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  1. Kowa B&H. 1200€ + shipping from France.
  2. You posted an eBay link to "M3/M4 Stainless Steel Nylon Head Grub Screw Plastic Brake Buffer Bolt Screws Hex". This eBay product has different diameters. What I am asking is what diameter should I buy to replace 3FF-W screws. Thanks.
  3. Hello Ian, Very nice topic you made here, thanks! Can I ask you please what diameter should I buy for my Recilux 3FF-W? Have a nice day.
  4. Panasonic, just do it and we just buy it! (…and 5 axis stab please?)
  5. I can provide you infos about Elmo II if you need. I agree housing of 8Z / B&H is different, and rear sizes too. But I guess that's all. According to Andrew Reid "The Bell and Howell anamorphic by Kowa, then, is a Kowa Prominar in a sleeker chassis." ( http://www.eoshd.com/2011/02/kowa-anamorphic-lens-review/ ) That's an interesting triangle we have here: Elmo has same rear size as 8z/16h but looks like a B&H. B&H is lighter and wider than 8z/16h. 8z/16h is more common but cheaper with similar optical results (I guess but I'm not sure). Elmo and B&H are supposed to have more drastic glass tests than 8z/16h. What do you think about it?
  6. No, FF to use on a single focus adapter (Rectilux here, or others.)
  7. Very very nice work! Thanks a lot, it's a treasure for all of us anamorphic diggers! By the way, I have two questions if you don't mind: - did you remove Elmoscope II from database? - it looks like you think there's an optical difference between Kowa 8-z/16H & Kowa Bell & Howell. But they are both Prominar labelled. Is this "B&H quality control" a web legend or not? I mean Kowa is Kowa, japanese handmade excellence (still today). I really try to understand this price difference. For me they optically look same, don't they? Thanks!
  8. I think it's the one! Thanks Teemu, thanks Bold!
  9. Alright, thanks Boldy! I think it would be more "on the shoulder fiction", dialogs but with a "run & gun" docu style. I was lookings at RJ, Fotga, and Camtree. (D/Focus too but it's already more expensive…) I don't know if somebody already tried those different FF: which one would have less play? I'm looking for hard stops solutions if possible at this price. Thanks!
  10. My criterias are: Budget between 100$ and 300$. It's to use on a Rectilux (I already have a Focus Gear from Helicopter Sean), and a GH4 rigged on Letus Talons K1 Shoulder Mount. It's narrative. Thanks.
  12. Is there a SUPER 35 MODE? (FF is cool but sometimes the "35 look" feels more cinematic for some of us)
  13. Is there a SUPER 35 MODE? (FF is cool but sometimes the "35 look" feels more cinematic for some of us)
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