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  1. Hi - with this combination I'm not sure if it will fit a FF camera. Works great for M43. I think to cover FF you'd need an 85mm or larger lens. Anyone else feel free to chime in Thanks! Maybe the Redstan clamps that you can't get at Walmart. Dick.
  2. This took me years to build and sadly I must sell due to deteriorating economic conditions here in the US. Custom Anamorphic Rig consisting of: -SLR Magic Rangefinder -Custom Redstan Clamps (considered the best in the industry - very rare!) -Kowa Prominar 16-H Anamophic Lens -Helios 58mm F2 Taking Lens -M42 to Canon FD adapter -Metobones Speedbooster for Canon FD to M43 -Tiffen 3-pack ND Filters 82mm (fits Rangefinder) -razor-sharp focus! Pricing this out would cost you well over $2,000 and some of the parts are very rare/hard to find or no longer avail
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