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  1. I'm surprised not more than 300 people ordered these. Maybe once they're out there, and people see the results, more orders will come.
  2. Yes. The front. Loosen the guides and rotate the front to the left or right to fix focus.
  3. Received notice they are shipping now. Very excited
  4. This is how you you do it on the gold Isco as well. What I dud was leave about an inch gap between the taking lens and scope. Just enough so I could get a, toothpick in one of the holes on the rear element. And I slightly turned it.
  5. I need to trade my voigtlander 40mm Ultron F2 EF mount lens for the same with Nikon mount.
  6. Spent time aligning the Isco. It's definitely sharper. Not as sharp as the B&h single focus though. Only downside with the B&h is i have to use a 50mm or more lens. The other 2 I can use my 40mm voigtlander. And the Isco can go to 35mm with the native 7artisans 35. But the artisan isn't terribly sharp itself. So I'm looking fur a 35mm mft pancake lense f2 or less With my.0.8x VD that gives me the equivalant of a 28mm
  7. I've double checked the tuneup. I check the tuning of all my scopes.
  8. So as I'm getting ready to start shooting my micro budget feature, I decided to do a final test between those 3 scopes and a Voigtlander 40mm F2 as taking lens, wide open at F2. Well, I was surprised. I used the cover of a book at 40 feet. The scope I expected to perform the worst, in fact was the sharpest of all three. I could read the title from 40 feet away. Here are the picture.
  9. Yes. And if the compression ring gets too damaged, o simply print a new one.
  10. The solution I have come up with, has the rear of the scope almost right up against the taking lens
  11. I use a vidadtlantic clamp with a 77mm step up ring. And i have 77mm rings for all my lenses. I then have made 3d printed compression rings for all my scopes. takes me no time to swap lenses or scopes. And the scopes stay aligned, because e never remove them form their rail mount.
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