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  1. When connected with one Nucleus Nano motor how does the power supply work? Can I plug the AFX into the pocket USB-C out and then the cable from the AFX will provide power to the motor as well or do they each need separate power supplies? Sorry, couldn't find that specific answer on the Indiegogo page.
  2. I recently converted my Blackmagic 6K Pro to PL mount with the Wooden Camera Mount Modification kit, so now I am looking for some modern highspeed PL-mount S35 lenses. It seems like there has been resurgence of low-cost fullframe PL lenses (DZOFilm, Meike, Laowa, SLRmagic) but those all start at T2.1 and cover full frame. Since the Xeens (which I personally do not really like) has there been any recent developments for high speed S35 PL-glass in that price segment? Or is everyone moving on to full frame to future proof their purchases?
  3. Just a quick update on batteries. In a very unscientific test I compared the Patona 3500 mah against the Blackmagic branded ones. Recording to CFast at 50% screen brightness I got 65 minutes out of the Patona vs 70 minutes from the Blackmagic ones. At less than a third of the price thats good enough for me. Both being over a solid hour is the real story here for me, love that BMD finally got this right.
  4. Hah I feel your pain. I found an Italian reseller (since all the German ones were out) that promised last week he would get stock on Monday and ship me one of those cameras. Since then the shipment has been stuck in customs at Dover apparently and my hopes to use the camera this weekend on a shoot are slowly fading..
  5. Not sure if I am allowed to post Ebay links here, but there is a German reseller on Ebay that sells them. I am sure they are available in UK as well. They are called PATONA PROTECT Sony NP-F550 F330 F530 F750 F930 F920 F550. As far as my research went is that F550 and F570 are identical in sizing and only differentiated by capacity. They cost me 15 Euros a piece which is significantly less than the BMD branded ones, so even if they hold a little less charge I think they'll still be worthwhile. Just wanted to share my research on NP-F chargers as well, if you're considering exclusively power the camera this way like I do. I did a deep search on fast charging NP-F chargers, and all I could find were 2A chargers, that frequently distributed their charge as multiple batteries were attached, dropping down to 1A or 0.5A. So I found this charger from Kinefinity that charges two NP-Fs at 2A and if only one is attached it even charges at 3A. It is kinda pricy (79 EUR plus VAT) without the USB-C cable, but I decided it to be worthwhile, as it in theory keeps the camera running in definitely with only four batteries, as charge time for on NP-F is 60 mins and 90 for 2. According to John Brawley the camera gets around 70 minutes of recording time on a single battery when recording to CFast.
  6. Awesome, thanks Mr. Freeze. ntblowz, theres a few others making 3500mah batteries, I just ordered some from Patona and will test them against the Blackmagic branded one once the camera gets here.
  7. Jordan, interesting info! Could you post a screenshot for those of us not on Facebook? Would be interested to read his take
  8. Seems like there are the first few cameras in the wild as well, in case anyone is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoL8OZCr9UY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHt0B3kBFB8 Nothing too scientific or comprehensive yet, but in case anyone is interested to take a first look.
  9. This AF and IBIS question always pops up with BMD and is starting to feel redundant. I don't think it will ever happen in a Blackmagic Camera for the following reasons: - Blackmagic is cine-oriented towards workflows where these features are not needed - IBIS and internal NDs are largely incompatible, BMD has chosen the latter - Good AF requires a large amount of R&D, patents and/or licensing - BMD neither has the patents nor have they shown any interest to pay for licensing - this is to keep their products cheap. This is a perfect summary of the subject and it actually made laugh, because it's so simple and to the point. May I add to that. Many cameras have good autofocus. Many cameras have not. This one doesn't and won't unless there are rapid technological advances (LIDAR or similar) and BMD decides to incorporate them.
  10. Sorry my previous post meant to go on the CDA-Tek AFX Module post, since I had both open at the same time. Don't see anyway to delete or move it, but admins if you're able to, please do.
  11. Hey Emanuel - is this available to test or rent anywhere in Germany (preferably Berlin) ? Happy to pay for the rental as well, I would just like to test it out for a weekend to figure out if it works for me or not, before I invest in it.
  12. Any chance for this to be passed down to the GFX50 eventually? Or is there some physical difference (processing power f.ex.) to prevent this from happening?
  13. Any hands on experiences with these? I feel like there should be a few people at least since they've been selling them since late last year.
  14. Any input? Would really appreciate some feedback on this very promising looking rehouse!
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