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    Advice needed

    Hi I'm looking for some advice on whether to film in anamorphic. I have a double focus set up with the bmpcc and I'm also going to use a decent super 8 camera (movexzoom electronic mos) and 50D to film a short about MMA and rock climbing. I like the cinematic aspect ratio of the anamorphic and the look of the shallow depth of field, and will be using a Helios and Mir prime lenses 58 and 37mm. I could also use the super 8 / 50D with the anamorphic set up too but this would have to be at full zoom and hard to shoot and keep stable. I'm wondering about shooting the digital anamorphic and having the 50D scanned at 4K then cropping to fit a 2.66 aspect ratio but I'm worried this may look poor particularly if shown on a large screen? Or should I just film it all at 16:9 with the prime lenses and crop in post? Any advice about which way to go greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. Thanks Rudolf, that's a great idea. Just stuck a bid on one! In some ways sticking extra 'glass' in front of the movexzoom electronic seems a shame when it seems like a great super 8 camera.
  3. Thanks, do you guys have any recommendations for larger 8mm or 16mm anamorphics?
  4. Thanks Rudolf, I'll definitely try 50D next. One of the main problems I'm having is vignetting at anything other than full zoom. Which makes it really difficult to handhold. I wonder if there's a solution to this.
  5. Why is super 8 so cheap in Japan? Can you recommend a way to be more spot on with the focussing?
  6. Hi thanks for the reply. no I sent it off for processing. Yeah I was thinking if I was to do it again it would have to be mainly close up and medium shots. I'm using a movezoom 10 MOS with a sankor 16C so it vingnettes quite badly on anything but full zoom. The camera is great though.
  7. Hi, thought I'd share my recent experiment with you guys. What do you reckon? Worthwhile or stick to digital?
  8. Hi, thought I'd post this recent video shot with a Sankor 16C, it's about rock climbing on the moorland local to me. I've put a track from Jon Hopkins late night tales over it with verse from a poem by Rick Holland who according to Wikipedia is influenced by psychogeography which is defined as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals" which I thought was an apt in relation to the subject. Be great to get some feedback on how to improve with the camera and stuff in general cheers
  9. The clamp can't be that rare as you can pick one up from the website. Don't understand the 'dick' remark I thought it was a fair point. http://www.redstan.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=33&product_id=53
  10. Sweet, hope you're getting a good deal ?
  11. Are you guys plugging this plugin? Just wondering? ?
  12. Thanks guys, great to watch this stuff for different reasons. Yeah loved the time lapse and the Nephew short good to see the depth of field used so well. I also really enjoyed Tito's work, had a bit of a Walking Dead feel to it. I wondered how the distorted tv footage of the riots was achieved? Never seen someone eat a piece of fruit so convincingly! ?
  13. I'm often looking on the Vimeo and YouTube for examples of videos shot with affordable dslr anamorphic solutions, but the only videos I seem to come accross are ones of people filming trees, people eating, old buildings or street scenes usually with their girlfriends or someone in front looking a bit awkward or just pointing the lens at a light source which of course is all fair enough but I was wondering if anyone had links to something different or more creative, either factual or narrative that's been shot on these lenses? It would be great to see something a bit different ?
  14. Thanks Bioskop, I'll definitely check out that lens. It should be all good if it has minimal vignetting with the sankor and I can crop suitably. I can always do with another lens ?? Enjoyed the music vid btw!
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