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  1. I got my Pocket 4K shortly after the release and while being a powerful camera from the start, it keeps on improving ever since via the firmware-upgrades. Personally, I like BRAW a lot and the new recording modes (2.4:1 in 4K @ 75fps and 2.6k @120fps) are an awesome addition to the regular 4K, UHD and HD Modes. I didn´t work with the S1 yet, so I don´t have first hand experience. The specs look good, the images on youtube/vimeo look great and sure, IBIS can be a great thing to have. Do I like Blackmagic Cameras? Yes, I have the BMCC 2.5k, the original Pocket and the Pocket 4K and use all three of them, even the older models. Am I an apologist? I don´t think so. I see the downsides and disadvantages, the cameras have and would never say that they´re flawless. But they set the bar a lot higher ever since the BMCC was released, so other companies had to adapt. For now I´m totally satisfied with my Pocket 4K, and for the way I capture my footage it is the right tool. But I´m looking forward to your comparison/shootout of the both @Andrew Reid
  2. It has Auto-Iris (like the BMCC, a basic exposure help). The rest (Iso, WB, Shutter Angle...) you have to change yourself. Shutter Angle goes in steps from 11.25° up to 360°.
  3. I kept the 4K and still use my OG BMPCC from time to time. After BRAW and the latest Firmware-Update the 4K really shines and I like the 4k 2.39:1 Mode and the better 120fps a lot. That being said, the OG Pocket is still an awesome little cinema camera. You have to know its limitations (Moiré, no 3:1 Raw, Battery...) but can still create beautiful footage.
  4. The Lighthouse was an amazing movie, beautifully shot and executed. But I think 1917 will win this year
  5. The newest Camera I own is the Pocket 4K, with BRAW and the latest firmware-update a really powerful camera. But I still own my BMCC 2.5k and the original Pocket Camera and still use both of them for certain projects and certain looks. Sure, they have their downsides and disadvantages in some areas, but I really like the images they´re capable to deliver.
  6. Let´s not go so far and call someone with a FF DSLR a DP ?
  7. For me it´s the Blackmagic Cameras. I startet with a Canon HV 20, recording HDV on miniDV-Tapes and continued with a Canon 550D/Rebel T2i. The first Blackmagic Camera I got was the Pocket Camera (during the summer sale) and bought the 2.5k Model a couple of months later. Even if there´s no extreme grading necessary, the pure and organic quality of the Raw- and ProRes-Files was (and still is) stunning and delivers beatiful footage. Having this much features accessable for a relatively low price was great and even though the BMC Cameras did and do have their downsides, they made it possible for me to create shots that looked just like I imagined them.
  8. I do my grading and correction only in resolve, normally you should be able to edit the braw settings in premiere with the plugin.
  9. That´s unfortunate. When I´m recording concerts I´ll expose for the brightest moments or at least for the spotlight on the singer. Those animated light-shows can really be all over the place, but that way I can have as much control as possible. Thanks for sharing that lesson, nevertheless!
  10. That´s true, it is soft though I didn´t experience this level of diffusion with mine. Still, I don´t really use it wide open @t1.5. But @t2 it´s really usable and @t2.8 it´s an awesome lens. This Clip was filmed @t2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq33mWaJyuk
  11. Are we talking about a lens for video, stills photography or both? I´ve been using the Rokinon for video only and was never disappointed. Like most of the Rokinons/Samyangs they can be a little soft wide open, but @2.8 you get the best of both worlds. Sharp and detailled Images with smooth bokeh.
  12. Beautiful Images and grading! That Rokinon 85mm is a great lens, I like mine a lot.
  13. Maybe a comparison between the 120fps in 1080p of the Pocket 4k and the 120fps 2.8k of the Pocket 6k.
  14. Great! I own the Pocket 4k and like it a lot, but I stay with 25p for most of my Projects, as I really don´t like the look that 50/60p provides in terms of motion. It will be interesting in what way high-resolution cameras will or wont change our perception of film-like images. Even with 4k it´s sometimes too much sharpness and not enough organic structure. I´m looking forward to the upcoming Pocket 6K Footage, Portrait-Shots as well as some short films.
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