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  1. I´m not Jordan, but I saw the post on Facebook aswell
  2. Mr. Freeze


    Just like dehancer, it only supports mac.os
  3. Sure, that can become problematic. But most of the time I was able to work around it and use my Rokinon 16mm. But yeah, the MFT-Version is much better here with a Focal Reducer.
  4. Mr. Freeze


    I wasn´t satisfied with the diffusion I tried to add in resolve, compared to the pro mist. Sure, the diffusion effect can be emulated, but the way the light on set/location interacted with the lens and the filter was different.
  5. Mr. Freeze


    I do use filters for certain projects. UV-Filters are on all of my lenses as a protection of the front element. I use NDs to keep the aperture low. I don´t really like to film wide open, but one step down still needs NDs, especially outside if I want to keep 180° shutter angle. I use the Tiffen Black Pro mist 1/4 and the Cinebloom 10% for diffusion. With some of my vintage lenses I don´t really need them, as they already give a softer look to the image, but it can be used as a effect. I mostly use them with the Sigma 18-35 and 50-100, because they are sharper. I started to
  6. The EF-Version if I remember correctly. I bought one used a couple of years ago and still use it from time to time. great image, solid files, but it needs a cage and a solid battery solution.
  7. Maybe a Panasonic G9 with a Panasonic 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 from the used market
  8. BMD Micro Cinema Camera 8K and maybe new features for the 12k and the 4.6kPro G2? I think the Pocket Range is still good with the 4K and the 6k, but the Micro is due for an Upgrade.
  9. Portkeys BM5 with the Bluetooth-Module
  10. This Emulation really looks good. A bit too much saturation for my taste, but I like the blooming diffusion and the grain in the example clips.
  11. I guess it can be used for some simulated tilt shift lens effect, but extending the DOF-Effect is a tricky thing. It might be better to get as much as possible with aperture and distance to the object and maybe put a power window on your object of interest, and pushing exposure/contrast a bit in post in resolve.
  12. If you wanted this very saturated look, it is very dominant and to strong for my taste though. Is this a 10-Bit-Codec? But I didn´t like the fake Blur. Like TomTheDP said, it looks artificial and it doesn´t really blend in nicely.
  13. The BMMCC is very different, compared to the Micro Studio 4k. Basically, the Micro Cinema Camera is the sensor of the original Pocket in a small Box, but with 60p capabilities and 3:1 CinemaDNG-RAW. A really "cinematic" little Camera, whereas the Micro Studio 4k is supposed to be used in another kind of (studio)-setup. Recording is only possible externally and the sensor is different as well.
  14. This is supposed to be watched on drugs? It´s crazy, it´s strange aber ich mag Musik mit deutschen Texten nicht wirklich.
  15. Sigma FP2 with a cube-formfactor and a top-screen
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