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  1. Not really. It uses a Snapdragon 801 CPU, which is the same CPU/GPU combo found in some of Android's flagship phones. It also has a 1080p screen, so PPI wise, its up there with best and even tops the iPhone 6.... Id say spec wise, it is pretty dang good! :)
  2. LOL Well I appreciate the effort you have made for this site and the reviews you have done =). I enjoyed the camera part of the review, and I think you did a great job there. Like the person above, I think the review should have concentrated mainly on the camera/video aspect of the device and not bash the OS used.
  3. Really this is your worse review yet. Half of what you wrote bashes Android. I get some people dont like Android or vice versa, but I felt it wasnt really necessary to make the point so emphatically. It just made you look like a huge Iphone fanboy. Anyhow, thanks for the review. I think its a great concept. I could really use something like this on my snowboarding adventures. Have a phone for "emergencies" and having a nice camera too!
  4. Tuan209

    Help out a newbie

    Thanks guys! Thanks for all the links and suggestions. Keep them coming! Ive done a lot of reading on here and various forums and websites over the weekend, and I think I have narrowed down my choices, either the RX100 III or RX10. Now I know there are better options that will provide better footage quality such as the m43 w/ speed boosters and lenses, and I have certainly toyed with the idea of going this route, but I like the idea of getting something simple and working on the technical aspects of shooting good footage rather than getting caught up with gear, at least initially. So given my choice, which of the two would you guys recommend for me? I like that the RX100 III is smaller and comes with the better codec, but I not sure if the optics of the RX100 can match the RX10. It is also missing the mic input and doesnt nearly have the range.
  5. Tuan209

    Help out a newbie

    Sorry Guys! I just plan on shooting travel videos and a little bit of snowboarding clips. Hope that helps! Tuan
  6. Tuan209

    Help out a newbie

    Hi Guys! My first post so be kind :D! My name is Tuan and I am glad to have found this forum. I am looking to get into the video side of cameras and SLRs. I am a complete noob when it comes to anything video related. I currently have a Fuji X100s (my gf is "borrowing" it from me ;)) which I guess isnt all that great when it comes to videos, so I am thinking about picking up something easy and and convenient to use, such as the Sony RX100 III or RX10. I know there are better cameras out there, but like I said, I want something easy to use at first to learn about how to take good videos. Anyhow, Ive started out by buying "How to Shoot Videos That Doesn't Suck" by Steve Stockman. Do you guys have any suggestions on any other must reads or websites for a noob starting off? Tuan
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