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  1. This could be a case for Mulder and Scully.
  2. Kingswell

    F3 in 2016

    I saw an fs700 with 4k firmware go for £1800 on ebay the other day.. If you had another £1k for an external recorder you could have a solid 4k HFR camera under £3k. I'd buy an F3 as a B or C camera, but not as a main camera these days. Wouldn't go higher than a £1k for it.
  3. 100% wrong Ed. Radiologists are medical doctors specialising in detecting and curing disease via medical imaging techniques. Maybe you're thinking of radiographers who are trained (degree level) to perform X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans, so it's nothing to be snobbish about.
  4. You're jumping to conclusions again. How do you know it's 'kids' hitting the dislike button? How do you know 'youngsters' have never seen Ghostbusters? I showed it to my 10 year cousin last year and she absolutely loves it.
  5. The bastardisation of the Ghostbusters theme is more than enough reason for the hate. We don't even need to discuss the complete failure of the comedy.
  6. Andrew what trick filter did you use on the opening shot? It's absolutely glorious!
  7. You seem to be getting a bit of flak on various sites which doesn't surprise me, but does concern me. What's wrong with making money? This whole video/film industry is riddled with the concept of a "free lunch" and "starving artist syndrome". How are people supposed to survive if you're expected to give everything you do away for free? He already does the website for free, and with no advertisements! I think Suzanne Moore said it best in her article for the Guardian here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jun/05/digital-economy-work-for-free#start-of-comments
  8. Have you asked Blackmagic? I.e Muhammad and the mountain  
  9. Thanks for the extensive review. Bit of a bummer on the low light side. Is there anything out there that does 108060p and is great in low light in the DSLR market?
  10. I think they exclusively manufacture their products in Australia, and if i remember correctly they produce the majority of the components themselves-i have absolutely no idea how they make any profit with the prices they charge! Anyway excuse my sceptical nature, i hope they pull if off and deliver masses in July.
  11. ah ok i thought they were taking the existing sensor and cropping. I still am incredibly sceptical about this July date based on past experience. They will now have 4 lines to manufacture, and although they are slightly more experienced with camera building it's still a small frame of time to get everything going. From what i've read (and again correct me if i'm wrong) they're still working on the 4K version so a final product isn't even ready to manufacture as of now.  
  12. That's fine for the 4K version, but as far as i understand the pocket camera uses the same sensor as the V1 EF and MFT. There is still alot of people waiting for the camera they ordered back in 2012. The MFT was meant to be released in Decmeber. It's now April and they are still in beta testing mode! 
  13. Dan May let out little wry smile when he was asked about the release date in a video i saw yesterday. I'm surprised they're doing the exact same thing as last year, it's always better to announce with no fixed date or announce on the very day it's available.   I hope they make it but the odds are really stacked against them. Not only do they need to continue fulfilling existing overdue EF preorders, they need to start shipping the MFT mount and then these two new cameras. 
  14. Yeah, unfortunately it seems BMD favours the U.S market, specifically B&H, who are already fulfilling pre-orders from late April/Early May! If i'd known this i would have ordered from B&H even though i'm in London. It would've cost me an extra £300 in import taxes but i'd have my camera by now.   B&H probably have the biggest pre-order list of all resellers, maybe the first reseller to put an order but considering the delays and the low number of units being produced i somehow feel BMD should be doing more to make distribution more fair. Making more cameras would help.
  15. Thank you writing that Andrew. My past career was Projection and then Cinema managment. I've since left that completely having been deeply dissatisfied with how cinemas are now run. Everything is run for profit and nothing for love of Cinema. I think David Lynch said it best in an interview with the Hollyword Reporter: "....the world of cinema is changing so drastically, and in a weird way, feature films I think have become cheap. Everything is kind of throwaway.  It’s experienced and then forgotten. It goes really fast."   Sort of sums up the world for me too: everything done fast and on the cheap   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/david-lynch-feature-films-have-395849
  16. Maybe not dates, you're right this is how the sorry mess started, but knowing how many limited shipping means in quanitifable numbers and how many they can roughly produce at 100% capacity should be coming to light so people can make a decision whether to cancel their pre-order for time being. I factored in a delay when i ordered April 17th, but never did i imagine that i'd still be waiting past November. I think part of my annoyance is the lack of distribution to UK and Europe, whilst seeing B&H recieve multiple cameras. I do give BMD credit for keeping in contact via their updates, like you say, none of the big players do that. However when you come out with your first ever camera and suffer multiple delays your hand is somewhat forced into being more vociferous.
