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  1. I love the moller/voigtlander combo in general. Very sharp, wide open, allowing for maximum bokeh. With the .8x WA adapter, I'm getting an effective focal length of 32mm. For a wider FOV I can switch to my ISCO Ulta star, with the .8x WA single focus adapter and a speedbooster for the voigtlander. Giving me a focal length of about 23mm.
  2. More comparison footage of the polished and unpolished Moller 32/2. Along with a flair test of the polished moller at the end,
  3. Yeah, using the diamond paste, it really gets rid of the scratches completely. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RXN5W6F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. The scratched lens from yesterday, polished today. Footage coming today
  5. I have several DIY Variable Diopters made from Century optics WA 0.8x wide angle adapters. I did a test tonight, and realized that the WA adapter changes the flares, and in fact mutes them a bit. I am thinking of removing the coating on one, and was wondering should I start with the front element.
  6. It was worse than the one in the picture below. (Which I'll also be polishing) and now it looks like the other picture.
  7. I'm going to post there when I get out of Facebook jail. I'm also going to shoot a little video comparing flares with direct light
  8. After reading a facebook post in the vintage lens group, where a member asked about polishing a lens with damaged coatings on the front element, and where the responses were basically, "throw it in the garbage", I decided to make a quick comparison video of 2 moller 32/2 lenses I have. One is in perfect condition. The other was one I picked up for cheap. When it arrived, the front lens cleaning marks were so excessive, it was truly unusable. So I decided to try polishing it. I used diamond polishing compound 14000 grit, and a dremel with a polishing tool. Look at the video and tel
  9. Or you could make a DIY variable diopter using a WA lens.
  10. This one is good for larger lenses. Rear glass is 80mm front is 100mm. https://vimeo.com/509285133
  11. Have you thought of creating a repository for lens profiles?
  12. So, I will be shooting a ultra low budget in the new year, and a lot of it takes place in a hotel size room, that will be low light for the look of intimacy. Now, to get the widest Anamorphic setup, I have been experimenting. My setup for the wide angle shots is going to be my gold Isco Ultrastar. Home made single focus VD using a 0.8 wide angle converter. And my 50mm f/ 1.4 super Takumar with an ef adapter on a 0.71 speedbooster. Correct me if I'm wrong on my calculations. This gives me the same FOV, but faster, as a 35mm f2 lens but without the speedbooster. Whi
  13. Short video of test shots with the BMPCC 4K Lens was wide open as it was quite dark in the room. https://youtu.be/WArcKh-lXWY
  14. Heads up. Tilta has a deal on their motor. $135 https://tilta.com/shop/nucleus-nano-motor-kit-i/ But you can get an open box system from them as well for $171 https://tilta.com/shop/nucleus-nano-wireless-lens-control-system-open-box/
  15. I should have specified I was meaning using the autofocus with a bmpcc 4k
  16. But, would it be able in the future to use the motor of an autofocus in combination wiht a gear for the Anamorphic scope. Just an Idea.
  17. Now, what if one wants to use a lens that has autofocus in combination with a single motor. Is that possible?
  18. Ok, so I just want to make sure I understand. If I set the focus calibration of a near and distant point on both lenses. Will it track everything inbetween?
  19. Have you done tests with a dual focus anamorphic setup?
  20. What's peoples experiences here with the Tilta follow focus motors? Will the N be good enough?
  21. I think it would be pretty easy to adapt it to a 15mm rod mount without using a big heavy clamp.
  22. BTW, will the AI be a software add-on, or hardware. And what do you see the additional cost being?
  23. Got mine ordered. Hope delivery will stay on schedule. I have a no budget feature I'm starting in the New Year that this will be perfect for.
  24. I picked up a Nominar 25mm/f0.95 Cine Super lens. Anyone familiar with these?
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