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  1. That´s true, it is soft though I didn´t experience this level of diffusion with mine. Still, I don´t really use it wide open @t1.5. But @t2 it´s really usable and @t2.8 it´s an awesome lens. This Clip was filmed @t2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq33mWaJyuk
  2. Are we talking about a lens for video, stills photography or both? I´ve been using the Rokinon for video only and was never disappointed. Like most of the Rokinons/Samyangs they can be a little soft wide open, but @2.8 you get the best of both worlds. Sharp and detailled Images with smooth bokeh.
  3. Beautiful Images and grading! That Rokinon 85mm is a great lens, I like mine a lot.
  4. Maybe a comparison between the 120fps in 1080p of the Pocket 4k and the 120fps 2.8k of the Pocket 6k.
  5. Great! I own the Pocket 4k and like it a lot, but I stay with 25p for most of my Projects, as I really don´t like the look that 50/60p provides in terms of motion. It will be interesting in what way high-resolution cameras will or wont change our perception of film-like images. Even with 4k it´s sometimes too much sharpness and not enough organic structure. I´m looking forward to the upcoming Pocket 6K Footage, Portrait-Shots as well as some short films.
  6. Nice shots in there, some of them very clear and with lots of details! 👍 What Lens/es did you use here? What look did you want to achieve, or was it only a simple test of the cameras resolution etc?
  7. One can assume they will upgrade the Ursa to 8K directly with the next Generation of their Flagship, maybe one Super35 and one Fullframe.
  8. Yeah, Video-Assist 2.0 with BRAW would be awesome, maybe even with some optional wireless options via HDMI/SDI-Dongle or a Transmitter for their cameras.
  9. Those were basically my first thoughts. I´d guess Mr Wagner isn´t the the colorist on GoT, so he has no control over how they grade the footage. He did Justice League, a movie with a lot of night scenes and studio work, and while the movie has a lot of problems, the cinematography was alright. Still, he didn´t chose his words carefully enough, although I don´t think it´s his obligation to respond at all.
  10. There´s a new 3-second safety-mechanism when you format your card internally as well.
  11. Or some of the Rokinon/Samyang Cine-Lenes. I like the look my Sigma ART Lenses create with the Pocket4K, but if you want a more vintage look, older manual Lenses are a great option.
  12. Best of both worlds indeed 🤣
  13. You have function-buttons, that are programmable. But if you have the additional money, go for the UMPro46 if the size/weight is acceptable for you. It already offers you BRAW, better ergonimics/buttuns, and the great integrated ND-Filters.
  14. Go for it. Great addition if you already have a Pocket 4K I´d say. Rig the Ursa Mini 4.6k and use the Pocket 4k when you neet to be mobile on a gimbal or in smaller spaces.
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