why thick images usually have a lot of element separation (closeups, thin dof, elaborate lighting,blocking, composition).
  2. A thin negative can have a lot of contrast but the image tends to go mushy and the colors have a bias towards something that is not their own color. A thick negative is not an overexposed one, overexposed negatives lose contrast and colors go more pastel. A thick negative is a negative that uses the maximal potential of the emulsion, this involves correct exposure, a contrasty scene with good lighting, textures, colors ,etc... In film you can add in development to help pushing things into something closer to thick, in digital you can color correct. But one thing is clear, Nothing comes f
  3. Yes the legend, I remember seeing a post of you with a picture of it on the gfx.
  4. How does the nikkor 28 1.4 look on the fuji? I remember putting it infront of a groundglass and beeing suprised over the coverage.
  5. Still no words on the hasselblad to fuji speedbooster. Keeping the impressive secret to himself. I don't get why this isn't the big thing right now. Since I have my medium format camera CCD back any picture I take looks impressive, it's the definitive magic bullet.
  6. I don't understand why people still are so obsessed with canon, there are a thousand of other camera brands. Maybe it's time to let go.
  7. Nice camera, now put a mediumformat sensor inside.
  8. The gold isco is very sharp compared to the sankor.
  9. Seppuku isn't a thing anymore?
  10. CMOS is still crappy, what did you expect from cheapo grade?
  11. And this contradicts my asumption in any way? Maybe you are one of those guys proudly shooting 48megapixels photos with his cellphone.
  12. 12K on Super35 is just stupid, sorry. Maybe it opens up computational possibilities, but just from a resolultion/sensor size point it's stupid. 12K on a Medium Format sensor is interesting, on s35 it's just marketing and datawaste....
  13. I'd rather shoot with a cellphone than with a 35mm camera.
  14. Yes, with autofocus chip, so I can use my Phase One lenses for video. This would make a very good adapter for professionals who use phase one cameras, as phase one is so kind to NOT OFFER VIDEO!!!! @Brian Caldwell
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