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  1. Talking about colorgrading: The colorgrading tools in FCP has been much improved in the latest versions. Watch this run through by Denver Riddle:
  2. Many good things have been said already. Most important - as I see it - is that it does not matter which software you use, but how good/talented you are/will be at editing. So, as you are a mac user I would go for FCP. It is designed for the mac and it will run very efficient on your iMac. To my knowledge none of the alternatives will run as smooth as FCP. - and It is killing all creativity to deal with slow renders, corrections and so on...
  3. Resolve takes a h e a vy computer to run. How about HitFilm Express - it is even free. Her you go: https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express/verify?id=55a868cd66c487d75e9c2160
  4. I made the last firmware update with no issues - formated the SD card in my Panasonic camera to make it Fat32, copied the the two update files to the card and the Swift made the update right away. (Checked the SD card format in the Get Info-window on my iMac, which said ExFat32) Following the exact same procedure with this new update, but for some reason the Swift won't make the update. I get this message: "Can't find any valid update files. Recommend you use Fat32 ...". Very strange. Anybody else having this issue?
  5. I have the same set up except I don´t use a Metabones speedbooster but a Viltrox M2 ll. This set up is totally silent. My GH4 has the latest firmware available, but the Sigma has the firmware that it was born with and it is 5-6 years old I think. Maybe this could indicate some issues with the Metabones in combination with the Sigma and GH4? As mentioned above, it might be a firmware issue.
  6. This is a wide spread misconception - there is no free version of Reaper. There is a 30 days free demo. The fact is that this demo does not stop working after the 30 days, so it is up to you and your conscience wether you pay or not. EDIT: Ups - just saw @KnightsFan had commented on this
  7. Hey everybody - thanks for all your feedback :-). I know I can avoid the noise using an external mic. The thing is I don´t want to log around with external gear for the kind of films I'm making with the G80. It is just me, the camera and a couple of lenses - most of the time only one lens. Just a fly on the wall. I was - and still am - just very surprised that you - read Panasonic in this case - release a camera aimed at video/film with such an issue. I know this is not a high end camera, but that is no excuse in my view. We all know the quality of sound will not be top notch with build in mics the size of a needle head and preamps not much bigger, but recorded noise/hiss generated from the unit itself is a no go imo. Well, it would be okay if Panasonic honestly have said: "We made a camera with good IBIS. The price for this is some noise when using the build in mic. If you want the best sound from this camera, use an external mic" . Then you would know what to expect. I have attached a short snippet of sound. Just me walking around in my kitchen and small talking to myself while testing the G80. If my kitchen had that kind of background noise I would go crazy ? G80 noise.mp3
  8. Yes, did some research myself too and that noise seems to be a known issue. Wonder why that noise is not mentioned in any of the reviews I have read - even here on eoshd. Well, I don't know how your hearing is, but that noise is a constant hiss in the background. No offence meant by the way. Do you know that from personal experience? My research seems to indicate the opposite - the noise remains though IBIS is turned off. I even talked to a guy from Panasonic support. He was not an expert on the G80 though. Could be a faulty unit of course, but unfortunately I doubt it. Maybe, - but not me I made my living for more than 15 years in audio postproduction and video/filmproduction. Although that is quite some years ago now, I know quite a bit about and used external mics, preamps; Nagra´s and so on.. These days I make films for my own pleasure - no dialogues, cleansounds only - and want to keep equipment at a minimum and I have managed to get pretty good audio directly from my G6 and GH4 - especially after some treatment in post production ?. By the way: Running a quick test it seems that in post Izotope RX can remove some - if not most - of the hiss without too many artifacts.
  9. Is this a common issue on this camera or is my copy faulty? When the camera is turned on there is an internal noise coming frominside the camera. Sounds like a fan. (Well, I know there is not a fan inside, so just to describe the sound.) It is not audible until your place the camera close to your ear, but it is very audible in the recorded sound and makes it useless. I thought maybe the IBIS could cause the noise, but it is still there if I turn off all stabilization. Firmware seems up to date - 1.3. It is a used G80, - but only six month old - which I received and tested today. I have - and have had for several years - a GH4 and a G6 and none of them makes this noise. Any help will be much appreciated
  10. Yes, I guess I was pretty lucky with the price on the G80. Besides the GH4 that I mentioned earlier in this thread I also have a G6, - which was my first camera. Still a good camera for 1080 in my view. The G80 should arrive here tomorrow. In particular I´m looking forward to try out the IBIS and - as I understand - the better lowlight performance compared to the GH4. Well, seems to me quite a few vloggers spend most time in front of the camera. Another quite a few also seem to try to be comedians, All together they might have other camera needs ?. .
  11. Update. Just bought a used - march 2018, almost no use and still 1,5 year warranty left - for US$ 380. Very close to half price here in Denmark. Will arrive sometime next week.
  12. Thank you everyone for your inputs. As build in stabilization is a must I will get a G80/85 I have a pretty decent collection of glass - a couple of Zeiss Vario Sonnar's, complete set of Yashica ML primes , a Sigma 18-38 1,8 , a Samyang 12mm and a Panasonic kit zoom, well - and a speedbooster. These cover all my needs ?
  13. I have been away from this forum and filmmaking the last couple of years - been busy making music. Now I have some time to filmmaking again and consider a new camera to compliment my GH4. Two years ago without no doubt I would have bought a G80/85, but things move fast these days, so my question goes: Is the G80/85 still considered a good camera or are there some newer alternatives? Don’t need a top notch camera and like to stay within the G80/85 pricerange. Shooting 4K is fine and have no need for super slowmotion/highspeed. Main demands are better lowlight performance than the GH4, build in stabilization and a good screen/viewfinder as my eyes have been better ? NB.: To my knowledge build in stabilization works with old manual glasses like Yashica, and Zeiss - or maybe I'm wrong?
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