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  1. Topic update: I've received Anamorphot 40 compact today. Really love the construction and short normal-near focusing ring. Works great with my Sony 28-70 kit lens as follows: in super35 mode full coverage over whole zoom range, so let's say 42 to 105 mm (ff equivalent). In full-frame mode without vignetting same lens works in the range starting from approx. 38mm to 70mm. Therefore it becomes clear that 40mm pancakes (Pentax, Canon) are the best and widest adapting lenses for that combo. Flares are blue but pretty decent and not so 'screaming' of anamorphic all over screen. SLR'
  2. probably depends on which clamps you use. vid-atlantic are general purpose ones but can't say they are super durable. I would also use extra clamps to lock anamorphic lens to infinity forever as focusing with rangefinder also alters lens alignment, I used electrical tape to lock anamorphic adapter but whole construction is still wobbly. or use a few lens supports as mentioned above, anyway using rangefinder without rails and follow focus is difficult because of wide range throw
  3. thank you. that's what I would like to know. for close focus I can get a few diopters which are cheap for 62mm
  4. that may sound as weird dual focus system, but basically is a single half-focus solution while depending on distance to the subject you adjust near/front on the anamorphic adapter while the lens tracks objects/faces automatically. may that sound weird?
  5. Here is same setup, just with Helios, shot wide-open or closed to f/4. Not pretending to be anything a cool demo, just fast test as is. Not really happy with the clamps as for each lens has to adjust them and even flares are true horizontal, lens doesn't always stay straight into the clamps. Helios used in super35 mode, however I believe is better to use FF mode in 4k and crop heavy in post , otherwise full 2x squeeze on 16:9 sensor is just unuseable for watching. On mobile devices in vertical position especially Rolling shutter increases so badly, must turn carefully.
  6. that's great to hear, especially I can use then my kit 28-70 lens in super35 mode. thank you!
  7. Probably not relevant to pro video shooters, but technology doesn't stay place. A7iii has a pretty decent eye/face AF-C tracking, not mention the recent A6400. I've purchased A7iii guide from DSLR video shooter. Please don't consider it as advertising as most of people here are aware of all what is explained in the course, just on example of a certain camera model. Apparently I can't upload any parts of that video course, but in one part Caleb Pike explains how he shoots video with A7iii, Anamorphot 40 compact and AF lenses. Yes, that's dual focus solution but it really works:
  8. topic update: I've got the cheapest solution so far.sankor16c + rangefinder and vid-atlantic clamps. Waiting for Helios44m to arrive. Just did some tests with my Sony 28-70 kit lens. Best results were using Super35 mode with maximum focus 70mm (equivalent to let's say 105mm). In that case I got no vignetting and pretty decent quality (min. apperture at 70mm is f5.6 no need to stop anywhere down). Now I can surely say every newbie MUST try is basically 2x anamorphic on 16:9 sensor Picture is so interesting but has to be cropped heavily. I learned it in a hard way but for a pretty dec
  9. wow, guys, thank you so much for the replies. I didn't receive any email notification but check manually the forum almost every day. So, I just ordered SLR Magic Rangefinder. Is just a move so I don't have any way back so while it is delivering I'm thinking on further rig I really like the rigs above and probably should rename that topic to 'show me your portable anamorphic rigs'. @CfFilmmaker Thank you for the inspiring words. I would like to have more lightweight setup of course and dealing with clamps isn't super gun-n-run solution I believe, especially when it com
  10. Hello guys, I'm new here but seems that's the proper place to ask questions. Instead of asking the question about what lens to get, I've made a research on the internet and of course on Tito's videos and picked some of my favourite things to start with the anamorphinc with my A7iii. So far, I've found a few affordable solutions. I can't simply spent a few k$ for some anamorphic lens from which you would need occasional art film look once, meanwhile you do rest of your job on workhorse AF-C lenses. I see anamorphic glares now almost in any recent Netflix movies and seems that glar
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