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  1. Can anyone gave feedback on the KOWA PROMINAR ANAMORPHiC HOKUSHIN how does it compare to other kowas? Sankors? The one I've seen has no number indication (16)... thanks
  2. hello - I know this is an old topic. Anyone know what the mm size/rear is on the 8mm scope ??
  3. Hello all - anyone have experience with the "iscomorphot mc 16 2x scope" ? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, dw
  4. Hench. My sankor 16D is having a focus issue, but not an infinity. I believe it is alignment. On the 16D do I align this scope at the rear or is the front adjustable? thanks. dw
  5. So I have been in the photographic field since 1985. My work in shooting has been mostly still. My only experience with cinematography has been numerous cinematographers who shoot film for an art service I provide, in its 22nd year as a service. I am making a transition back to shooting after putting my cameras down in 98. I got the strange idea to use anamorphic lenses for a shooting project by studying old projection lenses adapted for still shooting... So here I am. In all my years I had no notion of anamorphic [guess you can teach an old dog new tricks]. Scouring the web is how
  6. Hello again. I have 3 scopes that I am testing with, the Singer 16D, an ISCO ultra star-red, and the very large older ISCO. I did the infinity test. Only the very large older ISCO was razor sharp. The other 2 were not quite where I expected them to be and they both behaved the same. Through the viewer they seemed sharp but the taken image was soft [in the center]. My taken lens is a biotar or a takumar 55. The ultra star red was the worst. The closest infinity focus was far off the mark on the scope where it was sharpest. The 16D was not as bad but was still off. Anyone have a tune up dire
  7. Hello - I was curious if this technique works for other scopes..? Sankor? ISCO? Thanks. dw
  8. Thanks. I'll try that today.. but I don't have a variable diopter
  9. Hello all. I picked up a decent singer 16d. I've been testing it the past several days. I understand that the 16d and taking lens need to be distance matched. But in practice the 16d and taking lens never jive (numbers). I don't care if the edges are soft, but the center is another matter. I can't get this scope sharp, no matter what taking lens. Seems it is sharp in the viewer, and the camera says it's in focus, but the taken image is far from in focus Is this 16d just not sharp? Is there something wrong with it? ..if so is it fixable? Thanks for the help!..
  10. Hello all - some advice from anamorphic users out there. I am currently working on doing anamorphic stills. I will be using full frame and APS-c format for now [pentax, nikon and sony]. I am having trouble finding the proper desqueeze ratio numbers and only find a very few conflicting numbers online. I have currently two 2x anamorphic lenses, both ISCO [one big one smaller lens]. In these both 3:2 formats, my question is what is the simple math calculations involved. When I open photoshop / image size - at the top box-width, What is the x factor on the width?? On
  11. Hello - can anyone tell me when an ISCO lens is sold as integrated [projector lens], means? Thanks, dw
  12. Hello- I am totally new to anamorphic and I am still in the study phase. I picked up this huge lens [didnt expect it to be so big]. Seems it will only fill a full frame with a minium 100mm lens, but thats another story. I need to put diopters on the front. I found a set of filters this big but there is no way to attach them, unless I glue an empty ring on the front.. Dose someone sell a filter cap/holder for a lens this big? All the markings are worn off on this lens, but i believe is to be an ISCO lens. Thanks for the help. regards, dw
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