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  1. The mobile-like SOC approach with on-die DRAM will give great performance. But remember the cost in modularity... 16GB Max makes any of these models unattractive to me and I assume I'm not the only one who see it this way. As fast as they are - they don't feel future-proofed. Hackinotsh it is, until proper pro-models exists and if priced reasonably.
  2. Regarding Dynamic Range - proper exposure for this particular camera might be the issue here: https://filmvideoandvirtualreality.com/varicam-shooter-nick-dabas-captures-extreme-action-with-the-lumix-s1h/ "At 800 ISO, the VariCam is seven stops over and seven stops under. The S1H is six stops over and eight under, so you actually retain great shadow detail. On set, I made sure that my highlights were holding since I could always fill the shadows in with light. Once you learn and become comfortable with the S1H, you can easily match it to the VariCam. The color that is reproduces is beautiful and is very similar to the VariCam."
  3. As a hobbyist who mostly take videos in vacations - It seems to me that a perfect camera would be one I can take with me everywhere (so DSLR-size at max, not a C700), and is capable enough to produce content with long-lasting appeal. It should work well for stills and video. If I ever decide to shoot a documentary about a subject I care for - it should also work well for that purpose. I want a jack of all trades. Now, what is a 'long-lasting appeal' to me? Photos I took with a 5D Mk2 (and a 1D MK4) about 10 years ago - still look amazing to me. The original RAW files hold enough information to impress me today (as a guy that uses mostly M43 equipment). Videos I took with my GH1, mostly aren't. The limits of the GH1 were known to me at the time of purchase, but coming from an HV20 - it was still a very good upgrade - and the GH1 has been a great camera for vacations and general usage. If I can find a camera today, that can do in video (dynamic range and noise-wise) what a FF DSLR could do with stills a good few years ago - I'll be happy. It would be the perfect camera for me, and I will not feel the need to participate in the upgrade-race for a good few years to come. The problem is that I don't believe such a camera (within the limits of a 4K USD budget, and the aforementioned size) exist yet - a Panasonic S1H and a the 6K Blackmagic seems to be candidates (well, the later not really for stills) - but I haven't yet seen enough footage to fully convince me yet. (and yes, I've been humming to myself the intro to "Camera Conspiracies" YouTube channel while writing this message)
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