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  1. HurtinMinorKey

    DIY VR180 Setup

    So I did my shoot at an MGMT concert (after somehow getting my awkward, head-mounted metal rig past security). The footage is okay, but because I had to set up my rig in complete darkness, the IPD was a couple mm off. I think I can salvage it in post, but I just can't seem to find a good program that will allow me to make the lateral adjustment in post (some of the VR players -whirligig- so I can see that the adjustment will make it watchable). Any recommendation on free stitching software that could help? Resolve doesn't get me what I need, and I guess I will need to use the paid version of Fusion to be able to make those type of adjustments.
  2. HurtinMinorKey

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    So this looks like a merge between the BMCC, BMPC and BMPCC lines. Same sensor size as the original BMPC. And a form factor much enhanced but somewhere between the BMCC/BMPC and BMPCC in size.
  3. HurtinMinorKey

    DIY VR180 Setup

    Thanks! I've posted in the BMD forums and see if I get lucky!
  4. HurtinMinorKey

    DIY VR180 Setup

    Just got it up and running with the dual go-pro session 5s. I will post some clips soon. I ended up staying with the GoPros. While I considered the Z Cam E1, the need for additional lenses without providing better resolution a 60-90fps kept me with GoPro. The biggest challenge so far has been in post (Resolve) although most of my initial issues have been sorted. My jerry-rigged cage is actually effective (but ugly as sin). A couple of outstanding issues mostly related to Resolve: (1) Resolve Doesn't seem to have an option for using a 90fps timeline. Since I want the image to be as smooth as possible, and Oculus has a native 90fps frame rate, it seems like a huge oversight. How can this be? (2) This may be related to (1), but I wonder how much Fusion 9 would help the process. It seems like many of the options they provide is for working in 3D VFX, but it's a bit hard to tell what I might actually use from it. Things that I could really use is an auto-alignment feature (or even being able to do it manually in real time using my Oculus as a monitor). Also, it would be nice to be able to sync left and right footage automatically (e.g., when the cameras are not gen-locked). The Kodak pixmax software does this using audio. A similar feature in fusion 9 would be really helpful.
  5. HurtinMinorKey

    DIY VR180 Setup

    Yes, changing the angle depending on the distance to subject seems to make a big difference in my testing, especially when things are close. You are basically using simple geometry to calculate the the angles given your inter-pupilary distance (IPD) and your range to target. Although, my first real project with this will be to try and film a concert (from essentially the front row) which should put me far enough away that the cameras will only have to be angled slightly inward (a fraction of a degree). That being said, I am going to go with the stock lenses so my effective FOV will be more like 120 degrees, and this makes the angle issue somewhat more noticeable. Also, I would have have considered going wit the BMPCC but the lack of FPS and resolution is an issue. Z cam is an interesting option: It is slightly lower resolution, although the low-light performance might be worth the trade-off. BTW, I don't know why the mods moved this to the BMCC forum. Maybe because that's where I typically post?
  6. HurtinMinorKey

    DIY VR180 Setup

    So I am about to start building my own system to shoot stereoscopic VR180. Anybody else have thoughts or experiences they would like to share? The concept will be pretty simple: Two GoPro Session 5 cameras mounted on the same plane. Sitting between the plane and will be a gear system that allows me to calibrate the convergence of the two cameras depending on the distance. The gear system will also serve to insure that both cameras are angled the same amount. If people are interested, let me know I'll post progress/workflow/results.
  7. HurtinMinorKey

    1.74x - A Crop Odyssey - Canon 5D Mark IV officially announced

    Checked back into EOSHD for the first time in a while to see if Andrew would flame Canon for the 5D mk IV. Was not disappointed. Cheers!
  8. I think this is the future of immersive film: http://360designs.io/eye/ Taping into VR capabilities to let the viewer feel like they are there when the action is happening.
  9. I laughed once during the entire thing, when the two German dudes were talking about each other's mustaches. It's a VFX tour de-force for sure, and has an interesting style. But i wish it was funnier.
  10. HurtinMinorKey

    LG Digital Cinema Display Review - 4096 x 2160 IPS impresses!

    Am i the only one who wishes they still made plasma?
  11. HurtinMinorKey

    Tempted? Should you get a $6499 Canon C300 or wait until after NAB?

    It's resolution may not be on par with the GH4, but the image seems much nicer. But the the $6500 doesn't really seem like a bargain as much as it just seems like closer to a sensible price.
  12. HurtinMinorKey

    Digging Out

  13. ​No improvement in DR after 7 years in unforgivable...for a stills camera.
  14. I'm surprised they made no improvement to the DR (for stills or video). That's 7 years of no DR improvements in this line. Pretty disappointing. Are people really going to pay that much more just for more MPs?
  15. HurtinMinorKey

    Canon blocking Magic Lantern on latest 5D Mark III bodies

    I always thought Canon was the one that gave the raw hack to ML in the first place, so i doubt they would try block ML on purpose.