  17. [quote name='galenb' timestamp='1353043841' post='21749'] I love how everyone has been treating this like they haven't been letting us know what's up the whole time. Like Grant hasn't been disregarding expected industry norms by giving us regular reports (and they are ridiculously in-depth!) every time he knows something. Get a grip people. I understand you are angry because you want your camera and you want it now but have a little compassion. This is not some kind of debacle where people are sneaking around trying to keep things secret because they are worried that it might cause a fuss. I for one feel that they have been up-front and caring the whole way through. I don't know any other company that would give a damn enough to keep us all in the loop like they have. Geez guys. And think for just a second what it must be like on their end. You think it's fun waiting around for a week for some company to send you samples only to find that they are bad... over and over? [/quote] Not angry, just starting to become very annoyed.They have 19 working days left of the year to pass quality control on the new glass, ramp up the production line and then ship thousands of cameras around the world. I personally think that is a tall order and can't see it happening till the end of January 2013 at the earliest. As for Grant's updates i would have to disagree on the detail part. They lack the most important details of dates and potential volume, so even though we know about the problem we're still stuck in the dark about when these things are going to ship and how many they can ship. That's the thing i only care about now.
  18. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1353008765' post='21706'] Never? They have built a camera for $3000 that rivals the Alexa, I'd say it was pretty much going according to plan :) [/quote] No arguing the concept is brilliant, but 4 months and still no mass production is an absolute disaster of a release. Since the end of July its been week after week of problems.
  19. They're moving forward which is a good thing. But from my reading of Grant's update they haven't used any of the new glass yet, so problems could be encountered, and they're still dealing in small amounts. Trying to stay optimistic but i've been waiting since April 17th for this, and things never go as planned for BMD.
  20. Here's some more terrible news for those of us who are still waiting: http://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2283
  21. markm- I was suspicious because of all the other crap done by resellers in relation to the BMC in recent weeks. There's a guy called Kholi on BMCuser who had been told he was first with Markertek for the last few months only to be told recently that wasn't the case-similar situation to CVP. Then there's the authorised reseller who tried to sell a BMC on ebay for $6k (double the RRP) when they had pre-orders outstanding. Also on face value it did look like Andrew had been given favourable service by CVP, before CVP explained what had happened. As for the law-you might not be protected by statutory laws and bodies but you can still follow up your legal rights in a civl court (i.e suing). When you enter into a contract with a business or individual there is an expectation (in the law) that both individuals conduct the contract in good faith. Quite an abstract term (there's alot of those in the law) but the jist of it is that you don't try to cheat people. Changing the date of delivery or expectation of delivery in favor of someone else could be construed as acting in bad faith and therefore a breach of contract. Anyway i'll leave it there. There is no conspiracy as far as i can see, Andrew wouldn't be tweeting all over CVP's twitter account if there were. However i do think its right to question things that don't appear right, and not just turn a blind eye.
  22. Also if BMD wanted to give Andrew a camera, which they maybe should have done when 'beta' testing, they wouldn't go through CVP. to do it.
  23. [quote name='markm' timestamp='1351790795' post='20803'] Kingswell First this is really nothing to do with Andrew and second although you and myself too wouldnt like it CVP can do what they like with their own stock. If they decide to earmark certain priorities like Andrew whose blog will reach thousands of potential customers then that is a business decision for them and maybe even Black Magic who may or may not have asked them to deliver a camera to Andrew or popular bloggers as a priority. Business wants to make money as much as it can. We want great cheap cameras. I would be upset if it was potentially queue jumping but its like the theatre manager coming out and taking someone from the queue and so not queue jumping at all. We will never know the truth if we cant accept what Andrew and CVP have said therefore sour grapes are futile in my opinion. [/quote] Run a business like that and you're going to go out of business. I also disagree they can do whatever they like with stock. There will be many strings attached in their contract with BMD. Break em and they don't get anymore BMD stock. Blackmagic already did their publicity boost with the very public 'beta' testers. I struggle to even recognise it as a beta test. They specifically picked out prominent bloggers like Philip Bloom and Vincent Laforet for PR. They don't need anymore business-they can't even supply 1% of demand they already have! Lastly I find it alarming that people are saying that its ok to boost people up pre-order lists. There is such a thing as ethics and conducting business in a good moral sense.
  24. In what way did he 'earn the right' to move up? The story is that he was always first but CVP were too incompetent to keep a simple pre-order list and said he was seventh. I'm sure the person who thought they were first for the last several months isn't best pleased and i'm sure the people who were told they were 2nd, 3rd,4th,5th and 6th respectively will or should be asking serious questions of CVP. I do find the explanation plausible but if they've just jumped Andrew up the list because he has a blog, albeit a very good blog, then they should face some very serious scrutiny.
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