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  1. Kowa B&H. 1200€ + shipping from France.
  2. You posted an eBay link to "M3/M4 Stainless Steel Nylon Head Grub Screw Plastic Brake Buffer Bolt Screws Hex". This eBay product has different diameters. What I am asking is what diameter should I buy to replace 3FF-W screws. Thanks.
  3. Hello Ian, Very nice topic you made here, thanks! Can I ask you please what diameter should I buy for my Recilux 3FF-W? Have a nice day.
  4. Panasonic, just do it and we just buy it! (…and 5 axis stab please?)
  5. I can provide you infos about Elmo II if you need. I agree housing of 8Z / B&H is different, and rear sizes too. But I guess that's all. According to Andrew Reid "The Bell and Howell anamorphic by Kowa, then, is a Kowa Prominar in a sleeker chassis." ( http://www.eoshd.com/2011/02/kowa-anamorphic-lens-review/ ) That's an interesting triangle we have here: Elmo has same rear size as 8z/16h but looks like a B&H. B&H is lighter and wider than 8z/16h. 8z/16h is more common but cheaper with similar optical results (I guess but I'm not sure). Elmo and B&H are supposed to have more drastic glass tests than 8z/16h. What do you think about it?
  6. No, FF to use on a single focus adapter (Rectilux here, or others.)
  7. Very very nice work! Thanks a lot, it's a treasure for all of us anamorphic diggers! By the way, I have two questions if you don't mind: - did you remove Elmoscope II from database? - it looks like you think there's an optical difference between Kowa 8-z/16H & Kowa Bell & Howell. But they are both Prominar labelled. Is this "B&H quality control" a web legend or not? I mean Kowa is Kowa, japanese handmade excellence (still today). I really try to understand this price difference. For me they optically look same, don't they? Thanks!
  8. I think it's the one! Thanks Teemu, thanks Bold!
  9. Alright, thanks Boldy! I think it would be more "on the shoulder fiction", dialogs but with a "run & gun" docu style. I was lookings at RJ, Fotga, and Camtree. (D/Focus too but it's already more expensive…) I don't know if somebody already tried those different FF: which one would have less play? I'm looking for hard stops solutions if possible at this price. Thanks!
  10. My criterias are: Budget between 100$ and 300$. It's to use on a Rectilux (I already have a Focus Gear from Helicopter Sean), and a GH4 rigged on Letus Talons K1 Shoulder Mount. It's narrative. Thanks.
  12. Is there a SUPER 35 MODE? (FF is cool but sometimes the "35 look" feels more cinematic for some of us)
  13. Is there a SUPER 35 MODE? (FF is cool but sometimes the "35 look" feels more cinematic for some of us)
  14. Over this cool EF Metabones, what M42 adapter can functionnaly and securely be used please? On the official page they say "some improperly-made M42 screw mount adapters may short the electronic contacts of the Speed Booster and cause damage to the Speed Booster and/or camera body." I have a Fotodiox - is it good enough? Which ones work or don't? Do you guys have some references please? Thanks.
  15. What I early said in this wild forum: But what I didin't explain too is that if let it fall and break it would be the worse situation, just have it near (getting old and disaggregating) is near the same, but slower. Once you get some inside of you it's forever. Really risky isn't it? So if I continue to argue here, it's because I'm afraid that a guy reading your last positive posts finds the wrong reassuring sentences he would be looking for and gets less carefully being less informated.
  16. The viewfinder info is just a part of the article, as an example. It's not the only subject of this, so it's not "an entirely different topic". It's full of infos about Takumar. So read full text before answering "Mr Saadwi the physician"…
  17. You really don't understand what you read Cunningham.
  18. Check this: http://petapixel.com/2012/10/11/a-look-at-the-radioactivity-of-old-manual-lenses/ It says: "If you want to learn more about the health effects of this radiation, check out this article by the Health Physics Society. Based on that data, Matthew Miller writes" [...] Or to put it another way, in that year. Not completely trivial, but not something people normally stress about. And . This puts the “6hrs/day for a month†usage at about the same as getting a chest X-rayusing the lens six hours a day for a year would be the same as taking three round-trip flights from one US coast to the otherthat’d be really heavy usageThe articles indicate that , particularly if you happen to have thorium in an eyepiece [...] So you might decide to spend a little less time holding the camera right to your eye than you might otherwise. exposure to the eye might be a greater concern than overall dosageAssuming (based on the reading) that looking through the viewfinder is very roughly an order of magnitude greater exposure than the general usage, . looking through the viewfinder for an hour is about 1µSv — equivalent to getting an arm x-ray
  19. I'm only here to prevent, I've seen so much Taks & Mamiyas on eBay… But each one is free. That's all folks!
  20. Who ya gonna call when your face is burning down? Bobby the UK cop? In France cops have guns and specialised firemen are specialised. Stop wearing your grand father's wrist watch glowing in the dark if it lasts more than 2 days. It'd be more radioactive than a Takumar; this time it wouldn't be thorium but radium. http://www.andra.fr/producteurs/download/site-principal/document/objets_radioactifs.pdf
  21. Ebrahim, you're just a student from Mansoura, Egypt (at the faculty of Dentistry). Too bad I know you from other websites… SO, you're not physician for 40 years (with a PhD in Radiology for about 30) cause you're 18 years old. SO you don't "know a thing or two about radioactivity, and the extent of danger on us..." Anyway I believe you about risks of getting rejected everytime you ask her out.
  22. When the geiger became noisy yesterday, firemen asked me first if I had kids or animals. They're really vulnerables.
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